Ancient Aliens Left Clear Evidence They Were Once Here

Proving that ancient Alien's once visited Earth is hard, but proving that ancient Alien's had an impact on ancient humans is easier.

because we have physical artefacts of very early man on display and probably still to be discover (we've found so many there's probably more to be found) and that's around the world.

We've got depictions set in stone quite literally but, like I say, proving that ancient Alien's actually came down in a craft and left in a craft is a lot harder - depending on what and who you believe?

Discovered in Abydos in Egypt is a wall carving of helicopters and submarines plus vehicles and this is real hieroglyphs.

Image is public domain

For me it's easier to prove that ancient astronauts definitely existed because we know humans existed then Alien's appear in artwork, carvings and stone statues start to appear. Then it simply starts to tail off. If we interpret that to our liking, it then looks like the "visitors" have either gone underground or departed and left Earth altogether or simply moved away to inaccessible regions of Earth or they moved to places like under the ice in Antarctica.

They may have advanced information by way of advanced technology just like we have albeit very basic i.e ground penetrating radar, X-Ray, advanced robotics that can travel anywhere in any environment... And they could also have extensive knowledge of Earths inner depths and that's where they have gone too?

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Think of it like a sentinel sent out to scan for life forms, it's reconnaissance and it's easier than you might think! We have AI which can learn from it's surroundings and change directives determined by new parameters set out within a given guidelines. If it's new program is withing the set out acceptable guidelines... it moves forward to it's next evaluation. If you speed all that up to real time then you have a super reconnaissance robotics "nightmare" for the enemy or in this case, new place to live and not be bothered by the locals.

Send out a fleet of these sentinel robotics in to empty space and sooner or later be it 5 years, 50 years or 500 years - "we will" get a soft reply. Like a soft whisper in the ear that all parameters and objectives have been satisfied. In other words the last piece of the puzzle being discovering signs of level 3 life has been satisfied.

Level one is signs of life i.e methane, oxygen and stuff of that nature. Level 2 is ruins, structures, empty shells and abandoned places like on our Moon. Level 3 is definite activity set out by either radio signals, energy levels and the holy grail of deliberate signs of life like entities, TV signals, planes, spaceships and space travel.

This level thing could be right, it could be wrong? My guess is as always just as good as yours. We're all entitled to wonder, we're all entitled to be curious about life. Any life, be it the future of mankind or the past. Life outside of this one and life inside this Earth...

Remember, a computer is only as good as it's programmed to be and the more information the better it is at doing it's job. Computers roles are to gather, store and input everything in such a way as to be stored, optimised, deliver as best as it can be - so that retrieval is as smooth as possible. Of course there's information there that I've not mentioned but if I mentioned every single process this would be a operating manual but it's not.

It's just to give an idea of what is capable now so that taking into account ancient Aliens and their obvious advanced technology - we can determine what they could of done, did, doing and where they might be or when they could return and the biggest thing is with regards to their appearance, their technology and how did they know these crafts would be invented all the way back in the Earth's history?

YouTube video of Seti I - Tomb in Abydos in Egypt.

The video above is by Richard Arkley.

*Description of image;

English: Pareidolia. Hieroglyphs seemingly showing modern aircraft and vehicles depicted on a riser in a temple in Abydos Egypt. Polski: Ciekawy hieroglif ze świątyni w Abydos.

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Image by Olek95 - Own work, Public Domain via Wikimedia.


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  1. There is no way the Egyptians could have made these Beautiful structures.They are too perfect. The carvings are perfect.They could not have made these structures without help.

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