Alien Secretly Recorded Flying A Spacecraft And Moving

The answer is no! This Flying Spaceship or UFO if you want, still hasn't been debunked and it's "still" not been fully explained satisfactorily.

Credit: Thirdphaseofmoon YouTube the video is below.

The above Flying Saucer shaped UFO craft is probably the best evidence so far but...

Just slightly going off subject quickly but:

Trust me (or not) this is probably some of the best UFO evidence bar none that I've ever seen in a long time - in fact it's ever since I saw this ancient historic artwork depiction by Ventura (or Bonaventura) Salembeni near the end of the 16th century (below) showing a blatant satellite with antennas! For real, antenna aerials in ancient paintings hadn't even been thought about or radio so why am I seeing a satellite called Sputnik in this old masters painting...

Because Aliens have been around for a long time, certain people have been privy to knowledge and are in cahoots with Extraterrestrial entities.

In exchange for knowledge, information, technology, riches, science, acceptance of themselves, secret biological advances with health care and cloning, disease free lives and space advances.

Human leading families and secret organisations all connected have given the okay for Extraterrestrials to abduct and experiment on human beings. All Presidential hopefuls say that they will disclose the truth and information about Aliens, until they become president and are forced to reveal nothing. They cannot reveal anything about Aliens because they do not have the power to do so. The shadowy, secret runners of the world do not allow their information to be common knowledge.

Presidents all fall in line.

UFOs flying in the sky.

Do you remember seeing photos of the Sputnik satellite on many UFO websites and on social media sites like Pinterest and Facebook even Twitter saw a rise in this post's visibility. It's actually in an ancient painting called GLORIFICATION of the EUCHARIST from the end of the 16th century.

They cannot explain the antennas satisfactorily!

Credit: Wikipedia.

It shows the Sun, Moon and the Earth. But the two aerial antennas are a huge mystery!

The ancient past had UFOs, nothings changed except for their reporting on.

The only way ancient UFO incidents could of been recorded was:
A. Secretly. Blasphemy was a capital offence in most if not all countries.
B. Word of mouth, generation to generation.
C. Hidden in plain sight i.e canvas artwork but only of the masters.
D. Petroglyphs.

I'm not looking down, using clever phrases or double speak towards anyone but remember guy's, anyone can claim to be a creator of a UFO video! It's easy for me to say this is a defence of any UFO sighting. I wouldn't say it if it was true though. It's just to easy for anyone to say that they crested the (specific) video and people then use that as a stick to put down anyone that has new opinions or just reiterate original opinions. In fact I've been ridiculed by people for still saying that a UFO video looks real. They called me a retard, idiot, that I know nothing about Ufology and I need to update my facts!

I remember I pointed out that anyone can say they shot JFK but it does not make it true!

They never did reply back. Hopefully I awoke their senses and I hope (not too much though) they realised how much they might have played right into the hands of hoaxers? See, I want people to wake themselves up through cognitive reasoning and understanding as I thoroughly believe that this is the only way that we as humans truly grow and become better versions of who we are. Epiphanies are good for us all. don't jump on to opinions that back up my own opinions as I'm always trying to be on the fence with a leaning towards UFOs being real. That's the hope, faith and belief in me.

With a plan of putting doubt into people's mind. In fact, a lot more UFO videos are claimed by people than you might think. People are claiming UFO videos all the time. It doesn't make it so, it does not change anything and a grounded rationality is to look at it like this:

On one hand we have a real UFO video, there's no way to verify who filmed it or if it's a real UFO video anyways.

If you look at this, I can guarantee that you will find where the Alien figure is? It's practically dead centre and we can see it's "Alien face".

Credit: Thirdphaseofmoon YouTube.

And on the other hand "everything I've just said". Also, whereas we have the video that exists and as such that it becomes it's own evidence by existence! But a person who is claiming to be the original creator has only words, a good story and basically it goes against everything that the UFO video stands for and until someone has another version of the UFO video with the actually in it, talking in the other version then I don't believe anyone that claims any UFO video because anyone can do that.

Don't you think that the person who is claiming to be the hoaxer is going against everything they set out to do and that they'd have some sort of evidence to be able to back up what they're saying?

There's about 8 Billion people in the world and only a handful of these people are capable of creating such a hoaxes. Without a monetary gain or something else that will entice or repay the hoaxers for creating this (hoaxers are greedy, money is their only motivation) then they wouldn't touch this with a bargepole.

Anyway, there's no hoaxers out there clever enough to create such a thing. The reason why we know hoaxed videos from real videos are because the hoaxers are crap and we can spot them a mile off. By the way, I bloody hate hoaxers for throwing doubt on Ufology. They're the reason why people ridicule UFO believers because their stupid videos look docile.

They (real hoaxer) should be able to provide us with tons of proof or information that they created a big budget UFO video... Right?

Let's put the card's on the table and get a reality check on this.

Right, first of all the video exists so it's not just someone's word that it took place. Secondly, it's a world first or first ever, in that we actually see an Alien inside of a hovering UFO. Notice that there's a large tree in the way of seeing the UFO fully which tells me this is real. We see an Alien entity walking back and forth. In my opinion it's walking up to and around the ship's console but that's only my opinion and maybe it's inputting instructions and controlling the craft?

Listen, if you have seen the evidence that I've seen then you'd be as far into Ufology as I am!

Oh believe me, I've been doing this Ufology since forever, for a very, very long time and I've had people approach me with exceptional UFO videos, Alien related information that cannot be published. Roswell, there's more photos than the famous ones where the Soldier is kneeling over paper backed tinfoil! By the way, those photos were actually all colour photos because I've seen them! I know for a fact (based on personal experience) that UFO researchers are approached all the time and given, or offered some of the most unbelievable and strangest, the weirdest, the wildest and the most flabbergasting conspiracy related proof and well documented Ufology data that there is.

And i'm nobody in terms of UFO researchers. I'm way down on the Totem pole - but if even I've seen the evidence that can't be published, then you can only imagine what the celebrity UFO researchers have seen?

No wonder Giorgio Tsoukalos hair is electric.

Back to the Alien craft.


Alien Inside Extraterrestrial Craft? This Video Has UFO Experts Stunned! As Of 2017 This Footage Is Still Considered To Be Unexplained! Public Reacts to Incredible Video! Could This Be Smoking Gun Footage?

I actually remember an official NASA photo in the archives showing a bazillion pixel photo that was so high in definition that I was able to zoom in on a craft type structure on the side of a mountain ridge that has this exact same shape, size and features. The zoom was breathtaking because it hardly lost any pixels and looked just as good as it could be. Here's a quick photo of it:

There's definitely similarities between both crafts. I am showing you two of the best looking, realest looking UFOs. The photo below is direct from the NASA archives website. Like I've said before, the zoom was epic, I couldn't believe it as this craft was coming into view.

And please don't forget that this is an official NASA photo from their archive. That's mind blowing. There's no bloody way that the structure in the photo below is nothing or just a natural Mars rock formation. No way!

Here's the link.

For some reason the more important things come up, then the more it definitely brings out all the trolls, hoaxers and boasters including the horrible lonely fakers. They should be happy that an historic event is taking place.

But it is what it is I suppose. Anyway, please enjoy the video and leave a comment. Don't forget to share this post with your friends. Peace out guys.

A petroglyph is an image created by removing part of a rock surface by incising, picking, carving, or abrading, as a form of rock art.

Source: Thirdphaseofmoon/Ufosfootage/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

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