Hot Object Falls From The Sky India

Okay, an unknown origin object fell from the sky in Rajasthan, people actually saw it fall and it created a two-foot-wide crater but it doesn't look like a meteorite instead, it looks like a UFO or at least a part of a mined metallic substance as there's no inclusions just a piece of metal.

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How people in India actually saw this "unknown object" falling from the sky in broad daylight I'll never know but it happened according to the many witnesses.

That doesn't look like a meteorite it's a UFO for sure.

Credit: IndiaToday/Geological Survey of India/UFO Sighting's Footage/Ufosfootage/Canva.

Mystery object falls in Rajasthan

Personally, though I've never seen a mystery object fall from the sky but if I did see one, it most certainly wouldn't look like this one. We can't argue that they didn't witness it because the video below shows us that they did witness it. So, they did see it and were running upon it straight away which suggests that they could see it even in daylight. To me, this looks like a metallic UFO in fact it looks like an interlocking piece of unknown object.

As you can see this unknown object that fell to the ground in India is not a meteorite it's a UFO.

Credit: Geological Survey of India/UFO Sighting's Footage/Ufosfootage/Canva.


Indiatimes YouTube channel.

Mystery Rajasthan object details

This strange-looking object is now in the hands of the Geological Survey of India for examination. It fell to the world on the morning of Friday, June 19th 2020 and reports are saying that it was really hot and definitely was too hot to touch.

Here's the epic proof that a UFO fell from the sky in India.

Credit: Geological Survey of India/UFO Sighting's Footage/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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Here's a quick quote from India Today News Agency:

A meteorite-like object fell from the sky in Rajasthan's Sanchore town on Friday morning. The object resulted in a one-foot-deep crater and created an explosive sound that was heard up to two kilometres away. The unidentified object is currently with the police and under investigation.

According to locals, an explosive sound was heard when the object fell from the sky. The fall and the sound resulted in panic in the area.

The object was emitting heat even three hours after it crashed leading many to believe it may explode. As a result, the administration advised locals to stay away. After it cooled down, it was put in a jar. According to the police, the object will be investigated by experts. - Indiatoday

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The difference between a UFO and a meteorite

Guy's, this does not look like a meteorite! In fact, it's extremely unlikely that this is a meteorite just because of how it looks. Okay, I'm not an expert in greyish-blue bits of what looks like metallic pieces of a UFO but I'm definitely an expert in seeing things and giving my opinion! I'm pretty sure that everyone has an opinion on most things, so that's why I'm opening this up to you guys. Because you can tell the difference between a meteorite and an unknown object?

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I've got an understanding of what's probably a lie or a fake or just totally misunderstood and labelled wrong. I come across a lot of misunderstood anomalies but not that it's intentionally put across as a UFO but rather it's just misunderstood.

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But this, this is so strange, there are strange unusual markings on the metallic outer surface of the object which do not conform to what a meteorite looks like. Don't forget that meteorites have to go through our atmosphere and they get burnt up upon entry. This has no heat marks, there's no black burn scorch mark and it's entirely one metallic greyish-blue color. That's why I am confident in saying that it is not a meteorite. It's an object and it fell to the ground and it's still hot. Guy's, it really is what it is. Right.

Quick quote:

Mangal Singh, Information Bureau Inspector, Jalore district, said, After we received information about the unidentified object, department officials reached the spot. The unidentified object was found to be three kilometres heavy and was very hot. Investigation is underway.

UFO or meteorite, you can decide what you think it is but I'm still going to give you my opinion of meteorites and how they look, and how I know that UFOs can and have fallen to the ground before. Usually, an extraction team moves in to retrieve it. Okay, I hear you saying but whistleblowers have gone on record in the past giving a statement that they were part of a UFO retrieval team.

How big is a UFO?

The people of India were touching it, they were talking about it, taking selfies with it, people were wanting to take it away and yet they couldn't because it was so hot. That's a good thing that they couldn't take it away because now it will not end up on the black market! It's in the hands of an official body preserved for posterity with a timeline of handlers.

It doesn't look like a meteorite, it's not burnt, it's not black like it should be. It's a silver lead colour. What's going on with this so-called meteorite?

To me, this could be a UFO and it's not just me who's thinking it because a lot of people out there are seeing it, they're looking at it and saying the exact same thing. It could be a UFO! We certainly cannot claim to know that we fully understand the technology of another species I mean what's that based on? How can we see a piece of metal and instantly identify it especially if it's Extraterrestrial in origin?

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Credit: IndiaToday/Geological Survey of India/UFO Sighting's Footage/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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