Alien Grey Hoaxes, Fakes, Frauds And Misrepresentations

Oh, you best believe that it's a truly unique piece of artwork but that's all it is, the Russian, Siberian Alien Grey is a piece of... artwork.

The supposed Extraterrestrial entity in the following video is currently sitting Inside the director of cinema photography's cupboard in Russia, probably, it doesn't surprise me anymore.

This is the Russian Siberian Alien Grey that's not actually a real Extraterrestrial.

It's a wonderful example of hoaxing Aliens but then being found out.

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It's not a real Alien Grey and it's not from a galaxy far, far away. But, let's not forget though that it's still only speculation that it's a hoax I'll admit that it's only a 50/50 true or false scenario which it's probably a hoax and it's not been fully determined that it's a hoax though so I'll just make it clear about that now.

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I'm sick of this stuff masquerading as a legitimate Alien video that's been stumbled upon supposedly in subzero temperatures in the middle of the Siberian wilderness oh and there's no snow on it as if it's just been plonked down on the surface not 10 seconds ago! I'm usually the first person who says "Hold on, give it a chance and let's stay open-minded" but as someone pointed out to me in the comments which I do always read.

For more US Government information on UAPs

See the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) website for up-to-date information from the US Government which is all the Ufology community has ever wanted which is acknowledgement and truth including transparency going forward.

He wrote; that there are only so many things that we can be open-minded about. Although I'm not completely sold on that idea I am coming round to some stuff that needs to be pointed out and questioned on its authenticity and sometimes immediately.

Discovering Found Alien Footage

Where do we draw a line? I never really had a line that I'd drawn for myself and that's because I wanted to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

See this Wikipedia page for more information; UFO Report (U.S. Intelligence).

But that person is right, I've got to draw myself a line at the thing's being real or a hoax. I'm drawing a line in the road and this is the first thing that's gone past that line. The website Classified UFOs has this as a misrepresentation of the truth. It's a decent website but the text is very hard to read as it's dark grey on a dark background. The video is towards the bottom of the page.

What is Real and What is a Hoax

It's laughable, it's ludicrous and they are laughing at us for believing that there is a real (not departed) Alien Grey in the world. But the only problem is that it's not a headline-grabbing Alien Grey is it, it's not an Extraterrestrial at all and that's why it's not in the headlines because it's been determined by others already that it's a hoax. And there's me saying "Hold on, keep open-minded".

Studying Ufology and History Together

Did you know that there's a Professor in Ufology? It's true and it comes under history. Professor David Jacob is the Ufology expert at Temple University Philadelphia in the USA. This is how far Ufology has come since the dark days of ridicule and finger-pointing. I'm so happy that the perception of Ufology has got and is still getting better. Ufology is more organized, and it's more accepted albeit as a new acronym UAP (Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena) which was previously called unidentified aerial phenomena. Having a different belief from the prescribed (allowed list) belief system shouldn't even be a thing let alone a problem.

UFO and UAP Disclosure Has Gone Mainstream

I'm gutted (which means unhappy) because of Ufology's history of belittlement and ridicule at the hands of many different unofficial and official agencies including organizations more specifically private individuals who should have known better. which for whatever reason saw fit to bring about a deep hurt for a sub-group of people who saw genuine UFOs and reported them. Subsequently losing jobs, careers, families and friends. All they wanted was to tell the truth and cause no harm to anyone. That's why I feel so sad about this because it was undeserved.

I feel like they should look back upon their misconduct and be ashamed because let's face it, even if it was a mistaken UFO sighting, they had no right to act and behave like that. But that's human beings for you, human nature is cold, unfortunately, and generally unforgiving. - Lee Lewis

I'm talking about the politicians, the TV hosts specifically one that tried his hardest to ruin a very good man's name (a fiercely strong man) for no other reason than ratings. Being a disgusting person comes naturally to some people please remember that life can be hard!

UAPs Have Been Acknowledged by the US Government

A long story short the good guy is more relevant than ever whereas the other guy has since been forgotten. The good guy has only gone from strength to strength and surpassed him in every way possible. That's irony for you and even though T.W. apologized later on that's neither here nor there because D.I. most certainly got stronger and did not need the apology.

Alternative Thinking

The Government agencies, Government authorities, the Government itself and countless other people were (emphasis on were) willing to destroy people's lives for coming forward with alternative thinking based on no evidence but because it's not approved people used to get singled out and persecuted. UFOs or UAPs call it what you like it doesn't matter because we now know that they are real. That's the US Government's position including multiple UAP videos. UFOs exist and yes the US Government knew about this all along. They could have set the record straight at any time and saved careers, and livelihoods including saving families and people's lives but they chose not to...

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I remember first seeing this Alien Grey video and I was excited about it I'll be honest with you I thought that this was real. I was naïve to think that perhaps people would start to accept that Alien beings are real. But it never had that type of effect. As I have learnt more about Ufology I have become aware that this is a hoax, oh well at least I can say it's because I wanted to see the best in people and yes, I wanted this to be real.

"Grey" Aliens appear like that because they've taken DNA from humans they have abducted, zany Professor David Jacobs claims. Giving his unusual theory on grey aliens, the professor of history at Temple University specialising in Ufology, claims it all 'boils down' to them having a slit for a mouth.



The extraordinary video which was supposedly "one for the history books" lol, has turned out to be a more than likely hoax!

Instead, it turned out to be one for the red hot coals because it's a phantom recovered Alien Grey:


If you've already figured out that it's a hoax put forward as a real recovered Alien Grey then please, share it. Let people know what you think. Also, please share your thoughts and opinions, thank you and I do appreciate it.

Credit: Wikipedia/AARO/Classified UFO/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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