UFO Coming Out Of A Wormhole Spotted On Skycam Today

This is the UFO coming out of or going in to the wormhole or stargate portal.

This extraordinary to say the least seeing this UFO going in or coming out of what looks like a wormhole caught on the webcams of ESO European Southern Observatory.

I was just sent this amazing video by a guy wanting, actually he's "needing" answers and hopefully we can get some answers from our amazing viewers?

You can clearly see something is coming out of (or going in) a "roundish space distortion" but to us in this image it looks like a vertical line of space and it's definitely unusual looking - if not even strange.

Here I've shown you what I am seeing in this image taken from the wormhole UFO video.

It's a fiery colour and seems to be round at the tip and I'm wondering if this is the UFO leaving a trail or is this only half of the UFO that we can see and the other half is yet to come out still? Is it this or is it the end ball like shape which is the UFO?

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Either way guys, this is absolutely what we would expect a space distortion with a UFO coming out of it to look like - so that is why I am posting this. Well not quite, there also things like the definition on the UFO like this amazing orange line going horizontally through the "thing" from one end to the other. And the round sphere like ball at the end which also could be the UFO.

Is this a UFO Sphere at the end with a clear and visible trail that it's leaving behind, I honestly can't tell - but it looks like it's cut in half because it's coming out of a wormhole? This is most intriguing AND it was only seen today so it's hot off the press nobody has seen this except for a very few people.

We can clearly make out definition on this whole space entity.

I'm sure there will be a lot to say about this and arguments to and against but still, it is early days for this as it was only caught on camera today which is the 12th March 2019. the skycam used in question was this publicly available to use called ESO (European Southern Observatory - link at the bottom in sources).

Don't forget we're just like you, we want answers aswell? It's always good to get constructive opinions and answers.

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How strange is it to see this though and yet even before seeing one like this, we can imagine what an event like this would look like? That's strange and then low and behold - we encounter one on a skycam for all to see?

Don't forget this is not stitched together images like from NASA.

This for me personally this proves the existence of destiny, that we've been here before and done this countless times before on an endless loop.

We imagined this before we saw it because we already have all the knowledge possible within us.

That's why we can learn!

That's why some people "take to skills like a natural".

Like it was made for him or her.

I don't know how, but I just know? How many times have you heard this? It's as if I just knew etc etc. I can feel it? Coincidences, serendipity, luck, chance call it what you like but it is a force, it's a force of energy and it is real. It's innate and it's been there from the start.

Here's a closer look at the UFO and the wormhole.

Here's this extraordinary video showing what looks like a massive space distortion with UFO coming out of it, you gotta enjoy this:

Video no longer available, sorry.

I've only just been sent this and am still in the process of getting the information etc, like which skycam did this come from and where in the sky is it coordinates wise.

I do know that the person who caught this wishes to stay anonymous and that's their rights which I fully respect. When I get the relevant public information on this, I will update the post. I wasn't waiting for that as this needs to be seen by the public and if you know my posts - then you'll know that it's the content of the videos or images which I always prioritise.

Source Mysterious Blue Space Entity YouTube.
Source ESO - European Southern Observatory.


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  1. This UFO event took place today out in space and was caught perfectly on a skycam. Your literally some of the first people to see this so we need your best opinions and answers as there's nothing else to go off guys. To me this looks exactly like what a stargate or a space portal, wormhole would definitely look like and there's a UFO coming out of it - or going in to it. That's amazing because you can see it's not some NASA stitched together image as this is from a skycam. It's only been recorded today which is the 12th March 2019. πŸ‘½πŸ›ΈπŸš€✨πŸ•΅️‍♂️πŸŒ™πŸ“‘πŸ›ΈπŸ‘½

  2. Some kind of fault between lens?? Or low quality screen or something. ?? I don’t know enough about the technology used to see this. I think it’s. Leap to say it’s affecting space and especially time. We can’t twll that from one still. Which is all this is. I wanna believe 😘😘

  3. Believe it my grandson and I Saw something similar around that date but we had a different view from the front and it was incrtaro cartaro Az witch is marana I saw up the worm hole and it was like the inside of a giant bean stalk first thing that came to mind was jacJ and the Bean stalk didn't have any way to photo graph it but we saw the mother

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