The Full Video Of Real Metallic UFO At The ISS

There's a real chance that we're witnessing history in the making right here with this amazing spacecraft recorded on the ISS Live TV Feed.

This is one of those epic moments when you know the people at NASA "must" of been misleading the public! This spacecraft is tagging along with the ISS and it's slowly edging forward, trying to overtake it is what this looks like to me?

It happened on Friday 21st Feb 2020.


Credit UStream, ISS Live Stream

Then we see the spacecraft slowly descend in front of the ISS cameras and now the world is looking, it get's right on the edge of the cameras lens and it then starts to emanate a very strong light. This light is so strong that it begins to look like a cross because of the Sun's glare on the lens.

All of a sudden, this amazing "grey metallic" craft hen speeds off but going forward, away from the ISS which makes this craft look like it's getting smaller. This is an epic discovery and I bet you anything you like, The Eiffel Tower if you like - that this "thing" is been talked about by US military officials, UK and European space experts alike whom are all high up in the space command!

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Yes, that's just how good this is! Guys, you need o let it sink in just what it entails if Aliens really do existing? Also, it looks like we've let them get away to contact their own kind...

Just what does that one mean? It means that now whatever intelligence they had or was gathering, i looks like they have it all and are now on their merry way to deliver said bounty But to who? When, why and what's the results of this information transfer going to be? Is it going to aid them in an attack?

Is it going to aid them in helping us clear up our atmosphere or is this information going o tell them that they should invest their time and efforts elsewhere in the universe?


Somebody at NASA must explain this to the public. Somebody at NASA needs to stop with the spouting off about weather balloons and swamp gas. We aren't stupid, we wasn't born on Mars and we need answers because all signs point to Extraterrestrials existing.

I'm just as curious as the next person and i'm just as cautious as the next person but I am not just as stupid as the next person and I know what this is. It was taken off the International Space Station's live TV feed.

Here's the NASA UStream Live Feed:

Full video is from Live ISS Stream and the video there has had well over 6K views already. This is big, this UFO or "spacecraft" whichever you wish to call it is massive in terms of Ufology, proof, Real evidence and real proof to support the theory that life indeed exists elsewhere in the universe and yes, we are not alone.


The image above is a close up of the spacecraft as I could and at the same time keep the definition? I'm not good with manipulating images and so it is what i is guys, I thought I'd at least try to bring out it's features and his is the best as I could do? When you watch the video, the full 22 minuets is really off the charts as far as disclosure goes because of the content and the obvious acknowledgement of NASA.

I hope you liked the post, it is what I believe to be the "smoking gun" as far as proof goes. I hope you feel that way too...

Source Credit UStream Live ISS Feed.
Source UFO Sightings Footage Vimeo Channel.

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