Alien Base Discovered on Asteroid By Japanese Jaxa Space Agency

This is the Extraterrestrial evidence we're always looking for because if it's possible and feasible then we would always want to bring it to your attention.

We kinda knew about it, we just weren't too sure about the full story until now.

Alien bases in space are about as many as 1 in a Trillion, but that's an odds I'll take as it only takes one to be real, right? Jaxa is the Japanese equivalent of NASA and they sent out a satellite "right out" like 2 Billion miles away to check out this asteroid, not the one next to it or further away or before it, it was this specific one.

While nothing, absolutely nada, nor at all separates this boring-looking asteroid from any other asteroid in space I have to ask "Why this one" but I think I already know the answer...

It's because an Alien presence has been detected there just like this base (see below image) which wasn't there when the Satellite turned up, but then it just appeared from nowhere. Did you know that Jaxa took over 1500 photos of this asteroid but just a fraction of it has been released? I'm not suggesting that it's unusual, I'm suggesting that it's downright bizarre and probably is a cover-up.

Let's go for a 2 Billion-mile journey into deep space, take over 1500 photos but only release a few when we get them. That's not a plan of action, but it's exactly what happened. So yes, I'm suggesting all sorts until we get the full amount of photos and videos released with time stamps and other stuff to back their validity up.

Here are the before and after photos from Jaxa itself:

This is the before and after photos of the Alien base on the asteroid Itokawa.

Credit: JAXA/Mundo Desconocido YouTube channel/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

Above photos when put together one above the other, we see a blatant discrepancy in the bottom photo. There is a huge dome in the area of the asteroid in front of it that's now got a dome there. There seem to be some tunnels in white radiating out from the central dome. Is this leading into the asteroid or are they support for the dome?

There are lots of questions but we've been denied the answers in the form of the rest of the photos and videos of the asteroid Itokawa 25143.

Here's the video of this amazing discovery from Mundo Desconocido. Guy's check it out for yourself, it's a great video with convincing information:

Here's the description from the video on YouTube:

In 2003 the Japanese probe Hayabusa was launched to photographanalyzeyzing the asteroid Itokawa 25143, While taking images of the probe, a photograph showed us a strange spherical object of apparent large size, later photographs showed said free asteroid that was spherical formation.

The AJAX (Japanese Space Agency) seems not to deliver more photographs to the public that can unravel the mystery, despite the 1500 shots taken, only a small part of them are made public.

What is that strange object

Perhaps a non-terrestrial base that uses asteroids as platforms or stations for some unknown purpose? Why did Japan select said asteroid? Perhaps they had previously observed an anomaly?

Credit: JAXA/Mundo Desconocido YouTube channel/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.Did you know that there's an apparent white done on asteroid Itokawa? The video is by the Japanese space agency.


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  1. I wasn't given the option to Press 1 for English...

  2. That looks very interesting, I would love to see more pics of this phenomenon.

  3. It seem so un-real but, it's probably true, Aliens, are traveling the comos on a regular as of late,

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