Astronaut Caught Red Handed in Harness - ISS

This is one of the biggest anomalies in NASA's history because the rig that goes with the harness in this video is huge, it must run the length of the ISS.

That means that the whole ISS in this video is a fake! If you keep doubting yourself and you are having trouble processing this shocking new information, just come back to this video and watch the Astronaut slowly go by DURING A LIVE TV INTERVIEW with other so-called Astronauts because they must be in on it as well, right? They must know that the other astronaut is saddled up in the background.

I bet they forgot to turn a button on the camera which detects the harness much the same way how the camera detects the harness and wires in movies etc and because it wasn't turned on, oops, we see their lies!

The thing is, all the Astronauts are in on it. All the Astronauts are quoted as saying they don't use harnesses in space because they don't need to. But yet here is the evidence, it speaks volumes about their credibility.

The thing is, people have been telling us for years now that they (NASA) have been using green screens and harnesses, who'd of funked it that one day they'd all be proved to be right? I'm telling you now that this is just the tip of the iceberg. It's just the tip of the ripple and I'm going to show you the "evidence after evidence after proof after real, no-holds-barred proof!"

Right then, let's get started:

Astronaut wearing a harness in the ISS live feed.

Astronaut in red wearing a harness in the ISS live feed.

Astronaut wearing a harness in the ISS live feed and green screen.

Good example of the type of green screen effect of hoaxing a spacewalk using 4K cameras.

This is a blatant example of a green screen example.

Credit: NASA (Not A Satisfactory Answer)/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

Seriously, I'm stopping myself from putting many, many more examples of the harness and green/blue screen fakery. I have seen tons of these questionable videos and photos. Why do these Astronauts all go along with the sham space race?

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Have you ever wondered what the deafening noise is on board the ISS while the Astronauts give live feed interviews? It's because they're on board a plane and the plane's engines are on, they use planes to simulate being on the ISS.

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The plane goes up and down and while going down the Astronauts float and this is when they do a spin or let go of the microphone or the side of the "ISS" and float. All other times there's no noise whatsoever. Only when they give interviews.

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Here in this short video we see the astronaut on the left get something invisible from the side of the ISS and put it in his other hand. It's a classic green screen mix-up because they can see it but we can't as we're on the other side of the camera, so we're only going to be able to see what they pretty much allow us to see.

It's one of the most telltale signs of a hoax here because this confirms that they (NASA) only allow the public to see what they want us to see. Don't forget guys, these are Astronauts so they're not naturally liars right? It's got to be hard committing the biggest fraud the world has ever seen! It's got to be the biggest hoax ever in the history of all things dishonest and wrong.


The scale of NASA’s deception is insurmountable by any other means! It could never be replicated by just one person, it would take a full army to carry off a similar hoax because the scale is immense. Faking sets, space stations, and Mars have been filmed on an island in the middle of nowhere and a desert, plus there are all the miniature model sets which again accidentally made it to live TV.


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Here's the YouTube video that I've created showing the astronaut wearing a harness above.

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Credit: NASA (Not A Satisfactory Answer)/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.


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