Triangle UFO Seen At The Sun For Weeks

This Triangle shaped UFO has been at or near our Sun for weeks (how dare they) which could prove it's not a Helioviewer glitch in the camera as it's been filmed moving around.

I'm definitely no genius in fact I've got a silver in swimming, yes, just swimming. I retrieved a rubber brick from the deep end. But even I know that this can only mean one thing as it's not in an orbit around the Sun. It's been in the same area for weeks and it's trying to stay in the same place. The Triangle UFO has got to be either intelligently handled or it's under "intelligent, real time control" via remotely operated signals. That's not out of the realm of possibilities.

Triangle UFO Seen At the Sun.

Credit: Helioviewer/NASA/UFO Sightings Daily/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News /Canva.

Even if my opinion is wrong, mistakes do happen, we reset and come back to the basic facts. Basic fact number one, the Triangle looking UFO - it shouldn't be there! So I continue with speculation and opinions until I've finally crossed every T and dotted every I. If it's still not sounding right, I'll wait for further information and go from there.

I try not to rule out good opinions, but I can tell you one thing for sure right now that means something - there's nothing in nature's realm that hints at this been natural. In fact everything hints at this being unnatural and intelligently created. It's an enigma, but we can crack enigmas even with 31 levels of security because we're human beings and that's what we do!

Clear shot of the UFO at the Sun through the Helioviewer.

Credit: Helioviewer/NASA/UFO Sightings Daily/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News /Canva.

This will be solved one day (I hope it's me that does it) but I do my best thinking on the WC usually without a pencil and paper lol. To expect everything to be cracked instantly or solved by only taking one look at a UFO photo is absolutely impossible, in fact it's generously insane. But people do, do it, they trawl through Facebook and the many UFO photos passing comments on them and they honestly believe that everyone was the correct answer that they gave. That's impossible!


The Helioviewer is catching some of the strangest UFOs that anyone has ever seen. This is a black triangle UFO which is definitely there at our Sun! How can it be that someone is able to come back to the black triangle spacecraft week after week and it's moving around but always in the general same area it was first discovered in?

Triangle shaped UFOs aren't anything new in space, there's a ton of different videos and UFO photos including Triangle UFOs. I've posted and written a load of post's regarding this specific speaks type of UFO and most if not all of them my conclusion was that the triangle UFOs are more than likely man made, reverse engineered crafts.

The TR-3B craft is Triangle, the Aurora project, TR-3A and a few other secret crafts were Triangle in shape. I did make a connection before though about the shape needing to be Triangle to properly travel through our atmosphere, but this event happened in space and near the Sun. But, that's probably neither here nor there if the shape has nothing to do with the way it acts.

Here's the full UFO discovery at the Sun by UFO Sightings Daily YouTube channel:

Please share your thoughts on what this is and let's add our great insights to the Ufology community regarding this UFO sighting.

Credit: Helioviewer/NASA/UFO Sightings Daily/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News /Canva.

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