UFO Docked With The International Space Station

NASA must be hiding behind a huge amount of UFOs that people are detecting at the International Space Station through their own live feeds as well.

There's always something new and exciting with the evidence that is available for anyone who wants to look it up? The scientists that monitor the progress of the space walk's and the whole area outside of the space station. Literally anyone can go have a look and a lot of the time some people see real UFOs.

Here's proof of a UFO at the ISS.

Credit: NASA/Unexplained Mysteries YouTube Channel/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Canva.

It's like these cameras are on, they're on a live feed, of course NASA know that people are watching the cameras and yet they still try to stop people from seeing the feed by cutting off the live feed and replacing the footage with a "blue screen" which is what it's become known as.

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There's always the same message which basically says we are experiencing technical difficulties etc and other reassuring messages.


NASA detected something massive that docked close to the International Space Station in 2014. Today, we take a look at what NASA detected close to the International Space Station back in 2014. Back in 2014, various websites posted about an interesting object picked up by the International Space station cameras. For those that are unaware, the International space station has a variety of cameras to monitor spacewalks and other areas that need to be under 24 hour surveillance. Thank you for watching!

Unexplained Mysteries

But please, you've got your own mind to make any sense of the stuff your seeing on the screen and what's been said or shown as a message which just so happens to be the same time a UFO sighting is going on?

Here's the brilliant NASA live feed with a UFO docked at the ISS video which was uploaded to YouTube by Unexplained Mysteries:

Please share your thoughts and opinions with us, there's definitely been some strange things that have gone on in space at the ISS. Also if you could share this post with someone else who you think might appreciate this, thank's.

Credit: NASA/Unexplained Mysteries YouTube Channel/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Canva.


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  1. People are dying in Ukraine and we are watching stuff like this. If true, and ET’s are actually collaborating with us lower intelligent entities. Why are we not seeing them stop what is occurring on earth? End of comment!

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