Loads Of UFOs Right Next To The Shuttle NASA Cuts The Feed, AGAIN! (Video)

The best video in the World which shows us UFOs visiting the International Space Station )ISS). It was like Christmas when I first saw this video? 

Then it dawned on me that this could be the most convincing UFO sighting ever? I mean check it out, it's not just the usual looking UFO sighting at the ISS which was released by NASA.

Because when you think about it, this is a NASA camera, it's from a NASA live stream, so it's NASA who's been goving us all UFO Disclosure... They could make it all disappear if they wanted it to disappear?

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Let's just think about it logically yes, NASA camera operations manager could put a 20 seconds delay on the live feed footage right? So, if anything comes into view other than a star or the Earth etc the camera operator can switch it off.

This ISS video of multiple UFOs is over the top brilliant.

That means that NASA can't deny it right? Well it's been nearly 2 decades since this was filmed and we've heard nothing? Absolutely this is a case of "another one bites the dust" and get's away! When will these so-called responsible scientists step up or man up and be accountable?

It seems like that's just a pipe dream or something which they don't have to commit to? I mean accountable, responsible and duty seem like a NASA requirement but evidently when dealing with the truth it doesn't? Sad!

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Credit: Beyond Science YouTube Channel/Streetcap1 Original Video/UFO Sighting's Footage/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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  1. Aw... you mean those small UFO's hoovering around Astronauts driven by brain cells to investigate and records?... :)

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