The NSA Intercepted UFO Phenomena Communications In 1971

This is just one of them times where i'm randomly looking through declassified FOIR - NSA files (online) as you do and it just falls in to place and stands out a mile.

I'm so tuned in to seeing words like Unidentified Flying Object and words like "phenomena", top secret, NSA as it looks like NASA etc.


So, after reading a fair few pages I finally started to see, further down the pages - these words and duly skipped to them as I wanted to see what happened next so-to-speak and couldn't wait lol.

You need to read at least down to page number 9 starting at number 1 - to make sense of this. But it's good as there's definite admissions in these pages which are there for all to see now.

This is an image of just one of the pages which have now been declassified. I've highlighted in red squares the info which is interesting.


The NSA (National security Agency) intercepted COMMINT or Communication Intelligence from a country which has had it's name redacted in these declassified documents and which where blacked out.

Yes, the infamous black lines anyone can have in their FOIR - Freedom Of Information request documents when they receive sensitive papers on any such subject matters I suppose.

This is about a (redacted country name) which had it's supposedly secure communications or messages if you like totally hacked by the US government.

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The NSA had "intercepted" lol - communications through a STET Radar operator and also between two aircraft's (whom had the UFO encounters) and a ground controller who had the first hand experience of hearing these epic "history changing events" in 1971.

He was also the one who had the UFO anomalies on his radar screen and could not identify them. I really hope you read these interesting "declassified papers?"

The NSA had intercepted them and the NSA cryptolinguists had gone to work on them.


They gave the NSA officers summaries of the intercepted messages (now translated transcripts from the linguists) which included words like unusual Phenomena, unidentified objects on the screen, radar and unusual etc.

All this is really standing out to me and piqued my interest even more as I'm looking through this document.

These aircraft pilots had encountered these Unidentified Flying Objects - which had taken place north of (redacted word) so we cannot get any understanding of where this took place.

I'm assuming it wouldn't be wise to tell any country inadvertently through a FOIR, that you've been spying on them because it still wouldn't be good for relations even now with that country!

And what's worse than that is telling another country "possibly an ally" that you've been intercepting their STET Radar messages (as what else do they know) to their front line aircraft's and ground controllers.


Yeah, it doesn't matter I suppose as it was 1971.

But because their history could include significant things from then which all hinged on the honesty between the US and whichever country it was?

So having this would or could, null and void something...

It's implications, the implications of a deal that was brokered and all of it rested on the fact that the US is not now and has "since" not, been spying on them.

I'm sure you get my point?

Here's a great video of a UFO been chased by a top gun pilot:

But if this was so, then I'm sure that this was all taken in to account when these documents was released under the FOIR and is online for all to see?

So, there's the undeniable proof that the NSA (National Security Agency) was definitely aware of other countries involvement with UFO activity (at least seeing for sure) Extraterrestrial and Unidentified Flying Objects.

Below is a video about Rudloe Manor a former RAF base:

Which countries are known for reverse engineering UFOs and using UFO technology - except for the US?

Could it be Rudloe Manor the former RAF (Royal Air Force) base which is where an apparent UFO was taken. See video above)?

Footage, finally from Rudloe Manor - Site 1 of the registry and the Flying Complaints Flight building where the officers were sometimes sent out from in plain clothes to interview eye witnesses on their UFO sightings.

This was for many years, home to the (MoD) Ministry of Defence Men In Black. The departments all moved out of this Air Force base to RAF Henlow many years ago and as you can see nature is taking back this site rather quickly.

  • Did this unknown (redacted) country, actually retrieve any crashed UFOs?
  • Did this redacted country actually shoot down a UFO?
  • Just which country is this and which would fit?
  • Has there been anymore incidents of UFO activity with this country, since?

Just for the record, I only read down to page 8, so anything after that is all yours to read and disseminate at your own free will. The first 8 pages are mine, lol!

There could be confirmation of UFO events in the remaining pages that are left or confirmation that a UFO was subsequently recovered and the technology from that miracle of Alien species is in smartphones from Samsung, South Korea.

Who knows, but we could of been talking about South Korea all along? It's a country with a long name as it's a large black redacted line or a large blacked out area if you like?

Ufology research is long, it's deep and believe me there's a lot more to read on other parts of the NSA Declassified UFO Documents site. Let us know what else you find and we will check it out and maybe feature it in an article...

Source Vice News YouTube.

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Plaintiff, v.




Simulation of network-enabled electronic warfare metrics to assess the value of networking in a general information and radar topology. STET is mentioned and a part of this.

Two Amazing UFOs Visit The ISS This Is Stunning UFO Footage

Two UFOs literally start pacing up to the International Space Station on NASA live TV and they can be seen checking out the ISS.

This is either a fantastic Emmy award winning fake or an industrial strength hoax or it is what it is?


Now I'm no expert but this looks legit?

I'm going to go with my gut feeling though on this one and say that it could be fake?

The Ufology researcher in me wants it to be real but there's just something about it that I can't quite put my finger on and that's driving me wild.

It's like I know what it is subconsciously but what it is eludes me.

I'm sure that it will be pointed out and I'm confidant that I'll give a sigh of relief like a "oh yeah now I see it" type exclamation mark.

Below is evidence of UFOs near the ISS as well.

UFOs are in space.


It looks to clean, it looks to "centred all the time for me" and even I know that NASA goes straight to a blue screen when these show up.

Maybe that's what was bugging me subconsciously?

Maybe I knew it was that and that's why I had that gut feeling.

Here's the video:

So what do you think about this then?

Source NASA. Source Pinterest.

Scientist Thinks He Found Evidence Of Life On Mars 40 Years Ago

Was there ever potential for life on Mars? One scientist is convinced he knows the answer, and that the question hanging out there in space was already answered over 40 years ago.

When the NASA Viking mission took off to explore Mars in 1976, it was equipped with a Labelled Release (LR) life detection experiment that returned some questionable results to Earth.


Image Getty.

Now Gilbert B. Levin, an engineer and inventor who was principal investigator of the LR experiment on the Viking missions, is bringing those results to light again as we prepare to send off Mars 2020 and eventually humans to the Red Planet.

Some background on why Levin is unearthing his results.

When the LR first beamed back its results from Mars, they were surprisingly positive (something most people have either forgotten or just have no idea about).

The further the Viking team got into the experiment, the more positive results they received from the two spacecraft that were situated 4,000 miles apart.

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There were four positives in all that were supported by five different control variables.

But what did these positives actually mean?

Levin and his colleagues interpreted the data curves as proof of microbial respiration.

Even more, these curves were eerily similar to those that had resulted from LR tests on soil from our own planet.

It seemed like the sort of thing that should have been screaming from the front page of every paper, except it didn’t, because the Viking Molecular Analysis Experiment never detected any organic material.

NASA thought organic material was the ultimate sign of life.


Image Wikipedia.

Without any evidence of that, the space agency could only conclude that what had been found was only mimicking life, but not a sign of life.

"Inexplicably, over the 43 years since Viking, none of NASA’s subsequent Mars lander has carried a life detection instrument to follow up on these exciting results,"

Levin said in an essay recently published in Scientific American.

"Instead, the agency launched a series of missions to Mars to determine whether there was ever a habitat suitable for life and, if so, eventually to bring samples to Earth for biological examination."

NASA doesn’t even have plans to send any life-detection instruments over with Mars 2020.

We’ve already determined Mars was habitable by Earth standards, even if that was billions of years ago, before it got radiation-bombed and lost all its water and atmosphere.

Levin’s essay made a case for that.

He pointed out multiple times that there was never any evidence found against the existence of life on Mars, whether that hypothetical life is crawling around now or has only left behind micro-fossils.

Since we already know that Earth microbes have been able to survive in simulated Martian environments, and have even theorised that ejecta from asteroid impacts from Mars has sent ejecta flying to Earth (and vice versa), why is NASA so reluctant to admit that there has been no proof against life on Mars, only a huge cosmic question mark.

Vikings first views of Mars:

Maybe it will take human exploration to finally answer David Bowie’s question that echoes from the Viking era. (via Scientific American):

I’m Convinced We Found Evidence of Life on Mars in the 1970s.

The Labelled Release experiment on the Viking mission reported positive results, although most have dismissed them as inorganic chemical reactions (click here for article).

Scientists studying Mars’ ancient climate have spectacularly claimed alien microbes could have thrived in the once barren and icy fields of Mars due to a combination of volcanoes erupting under thick ice sheets.

Source SyFy Wire.
Source Express.
Source SpaceRip YouTube.
Source Reference Wikipedia.

NASA Has Begun Preparations For Asteroid Apophis God Of Chaos

NASA has already begun preparations for the arrival of asteroid 99942 Apophis - dubbed the "God of Chaos" asteroid - which will skim past the earth in 10 years according to the space agency.

The asteroid measures 340 meters across and will pass within just 19,000 miles of Earth’s surface in 2029.


Image Getty/UFO Sightings Footage
Apophis 99942 is one of the largest asteroids to pass so close to the Earth's surface and if a collision with the planet Earth did happen, it has the potential to be devastating for "all life on Earth".

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has offered his views.

He shared an Express article about the Apophis asteroid and he warned that Earth "currently has no defence" for the impact of a "big rock".

He also said:

"Great name! Wouldn’t worry about this particular one, but a big rock will hit Earth eventually and we currently have no defence."

Is this a cryptic message, are messages like these from people like Elon Musk (who are transforming our views on space) actually a warning?

Seriously, is this a hidden message and why has NASA called this asteroid Apophis because this God, is the God of chaos!


Image NASA
Again, is there another hidden meaning behind NASA calling this Apophis?

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Why has NASA stated that they're making preparations, it sounds really ominous?

I have lot's of why's and lot's of questions - but luckily, you guys read this and your the most knowledgeable people that I know.

So, i'm pretty sure we will have some amazing opinions and it will be even better if we have answers!

Here's NASA's animation showing Asteroid Apophis path going past Earth:

This animation shows the path along Earth where Apophis will be visible on April 13, 2029.

As the asteroid passes over the Atlantic ocean, its path briefly turns from red to grey - that is the moment of closest approach.

After closest approach, the asteroid will move into the daytime sky and will no longer be visible.

Credit: Marina Brozović/JPL Here's a video from Dahboo77 about this:

Radar NASA scientist, Marina Brozovic said:

"The Apophis close approach in 2029 will be an incredible opportunity for science."

Astronomer Davide Farnocchia added:

"We already know that the close encounter with Earth will change Apophis’ orbit. But our models also show the close approach could change the way this asteroid spins and it is possible that there will be some surfaces changes, like small avalanches."

The asteroid is predicted to first be visible over the southern hemisphere, shooting across the East Coast to the West Coast of Australia.

From there, it’ll make its way around the world, crossing the Indian Ocean on its way to the United States.


Image Getty
The closest it will get, will be over the Atlantic Ocean during the evening in the United States.

The asteroid is predicted to cross the ocean in an hour and then continue to fly off into space.

Source Express.
Source Dahboo77 YouTube.
Source Zero Hedge.
Source NASA Video YouTube.

2 UFOs Flying In Formation With Planes

Here is a great video showing us what can only be described as two UFOs flying with planes that are in formation.

It's an unusual sight as it looks very clear, it looks like the two UFOs really are there and for some it's a bit much and will never be believed.


I always, always air on the side of caution because if we let any UFO sighting slip through the net then it will disappear forever.

If we keep all the UFO sightings in one big UFO reference like catalogue then we're covering our bases so-to-speak.

  • Does this look man made or Alien made.
  • Does this look real to you or not.
  • Should we dismiss this based on gut feeling.

Seriously, a lot of people are not used to seeing a HD UFO video and everytime they do, it looks to good to be true, right?

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This UFO video shows us two very different shaped UFOs which is curious.


They fly the same as each other and are silhouetted in black the same but their shapes are very different which suggests that these are both different UFOs.

Does that mean there's different Alien races on this planet?

Does that mean that instead of just one Alien planet out there in space, there could be at least 2 Alien planets?

Is there a place where these UFOs go (on Earth) when not engaged in Alien/Earth activity and what is their activity or agenda?

  • There's so many implications to saying a UFO is real.
  • Number one is their intentions.
  • Are they friendly or foe?

Well, I cannot possibly answer that but I have a theory and that is they are friendly.

I say that because judging by these advanced space crafts, they could if they wanted to - inflict severe damage and if not destroy a large proportion of either people or property with these crafts?

This is all speculation and any and all of this could turn out to be nothing, right?

But, I'm working with the exact same thing as you, this amazing video below:

I'm only going off what I see in the video, I'm going off the implications and what it must take for a space craft to travel through space to be here on Earth, it has to very, very advanced.

For that, it must be able to defend itself,it must be able to withstand tremendous pressures on the craft, it needs vast amounts of power or energy.

That is a very advanced machine.

Source bdmastro1.

White Flying Rod UFO During Storm In US

The storms are very frequent in the US but what's not frequent is Flying Rods or UFOs but yet this one has been caught very clearly on video making this a significant UFO encounter.

Storms are a magnet for UFO activity, it could be the massive amounts of energy in the air or it could be the perfect time to fly or get around for the UFOs as most humans are under cover or sheltering?


This has got me believing that this took place, that it was definitely recorded flying past and that this is about as far away from a fake video as one could possibly get.

That's why I had to do a post about this and show you that UFOs are very, very real.

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I'm looking at the way it flies in to the video frame, i'm looking at the shape, it's colour and the areas immediately around the edges of the UFO to look for anything out of the ordinary?


This all looks very good to me. There's the way it turns in mid air, it really uses it's body to manoeuvre instead of a blast of air (like the shuttle uses).

I'm looking for anything that would suggest this is a fake and I cannot find anything.

This is a promising sign and it's more importantly, it's good news for Ufology if this does indeed turn out to be real?

We need not only experts, we need Aliens to verify these as humans only have opinions.

Now if the government would allow us all access to Area 51 or S4, S1 - absolutely anywhere that an Alien is been held (which we know is real) we could ask them about this Flying Rod.

I like this, I will definitely encourage you to share this with anyone you think would appreciate looking at a possibly real UFO?

Thank you for stopping by and checking out this post and the video. Please leave your comments in the box below, cheers.

Source UFO Senales.

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