I'm Not Kidding It's Bar None The Best UFO Landing In California Ever Seen

This is a spectacular, no, it's actually a once in a lifetime UFO experience for the eye witness filming it.

There, I've said it, but look at it! It's mind blowing and it was only filmed a couple of days ago in California. I'll be putting a link in this post to the MUFON report (at the bottom) so you can check it out for yourself and let me - hell let us all know what you think about it?

This is the Cigar shape craft over California.

Credit: MUFON/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

There's definitely no camera trickery, the eye witness filming it is 100 Percent speechless and the airplane going over first is making a loud noise from it's engine's but the White, cylinder or Cigar UFO doesn't make a sound at all.

Theres nothing propelling the thing forward for heaven's sake and it's white which is a perfect color to hide in the clouds, probably all day if it wants to? It might even fly along with the clouds only switching like this when it wants to change directions?

A close up of the Cigar shape craft over California.

Credit: MUFON/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

We are seeing it descending and it's trying to land in my view and that's the eye witnesses view also and she was there.

I'm absolutely convinced that we're seeing a blinding UFO here and that what we're seeing is of huge importance to the "entities" that sent it here. Now then, let's just digest that little nugget of information for a second. If that is real (I have no doubt that it is real) but if it is real guy's, then you know what that means don't you?

It means that Extraterrestrial entities exist and we're being put under surveillance. The next natural question is "why" are we all under surveillance? One more thing, that's not a human made craft and I'm saying that because we don't have anything like that in any secret bunker, in a top secret hangar or in the very public and not so secret Area 51.

The US Government would pay a King's ransom for a craft like that and this has probably crossed the minds of the Aliens that own this white, Cigar shape craft. This is a very, very sophisticated piece of highly advanced technology, of course it's crossed the minds of the Aliens and so has every other conceivable eventuality so it would be fair to say that they've covered everything that humanity has to throw at this.

That's probably why it's still in their hands? Because they know what we are like, they know what motivates us, what drives us and they've more than likely out foxed us at every turn.

It's probably not their first rodeo, they've done it before on maybe another living being with a slither of intelligence. We might be dumber than their last conquered people's.

Listen, if we're going to be agreeing that this is an Extraterrestrial spacecraft then all the card's get put on the table and we're going loco, we're going to be covering alsorts of possibilities because "anything and I mean anything is possible".

I've never been so pumped about a highly possible UFO before (well, not this much). It's going to be containing electromagnetic systems and antigravity technology with other tech that I can't even fathom! So please, help me understand what it could contain and let's find an answer to how it might of got here "any opinions are welcome" because one thing I do know is that the Earth is a human being home planet and not another living being's home world especially one with such mastery of this technology.

So, where did it come from and how did it get here?

Detailed Description

As you cann see in the video it's not a airplane because there was 1 in the video. it stopped & looked like it was starting to land then i ran inside my house.

Sighting Basics

Case 117204

Occurred 2021-08-07 10:00

Reported 2021-08-08 07:34

(Reported Same Day)

Source MUFON

Summary Cigar object landing footage.

Here's the awesome MUFON video:

Please can you share your thoughts on this amazing craft and if you can also share the post that would be awesome, thanks.

Credit: MUFON/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.


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  1. that was terrible filming. why can't people stand still?

  2. A UFO is landing and your cutting to a jet contrail, BS, also this vid is rife with photoshoppe tags. Just sayin'.....

  3. The realm of the Four Horsemen and the Atlanteans... with Enoch...

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