Unbelievable UFO Orbs All in Formation Rows

If you think that these are celebration paper fire lanterns or festival lanterns then your in for the best treat of your life.

These aren't lanterns by the way which the majority of people will instantly think that that's what these are? After watching the video below it will all become clear. Lanterns do not move in unison, they definitely don't move together as one. But that's exactly what happened in this UFO Orbs video.

Unbelievable footage of UFOs literally all in formation in neat rows.

Credit: Ufosightingsfootage Instagram/AFAR/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

That's only because people in Vietnam and China, Japan and Taiwan etc celebrate various festivals and new years day with these. But here's why I don't believe it's these millenia old traditional paper lanterns; check this out, for one thing if you do actually light a paper lantern, more often than not it's gonna give off an orange glow instead of a "white hot glow" which is what we can see in this video below at the bottom.

This is the UFO Orbs before they get in neat rows.

Credit: Ufosightingsfootage Instagram/AFAR/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

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That's not to say that some paper lanterns don't give off a white glow, but from what I've found looking into different cultures and countries is that paper lanterns are pretty much all the same? So, where the heck does that leave us then? We can't start back from the beginning trying to determine what we have here,  can we?

Orange glow from lanterns instead of white UFOs.

Credit: Google search/Canva.

I  tell you what, let's just watch the video again for clues? Okay, spoiler alert I've already watched it a zillion times and these lot line up perfectly in neat rows. They're all in the sky in no particular order, floating around probably on the updraft from the hot air rising up from the mountain below. Then low and behold, before our very eyes were treated to a bizarre show in the sky. All of the UFO Orbs seem to instantly know when to come together in formation in neat rows.

What I can't understand is that if these are all connected by remote control, why are they all prior to getting in lines, why are they moving independently? If these we're all connected together so that they can all come together, floating independently doesn't make sense! They're either all connected working as one entity or not?

But, is it really as simple that or has something 🤔 gone unnoticed by me?

But, let's just say for arguments sake that all of these UFO Orbs have a piece of simple software installed in each of them could they be on a timer? Is it possible that we could see them all come online altogether all at once? Would they be able to do this?

Seriously, if you know the answer then please let us all know?

Just like other UFO Orbs that are in formation (just like these many, many Orbs are), I think that looking at other similar examples will probably yield the best results in term'sofgettinganswers? Here I go.

Firstly I looked into the colours of traditional lanterns from famous destinations and famous festival locations to see what materials are available and which ones are being used (if possible). Here's some brilliant information about that at the following link; AFAR Website has a really informative website post on:

"Lantern Festivals That Will Brighten Your Life."

I noticed that there's another altogether different way of releasing these ancient lanterns in a fascinating practice which goes way back into ancient history which is to release them floating on the ocean or river. It's a stunning and a moving experience just to see a thousand people releasing a thousand lanterns all at once into the air or onto the water and your directly underneath it or beside the water. This is a brilliant bucket list experience for anyone.

The one thing that lanterns cannot do is the one thing only that separates traditional lanterns and the UFOs in our UFO video? The UFOs in our video in this post, all moved into formation seeminglyon cue! I'm sorry but I'm not convinced that what we're seeing are lanterns because that's an intelligent manoeuvre. I'm 100% confident that this is not a lantern ceremony or a lantern festival. If you watch the video then you'll totally understand and agree as to why I've already made this decision. It happened around about the halfway point of watching the video.

So, it's now onto the drone scenario.

That's actually quite good if it is coordinated drones all making individual manoeuvres but as one entity. I'm not sure about this drone answer even though I'm going with my own gut feeling and I know that there is no wrong answers only people who won't answer the questions!

Here's the quick UFO Orbs video:

Please share your thought's with me and also if you've got anything similar please get in touch and if you can share this post I'd really appreciate it, cheers.

Credit: Ufosightingsfootage Instagram/AFAR/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.


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