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I'm going to focus on just one UFO sighting because it's been confirmed by the Pentagon and to be honest with you guys, it's constantly going over people's heads.


The Navy pilot who took this amazing, jaw-dropping video, couldn't have known that they were changing human history or that things in the White House and at NASA were going to change forever!

The cameras are filming the best evidence as yet which will prove beyond any doubt that Extraterrestrial entities exist and someone in power needs to be making decisions!

The information in this post is backed up by many public news sources and various agencies that together bring a formidable answer to publicly available information. Just did a keyword search on Google and as I found, a lot of places are talking about this same UFO sighting.

The Pentagon confirmed that a video showing a triangular UFO is real and taken by the US Navy

All the answers are in this superb video, and all my common sense opinions are explained in this post so please take your time, to watch this video I'd appreciate it if you could leave your thoughts and opinions on this post.

Just because the Government admits UFOs are real, people don't want to know more about it.

Credit: CNN/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

Let's get to the bottom of the real UFO encounters that changed everything, and this is pre "show us them Aliens" or for those who remember, Storm Area 51! It was a straight-up bizarre adventure time that hundreds of people were determined to follow through. It wasn't a stupid endeavour, it was more of a "take Ufology seriously" or we will get together and pretty much do nothing, lol. It's okay to look back on the arguments and the whole thing about storming Area 51, lol c'mon it was never gonna work, it was reckless and it was putting everything in jeopardy because Ufology is a definite, 100 per cent legitimate genre.

"Please, share your UFO experiences with the world". If you've experienced a UFO sighting, please share this information with the whole world via your preferred disclosure network.
You best believe that I'm thoroughly disappointed that we've been asking for UFO disclosure and yet when we finally get it in 20 everyone seems to be walking away from the negotiations table with nothing. The last 10 years have been unprecedented, it's seen some amazing admissions and it's seen some unbelievable history-making answers.

Admitted to UFOs by the US Government.

Credit: CNN/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

And guy I've gotta tell you that recently there have been so many UFO sightings that I feel like I've never got enough hours in the day to research this enormous influx of possible Extraterrestrial crafts. You've probably seen these for yourself on your favourite websites and social media groups.

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I can't hold back anymore because it's affecting me, maybe I'm wrapped up way too much in the truth or I'm just a bit more in tune with the evidence or I'm looking at the bigger picture way too much but please - let's not be under any illusion of what's actually going on in the world and what's at stake here!

Humans only get one chance of getting it right, if we let Extraterrestrial entities in and we aren't sure or we don't know if it's a good or bad thing, then we could be flirting with our demise! Our reincarnation might be affected... I seriously can't even think about this because that's our light at stake.

UFOs have been confirmed, and that's not an issue anymore for anyone who wants to know the truth, it's between the years 2017 and 2020 when you can find all the juicy information and the sooner people understand that, the better! What's an issue for me now is something I didn't take into account, if people don't believe the Government now - then "UFO disclosure by the Government potentially means nothing". The people of the world are accepting any answers from the US Government like this is the Bee and end-all, I mean c'mon that's a new phenomenon all to itself. It's an incredible turn of events if you ask me, I couldn't have imagined this scenario for love or money just 3 years ago and yet here we are.

Right now scientists are running simulations. The government is looking to the medical community, and of course, there's no getting away from the"pre-normal" way of living. I miss it and I yearn for the days when I could go visit my friends without restrictions. I couldn't imagine a bizarre world where I'm tasked with keeping to rules while visiting friends or family.

But guys, don't worry! Humanity is so strong, we will get through this time of need. Listen to your Government, please share your experiences and knowledge about staying strong. You are the most beautiful people on this planet, I'm begging you to please respect your local advisory services and follow the rules. I have to, my mother and family have to. You're not alone, you'll never be alone and I can assure you that we, I assure you will get through this and we'll be better for this as a species. It's blurry at the moment,b u b but you have the NHS, the and K Governments.

It's always gonna influence the next day's work. Everything must continue, the normal that you used to know still exists, but it's suffering! What was once a priority has shifted, it's shifted with full immunity (mark my words) to a place where UFOs, just as an example have been left behind.

There's a whole host of other more important than the UFO genre, that's been left to fend for itself. Treatment for more needy and complicated things, the more personal things "has gone". I can't handle it, we are been told every day that certain types of medical sciences are under threat, yet other communities are continuing to work as planned. It's a shame because I thought everyone was equally important... But it's the new normal. This is my understanding of what we are experiencing. The new world order, perhaps...

But, let's get adjusted on this topic because UFO sightings are still happening. Many UFOs have free range in our skies, we're all seeing some pretty mysterious Alien Orbs, Flying Saucers and drone-like balls of light. UFO sightings around the world haven't ceased to exist, oh no! The absolute opposite of what you or anyone else might be thinking! What's going on is the UFOs have been announced as real by the US Navy on behalf of the DoD (Department of Defense), and they've even been designated a new codename which is "UAP" which stands for (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena).

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The spineless Government dared to flirt with the evidence, they then tried to own it which is impossible because they can't describe the technology, they can't tell us the parameters of the technical aspects and then they wanted to rename an "historical event" which the owning part and all the while the public is in the dark. Not one thing about coming forward to the public about probable Extraterrestrial crafts makes any sense. The information that they have given us stands up to scrutiny and I'm but one researcher, watcher, fan, believer and avid follower.

CNN is a big contributing factor to the full story of Extraterrestrials. If you don't believe me then just watch the following video.

That's what I feel like I've been up against for the longest time. A Government that is aware of UFOs, but won't admit it because its military personnel "at the top" won't get behind it or even advocate it. Then "the Trump" came along and we all know how independent he is, it must have been such a shocking experience to the old establishment! Here a newcomer telling the establishment what to do, oh I love it. I really would like a brand new way of thinking in office because the old way was destructive, it was ineffective, it was blatantly obviously corrupt and anything else would be a breath of fresh air.

Here's the extraordinary video which was uploaded to YouTube by CNN which isn't a "go-to news channel" but on this occasion I'll be accommodating:

I love coming back to the evidence, I've been told to "shit up and put up" before making allegations of the UFO kind. Well, nobody can challenge the status of the UAP unless these challenges are about the origins only! The origins are the only anomalous chapter in the saga that is the UAP.

Credit: TMZ/Pentagon/CNN/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva. The 

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