Ancient Giants Did They Really Exist

I'm not confident about ancient Giants having lived or even walked upon this planet Earth so what's all the talk about?

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I'm certainly not one that thinks that my thoughts and opinions outweigh yours or anyone else's come to think about it, we've all got valid points in our own way. I guess it's about being open-minded and respecting other perspectives.

Ancient Giant Evidence Not Opinions

Your points of view are most certainly just as good as mine! And I'm most definitely not gonna think something plausible and run with it as a fact of life just because it makes sense to me because that would be insane right, thinking something fact and just running with it, we shouldn't be telling people it's a fact until we've at least researched it which is why I enjoy researching the contradictions of our past.


Discover Magazine Do Giants Exist States:

The largest hominoid, Gigantopithecus blacki, may have stood at 10 feet tall, but died out a few hundred thousand years ago - Discover Magazine, Giants

So, I'm gonna be that guy who looks for irrefutable evidence and research, yes I'll be that guy who likes to look under every stone unless it's getting beyond the joke and there's nothing to find. I'll go where the proof takes me, wherever it takes us all you'll see me there with a candle in one hand and a magnifying glass in the other hand!

Check out Wikipedia; Giant human skeletons

Take for instance this ancient human full skeleton said to have been discovered in Ecuador (image below). I sincerely don't think it's real. Everything is out of whack, the written evidence and the story don't line up with what we are seeing.

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Giants Caught On Google Earth Just Walking Around Egypt

Look guys, it's only my opinion I'm not saying that essentially Giant beings in ancient times were just one huge, big pipe dream but if you want me to commit to it then, I'm sorry but I can't. It's starting to look like a blatant hoax perpetrated by people for unknown reasons. I'm not going to get behind anything related to ancient Giants because several respected research organizations have done it for us all and while that's on the one hand we verify it on the other hand.

Check out my YouTube channel.

Fact Check: The online post showing giant human skeletons is an old hoax. USA Today.

Here's the fact check of ancient giants bones and skeleton.

Even Nephilim Giant wasn't proved beyond any doubt, it's mentioned in the Bible but still disputed and there's no "real" evidence i.e. genuine real-life evidence as in tangible evidence. Well, I'm gonna have to decline and say that on the whole, believe in what you want to but for me, I'm more of a proof kinda guy on the subject of ancient Giants.

UFOs are real, yes we've got tangible evidence, UAP disclosure with UAP videos all backed by the US Government releasing real encounters and events backed up by sensors, radars and technology that's all every UFO researcher has ever wanted. This is what I'm talking about when I say proof.

Fact Finding and Truth Research

Then there's Snopes for example number 1. There's other blatant rubbish like this 7ft 4in giant discovered in Ecuador. Check this out a 7fy 4in skeleton, how tall is this woman? But this skeleton is way more than 7ft 4in tall.

A supposed Giant being discovered in Ecuador stands at 7ft 4in tall

The Giant of Ecuador

 Standing at 7 foot 4 inches, are you sure that you don't want to have another crack at the tape measure. This is a post from Medium, a blogging site which usually has stellar blogs. Look, I'm pretty sure that this is a fluke and that the photos are mixed up. But if that's what some people call irrefutable evidence then I don't know what is.

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But I'm never gonna be getting behind anything like this when even I can see the obvious discrepancies. But this is from a post that states 7 examples that Giant's existed.

Meet Robert Wadlow the tallest man ever.

Credit: Quora/UFO Sighting's Footage.


Meet Robert Wadlow. He’s the tallest man in recorded human history and was 8′11″. He’s thought to be right on the edge of being too tall.

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Ancient Alien Giant's Bones - A Delve Into Our Direct Ancestors

In 2013, after heavy storms in Ecuador, a large female skull was found in Aloha province. Scientists determined the skull was approximately 600 years old. The discovery of the skull inspired a search for the rest of the skeleton, the parts of which were found and assembled a few weeks later. The skeleton stood at 7ft 4 tall, which was astounding, considering that the average height of a woman in those days was only 5ft 8.

Further research led to the discovery of 5 more giant skeletons in the same area. All of the skeletons were between 7–8 feet tall and were buried in deep, elaborate graves. They were found at two separate sites, leading scientists to conclude they were probably from two different tribes.

So, what the heck do we believe, I don't know about you but I'm going to be more wary about believing in something that I haven't done enough of my research on.

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Nephilim Giants Once Walked among People On Earth

It should be a first-and last-time lesson, but the guy I kid you not, there's always a good story out there that sounds plausible. But that's just it, this should be a red flag as plausible means it can't be proven one way or another. How about we only believe in something that can be proved one way or another and whichever way the cookie cooks (not crumbles) we accept the answers and move on to another conspiracy?

I do like a good old conspiracy theory though, how about you.

Quick quote:

Giants are the most believable mythical creatures on earth and they exist and have existed in different forms in history. Sometimes called ogres, giants were generally presented as creatures so big that the earth trembled when they walked. The ultimate fact is that giants are not just fairy tales, with their remains having been found all over the world, the mystery of their civilization lives on today. Having said that, let’s look at the top 20 most mysterious discoveries of giants.

Ultimate Fact YouTube 20 Facts About Giants

Here's an oddly satisfying video showing some strange-looking ancient Giant's bones above.


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Credit: Ultimate Fact YouTube Channel/Wikipedia/Snopes/Quora/USA Today/UFO Sighting's Footage/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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