Hundreds Of People Witness 2 UFOs Over Football Match

This is literally what I'm talking about when I say "UFO sighting's are getting better every single day" as this one's seen by hundreds of people.

I've just this second watched the video again, it's absolutely amazing.

The people's reactions to both UFOs is literally all the information we need. The video is an added bonus in my opinion.

Here's absolute evidence of UFOs over a game of football in the USA.

As far as the shape of UFOs go, these don't conform to the standard UFO because it's night time and all we can see is literally what appears to be on fire? I don't believe that these 2 UFOs are skydivers with fire flares attached to their feet?

I'm open to the idea though but not necessarily because of this. One of the UFOs really does look like a falling flame on the left but the UFO on the right looks so different to anything else. In fact it looks like a craft with a large dark opening like a door or a large window?

I don't think skydivers are allowed to jump at night time as the planes they use aren't allowed to fly after dark. Especially skydiving over built up areas like urban or commercial areas? Don't quote me on it but I've known about this information for years as I was going to sky dive at one stage, I got the jitters at last minute and gave my Christmas present away lol.

I've just done some research and yes indeed you can skydive at night but, read the following...

Unfortunately, there are no night time tandem skydives. In order to participate in night skydiving, you have to be an experienced skydiver, but not just any skydiving license will do! Because of the added challenges of night skydiving, an individual must, at a minimum, meet all the requirements for a USPA B license. (If you’re curious about the different USPA skydiving licenses or to learn more about achieving skydive licenses at Skydive Monroe, read here.

Skydive Monroe  

Regarding to my own sky diving gift, yes indeed I did give it away.

It went to a friend so I wasn't to bummed out about it.

Listen to everyone in the football stadium, we can hear their colourful language as they're all running away from the football stadium and hence they're all running away from the UFO sighting. It's a truly wonderful UFO sighting and the person who is filming the 2 UFOs has the presence of mind to stay as long as his or her nerves allows to get as much video footage of the UFO sightings that's unfolding before them.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher  

I'm pretty sure that we will find out where exactly this UFO event occurred because as we can see, there's literally hundreds of people who have seen this. If your one of the eye witnesses who actually saw this unfolding can you please share your experiences here on this post please, leave us a run through commentary on what happened on that night? Thank you in advance.

Here's the extraordinary video which was uploaded to YouTube by UFO News channel:

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Credit: GhostXactivity Instagram/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News YouTube Channel/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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