Silver Globe UFO Filmed For 45 Minutes San Diego CA, The Best UFO Sighting

I'd vote for this UFO sighting every single time it came up for the number 1 top spot in Ufology.

I'm not so sure but drones in 2014 probably did not get 45 minutes of air time because of the lower quality batteries back then nearly a decade ago! Don't forget that this silver globe UFO doesn't have any visible propulsion system like no propellers, thrusters or otherwise.

This video at the bottom of this post was filmed on the 10th September in 2014.

In fact, there's literally nothing to hold it there in mid flow, mid sky, mid day and we cannot see any lines or anything else that could keep it up in the air all that time anyways which turned out to be over 45 minutes. I really want this UFO sighting to be real, I think it's because if any UFO sighting has the highest probability of being real then it's this one and it's just one of a handful.

Silver UFO globe over San Diego CA that looks exactly like the Sputnik USSR first man made object in space.

Photo of the first satellite in space by the USSR.

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Glorification of the Eucharist by Ventura Salimbeni circa 1600 AD looks like UFO over San Diego CA and the USSR Sputnik satellite.

Credit: Rick Ybarra YouTube Channel/Wikipedia/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

Look at this silver UFO globe, and yes it definitely is a bonafide globe. There's a few different word's that perfectly describes this UFO craft. There's the "globe, Orb, sphere, ball, metallic planet and good old faithful UFO."

I took a few photos. Then got my video camera and began to shoot video too for about 20 min. Over the approx 45 mins that I watched it, there was some wavering like it was being affected by air movement. At times it would descend behind a large tree, then reappear slowly as it came out from behind the tree. 
The object remained relatively stable then started to slowly drift away to the SW until I couldn’t see it anymore because it was too dark. I was intrigued by it. My photos showed that it indeed had 3 rods coming from it.

Rick Ybarra 

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Ancient painting's with UFOs in them

There's an ancient painting that was painted called Glorification of the Eucharist by Ventura Salimbeni. It's even got a little bit of history and actual places etched into the legend as it's also known as Sputnik of Montalcino which is in Tuscany, Italy. Read into this as much as you like but the actual globe (I'm going with globe) is apparently nothing whatsoever anything to do with Sputnik and instead is supposed to represent the "creation globe". It's a painting supposedly that reflects the Moon and the Sun...

Apparently the creation globe has radio antennas which guys, this was painted in the year attributed to 1600AD (around 1600AD).

Here's the epic video that was uploaded to YouTube by Rick Ybarra:

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Credit: Latest UFO Sighting's/Rick Ybarra YouTube Channel/Wikipedia/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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  1. Amazing to see a craft that has this much history!

  2. First mistake of your analysis, assuming drones are electric. Drones can operate a long time on hydrocarbon fuel as the best drones of today use. Secondly assuming the drone needs control surfaces. The drone in question has openings surrounding its equator. Internal ducted fans can pull air from one side and blast out the other to achieve directional flight. The ducts can also blast air down or up as needed. Do some research on the web and you'll find experimental drones that use this propulsion system. In short, its an experimental, fuel powered drone that have been experimented with over the last 2 decades.

  3. Grammatical errors (as in "word's") do not help with your credibility. But I want to believe!

  4. There was an object strikingly similar that landed in Mexico. It was thought that it was part of a Chinese rocket. Likely the high pressure helium tank. I have to wonder if this is a piece that got dislodged from a rocket test. The antenna would be connectors that feed helium to the rocket.

  5. Is anyone censoring Google earth feeds? Would this have been visible on Google earth if not?

  6. My dad who's 90 years old now, used to tell me about when he was about 10 years old (around 1942) seen this metallic globe and described it exactly like the first picture, a shiny metal ball with portholes going around the middle and when he pointed at it an telling his dad to look it sped away literally in a flash... and when I seen this picture I immediately thought this is what he seen...

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