Silver Globe UFO Hovering Over City Street Above People's Heads & Home's

Okay, this is not a balloon because balloon's with helium rise, they rise high and they do not stop and hover in the night time sky.

Seriously, how can this be a balloon?


I'm just not convinced because I've slowed down this video so much and gone from frame to frame and it's changing shape to my eye on the bottom of the UFO and it never changes on the top of it. That tells me that "it's changing", and it's not a lagging in the video pixels or the frame rate. Like the same effect with a cigarette in the night and you write a word moving the cigarette fast.

Silver large globe over Great Yarmouth in the UK.

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Summer filter to show the globe UFO sighting Great Yarmouth UK.

Credit: Stevie Johnston/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News YouTube Channel/Ufosfootage/Canva.

There's nothing holding it in place that I can see in the video, the close ups of the UFO globe definitely does not show any third parties involved like string, fishing line or anything else that would render this UFO sighting to been a hoax beyond any doubt. But, I'll agree and admit that it could be a genuine mistake because it's hovering in a popular place with a lot of people in the area.

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I suppose it could be an actual seperate event taking place without the prior knowledge of the many people that we can see in the video who sincerely believe that it's a UFO? We can also hear more people behind the video talking about it which is in Great Yarmouth in the UK.

  • Place: Great Yarmouth, UK.
  • Date: 4th August, 2022.
  • Eye witness: Many people saw it.

Great Yarmouth UK isn't really known for UFOs but back in 2011 some top secret government UFO documents point to alien sightings in Great Yarmouth and elsewhere on the east coast in the United Kingdom. This is a fantastic revelation even if it was released in 2011.

Check out this link for:

Top secret documents tell of Great Yarmouth UFO sightings

Nobody and I mean nobody can have all the information, all at once and in one place with a catch all for future information. It just doesn't happen like that. Then there's the "UK local UFO sighting's" which aren't taken into account with the US reporting centers. The Ufology information and testimonials are literally scattered all over the planet. MUFON does a good job of collecting UFO sighting's but then charges people to use their website on a subscription basis.

There's absolutely nothing that is propelling it, even if it was able to fly away which I assume it can come and go at any time at all. There's no propellers, thrusters, light's or beams and how it's there at all, is that simple to say it's helium keeping it up in the air? Really...

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So even from 2011 there's information whichbis brand new to me and I'm sure that it is to a lot of people reading this. I'll say to that, "take your time" it'd be nice to have everything about UFO sightings in one place but going from one place to another learning and reading, watching and understanding is awesome.

The brilliant video uploaded to YouTube by UFO News channel is now above.

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Credit: Stevie Johnston/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News YouTube Channel/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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