Totally Frightening Pictures That Are Really Freaky And Terrifying!

I don't want to really write much because I want the pictures to say it all? I will give you the run down on the pictures if needed? Now these images are really unsettling and very terrifying to look at!

This could be an innocent scenario where someone just happened to walk by when this picture was taken. Photobombs happen to the best of us. But I don’t believe that. I prefer to believe that the man in the rear had been there for quite some time. Watching the children… probably picking out the one who’d give him the least resistance. Transfixed in his thoughts of kidnapping, he probably didn't even notice the camera until it was too late.

Nope. No way, man. I wouldn’t buy this and gift it to my worst enemy’s child. This terrifying thing was made sometime in the nineteen-twenties. During that time, these Jekyll and Hyde Dolls were all the rage. I don’t understand why. I can only guess that their true motive was to make sure the “angel” face was turned forward until dusk. Then the evil side reared its ugly head and ate the child. Just a theory.

Japanese phantom undersea monster.

In 1959, Mabel Chinnery was visiting the grave of her mother in a British cemetery when she took a picture of her husband, who was waiting alone in the car. It wasn't until Mrs. Chinnery had the film developed that they realized her husband hadn't been waiting alone after all. The picture shows a person wearing glasses sitting in the back seat, and Mrs. Chinnery immediately recognized the figure as being her mother — the mother whose grave she had just visited.

The botfly is possibly the nastiest, most terrifying bug on the planet. Anything that can burrow into you, use you for nourishment, incubate, and push its way out of you is disgusting. I’d rather get sucked dry by a lamprey eel. These things love them some livestock, but they sometimes find their way to a human host too. The botfly is not a picky eater. My skin is crawling right now!

Daniela Liverani started getting nosebleeds but chalked it up to a motorcycle accident she previously had. She thought that the crash had resulted in a dark blood clot, but it wasn't until she saw the blood clot moving that she realized it was something alive. It turned out that Daniela was housing a leech that was three inches long. She believes it crawled up her nose when she was backpacking in South East Asia a month ago. She named it Mr. Curly.

Mr. Lusk, Sir, I send you half the Kidney I took from one woman and preserved it for you. The other piece I fried and ate. It was very nice. I may send you the bloody knife that took it out if you only wait a while longer. Signed, Catch me when you can Mister Lusk

The terrifying picture below is a real hospital room photo of Blanche Monnier, a French girl who was kept captive for 25 years in a padlocked, shuttered room where she was forced to live amidst pests, rats, human excrement, and filth. Her discovery occurred on May 23, 1901, after the Paris Attorney General received an anonymous letter indicating a woman was being held captive in a home located on “21 rue de la Visitation” street in a wealthy neighbourhood of Poitiers, France.

This gruesome, emaciated creature began life as a cute, attractive toy, bought by parents as a gift for their child. Like many playthings, the doll was eventually consigned to the attic. But as it lay gathering dust, demonic forces set to work. When the family retrieved it 11 years later, just like Dorian Gray’s infamous portrait, the doll had withered and aged.

The Filarial Worm is a parasite that can live in your eye. Filarial Worms are most commonly transmitted by mosquitoes. They are highly known to cause what’s commonly known as “River Blindness.” These terrifying parasitic creatures, which travel to the lymphatic system, are also responsible for the condition known as Elephantiasis.

The Pole Shift Theory Is Gathering Support Because Of Nibiru Planet X


The pole shift theory is a hypothesis based on geologic evidence that the physical north and south poles of Earth have not always been at their present-day locations. Pole shift theory is almost always discussed in the context of Earth, but other solar system bodies may have experienced similar reversals during their existences.

There are a few variations of thought as to how and why the Earth experiences pole shifts. One theory suggests a 180-degree physical inversion of the planet's solid crust around its molten core. Thus, leading to major cataclysmic events and extreme physical earth changes. It is believed that this could take place if another planetary body - - such as a 'rogue planet' or similar cosmic anomaly - passed in close proximity to the Earth, providing enough torque for such an event to occur.

Nibiru Planet X causing magnetic shift of earth
Amazing Nibiru
Many believe this has occurred in the past and is due to occur again in the not so distant future. Some speculate that this potential rogue planet will be passing Earth in the year 2016 - 2017 on its 3,600 year orbit around our sun. According to theorist Zechariah Sitchin, he calls this planet Nibiru, the 12th planet of our solar system. This event could have the potential to reshape earth and life, as we know it.

The second would be a reversal of the Earth's magnetic poles called geomagnetic reversal in which the positions of magnetic north and magnetic south become interchanged as the Earth's magnetic field weakens. A reversal of the magnetic poles is much more likely, as it has occurred several times before in Earth's history according to paleomagnetists. Evidence for this is provided by measurements of the orientation of magnetic materials in sedimentary and volcanic rock.

Nibiru Planet X causing magnetic shift of earth
Planet X conspiracy theory
Research indicates approximately 200 reversals have occurred over the last 178 million years. Scientist and author, Gregg Braden refers to this shift as, 'the shift of the ages' where Earth's magnetic field decreases to zero point, consequently reversing the magnetic flow, bringing humanity into an age of Enlightenment. This shift is also thought to bring about periods of rapid cataclysmic changes. Many tried to link this event to the year 2012 and the end of the ancient Mayan Calendar cycle. Recent geomagnetic reversals;

Geomagnetic Reversals Pole Shifts
Pole shifts chart

What Is Causing The Mandela Effect - Plus Nikola Tesla The Genius

The Mandela Effect is an amazing theory that is gaining support from everyone including scientists, politicians influential public figures and me, the "common people" from right across the world!

Our history is changing my friends and it is changing rapidly and nothing is off limits, because they can't control everything down to a tee? "They" are reportedly CERN, HAARP and time travellers in the Black project Government whom control the darker side of politics and world matters.

The Illuminati controls the world

These so-called "dark side" officials, over-lords, watchers or whatever you want to call them as, etc are controlling everything? "Our future" is in reality, theirs! There's no-such-thing as freedom of influence, expressions, speech and direction in life - unless it fits in with their overall plan's. The small things don't matter to them, they're interested in absolute control. Your already in their control everytime you abide by a law, rule or boundary, but there's more to what they want, continue reading to find out what else they want and already have...

These figures set up everything and are still tweaking everything (The Mandela Effect) in their image of what they want? The materials are good but what they really want is your soul! King Henry The 8th is a great example of owning souls. He not only had the peoples bodies and materials, he also had the peoples souls by setting up the Church Of England.

Henry 8th owned everyone's souls
King Henry The 8th Owned Souls
That is a great example of the control these new age watchers have now. If you times what King Henry The 8th did with souls, by ten million factors, you have the modern day "overlords" that have time travel and reality in their grasp by way of CERN, HAARP, NASA, JPL, Military, Navy, NSA, CIA, FBI. The list from Europe is endless with countless other bodies in the business of changing our reality, today! Their in league with the real devil.

Smashing particles together, at or near the speed of light has many other effects not known to the public including The Mandela Effect. Creating a black hole in a "CONTROLLED" circumstance, is life itself! Do you understand what that means, controlled circumstances? It means they are Gods. They are making different realities all the time. Our reality was "made" a long time ago! "They" are creating or releasing energy as realities, all the time and harnessing the energy from these never ending, expanding realities which create amounts of energy that is quite literally "not measurable" in terms of an end and then stored.

The Mandela Effect exists.

They are basically doing what was done to us aeons ago. Creating parallel universes!

The wow signal is an encrypted message

The people in control and whom use these "earthly controlled realities" are in partnership with captive-Aliens and my thoughts behind this, are because the flying saucers that were (caught or captured) in this reality (Roswell as an example) were caught hopping from one reality to another and have been forced in to creating machines from their own machines. They exist but  they don't exist? Magnets suspend these huge machines in a constant state spread out over 3 realities.

All the recent space noise or chatter, like the "wow" signal is an encrypted message. just like we humans encrypt all our communications, so do the Aliens. That's why we can't detect these signals and the ones we do, we pass it by because it is encrypted. We don't understand these signals because we don't send them and were not supposed to receive them, especially in a way we can understand them! But now that's all changed!

The recent surge over the last 60-70 plus years is because like a scout party, Aliens are looking for their machines and representatives that we have hijacked and spread everything we learned throughout the world so that they can't possibly take everything back! It's our back up system.

Take for instance Rendelsham Forest, the Aliens are looking for their ships and equipment also beings with their "scout ships", and orbs, lasers, energy that penetrates anything down to any depth. I truly believe they found them? And they want them back! Or we went in to a pact with them?

Because everytime we use this reverse engineered technology, we are giving off signals, that we can't understand fully (yet) but they can and it narrowed their search down to earth? Our moon has communication devices on it that are Alien in nature. These could be part of some ancient network of communications systems to keep vast colonies in communication and informed?

Alien reverse engineering
Reversed engineered Alien technology
The chimney pouring out smoke on the Moon.

Let me tell you right now there "are" smoke vents on the moon pouring out smoke "STILL" to this day!


There is "mega mining" ports and mineral extraction facilities on the moon. Ancient communication systems, military grade defence systems and ancient structures of which ALL MUST OF BEEN MADE by Aliens. The open ports go underground and across the Lunar surface in every direction called "volcanic tube tunnels". You might of heard about them? It's a kind of ready made tube station with tubes going here, there and everywhere. The super heated volcano lava literally acts like a straw. It is heating the rock on the sides of the tunnel and the lava flows through the middle and when the lava goes, it leaves a rocky glass couple of meters thick "glass" tyoes curved wall behind. Hence the straw effect. No removal of debris, no need for reinforced concrete walls ion a tube shape.

No need for the cutting heads, no need for the energy as the lava is controlled by super heated sensors that shift the direction through pulse technology which literally creates a 2 meter "virtual void" just in front of the super heated lava flow and that's an integral part of the steering system. Beyond that it's then down to the surface of the Moon. How do I know this? I saw similar plans but for an Earth based heated plasma tunnel boring machine which creating glass tubes.

It was super scaled up and now it is being put to work for the mag-lev trains inside the Earth linking (hidden) underground sites. These revolutionary (decades ago) mag-lev trains "similar to the Japanese levitation trains" are travelling at speeds... Well that would be telling. It's a new system of measuring speed. You see when an inventor literally invents in secret HE/SHE can call it what they want! Miles per "your name"? What about cycles per revolutions etc etc. That's one very little unknown hidden gem about inventing incognito.

You can call it what you want, make it more personal. It can be on whatever measurement you want it to follow? Some like to keep the official speed measurements handy and convert the "personal measurements in to official measurments" just so they have a gauge of the types of speeds they're going?

Like I say, if you invent something YOU can call it what you want? There's no table of names for specific inventions? So it makes sense that there's a sub-culture of hidden inventions that are of national security or state secrets? Counter intelligence and research and development in industries has a common goal which is to keep it a secret for as long as possible so names are changed and specifics are changed for security reasons?

If you apply this to inventions, world firsts and never before attemted or unseen, unheard of things and then the world quite literally becomes a place that you would NOT recognise? Plonk someone from the 1920's in to todays world and EVERYTHING would seem like a totally different place. Now apply that to hidden, secret worlds of researching, development, new medicines you've never heard of - inventions which had to be kept secret because it gave you FREE ENERGY or FREE FOOD like the food replicator which we can see on Star Trek the beginnings of which is the 3D printer of today etc.

Can we print food right now.

You know the 3D printer right,  which is around now? Well check out the 3D FOOD PRINTER in these two images? Wow is all I can say and the Star Trek has a lot of prophecies on it's hands and begs the question "is the conspiracy theory about Star Trek and creator Gene Rodenberry actually real) I reckon that in just 50 years we will be printing (replicator) food but instantly, printing body organs, houses, dams, colonies, teeth, hair, clothes, cars and they'll call it the instant material revolution. If you can see where I'm going with this - you should be able to instantly insert yourself or your mind inside of a world of your own creation where everything can be called whatever you want because it's your own creation. Nikola Tesla is in there, say hi if you can see him? He could tap in to this world.

Image of the 3D food printer been used.He was able to take apart machines in his mind and actually do research and development. He understood effects and was so clear minded that he could apply speed, resistance, weight, heat and loss or subtract with such a precision AND do it all within a tenth of a second. He practiced by untightening a bolt with a spanner in his mind then tightening the bolt with his hand but all in his mind. Then he practiced on wheels, engines, or just a simple task like opening a door and closing it. But all the while he was focusing his mind on sight, hearing the door open and close. He knew that the bolts tightened to such a specific tension created a specific sound especially when specific metals were used in the hinges.

Nikola Tesla seen here photographed with the inventions that he created by researching and developing by himself.That's one tiny, tiny window in to the thought process of Nikola Tesla BUT when he was starting out. He knew that if he thought it once, read it once that he would retain that information somewhere in his mind! That was the key to his logic. He knew that whatever the brain took in as memory, THE BRAIN HAS TO RETAIN IT because there's no way of deleting anything. One cannot simply press a delete button to erase memories.

So he knew he (the soul) had to work with his mind and body and practice "becomming one" with the mind, body and soul. He understood that he couldn't just take it for granted - that the mind, body and soul from birth is already "at one" because believe me they are not at one from birth! One has to travel a path through life to become enlightened and eventually join ones mind, body and soul through a higher understanding? The greatest and most sophisticated creation(s) ever to exist in this dimension. In this plane is the mind, body and soul. Put the letter "T" by the way - on the end of the word plane and you get the word planet, lol. So are you existing on a planet or on a plane of existence, ha.

Sorry I went off track there but I'm glad I wrote that because I remembered that I would one day write that out. Anyways...

Mars is similar and I think that the earth was seeded many years ago with Alien DNA, mixed with Neanderthal DNA which created Humans, the work force. That's why slavery is in our history and at one time was innate. If you had a slave you was in effect a God, with power over life and death. Just like what the Aliens were doing. Maybe they tried not to put that in the DNA, but that innate instinct got through? The results are you and me!

DNA manipulation by Aliens has been going on for a long time against humans.
Alien DNA creating human Hybrids

As a work force for this system, we did all the grunt force work in the beginning. We worshipped the Aliens as Gods and erected huge temples to them. We tried to describe them with a new thing called writing? We tried to depict them in works of art and in doing so we entered in to the beginning of our independence and self expression? We rebelled against the Aliens. We became AWARE of our situation and rebelled against the so-called system!

I found this article;
A few scientists have (privately) questioned whether certain quantum science tests (including CERN projects) may have affected the fabric of our reality. It not a long article, find it here;

The Mandela Effect And The BERENST(AE)IN Bears Conspiracy

A couple of months ago I came across a thing called The Mandela Effect and was literally stunned at the claims by a woman called Fiona Broome who has claimed she witnessed Nelson Mandela die in his prison cell in the 1980's. Obviously she was not actually in his prison cell, but rather she said his death was widely published and his funeral was televised.

Apparently the whole world witnessed his funeral and since then not only that event changed but other things in history have changed from how people remember things.There's a long list of things that have changed like TV, movies, books, cartoons, poems etc. I want you to watch these videos and tell me what you think? I think it's amazing and worth knowing about so we can witness it happening for ourselves! 

The Mandela Effect is real
Fiona's website has a full list of events that have changed and more crucially how to spot a change that's happening!

My current projects:
This site will be easier to search. You’ll be able to find others who've reported alternate memories that match yours. Expect tips for recognizing and exploring alternate realities. Discover the latest theories about what’s going on, when & where it’s happening, and why. I’ll also feature news stories related to alternate memories and parallel realities.

Here's a bit more about Fiona's history which I think will intrigue you?
Fiona Broome is intrigued by unexplained phenomena in everyday life. She uses books, videos, pod-casts, and websites to share ways you can encounter “the unknown” on your own, or with others who share your enthusiasm.

 Fiona has been researching — and writing about — paranormal phenomena since the 1980s. In the 1990s, her ghost-related website, (now, was one of the first online resources for new and experienced ghost hunters. It’s still home to the most popular, free course for new ghost hunters, Introduction to Ghost Hunting. Ms. Broome has written about ghosts, faerie lore, and anomalies for over 1,000 articles for magazines and websites.

Discussing paranormal topics, she’s been a guest on many radio and TV shows. Fiona has also been a speaker and panellist at a wide range of international events including the New England Ghost Conference, GhoStock, Central Texas Paranormal Conference, and Canada’s annual G.H.O.S.T.S. conferences. Since 2006, she’s been a frequent, invited Guest and panellist at Dragon Con.

3 Scientists Go Missing Fighting A Creature Under The Million Year Old Antarctic Ice

Here is an amazing event that happened in the Antarctic and was witnessed by Russian scientists, so the credentials are from the get go a lot better than say if it was just a normal everyday event or journey? This is scientists and trained observers in their respected fields. It doesn't get any better than that?

These scientists are truly battling a creature. I found a really good post online about this and as it happens this has happened before aswell! It's a shame that the mass media wont take this story up? But there you go, not enough interest I suppose, but it's perfect for us whom love the alternative media!

So they bored a hole through the ice and which hasn't been disturbed in say a million years so God knows what else is down there? They came across a creature (organism 46-B) right out of the dinosaur era! It attacked them and killed 3 of the team members! This Dr gave his account after defecting from Russia and finding his way to Switzerland (as you do) and gave his account?

Is he to be believed? The lake (Lake Vostok) has been sealed since a million years ago! There's every probability that a squid like creature has gotten trapped and melted (evolved) over time in to a freak of nature! This is crazy stuff and what I think is this;

loch Ness has a great history of creatures or Nessie to the locals. There's underground, under sea vents, tunnels that are world wide with stop off points like caverns openings that sustain them with food, oxygen and even other creatures so they can mate and keep the DNA in good tact?

That's my thoughts? Below is the actual story by the Dr.

Russian scientists have made a new borehole into Lake Vostok, the prehistoric Antarctic water mass, which has been sealed for millions of years – three years after a previous mission was prematurely ended by an accident resulting in sample contamination.


Now a defecting Russian scientist had surfaced with a mind-bending account of what REALLY occurred when he and his colleagues went missing for five days in a mysterious lake 12,366 feet beneath the Antarctic ice. Dr. Anton Padalka told authorities in Switzerland that the researchers discovered a bizarre and deadly life form dubbed Organism 46-B – a highly intelligent octopus-like creature that claimed the lives of three of the team members.

Lake Vostok is the largest of Antarctica's almost 400 known subglacial lakes. Lake Vostok is located at the southern Pole of Cold, beneath Russia's Vostok Station under the surface of the central East Antarctic Ice Sheet, which is at 3,488 m (11,444 ft) above mean sea level. The surface of this fresh water lake is approximately 4,000 m (13,100 ft) under the surface of the ice, which places it at approximately 500 m (1,600 ft) below sea level.

This article ( Russian Scientist Claims Team Battled Creature Under Antarctic Ice ) is free and open source. You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with full attribution and a link to the original source on

It's Official We Are 100% Going To Mars

Here we go -

A bipartisan bill was passed by the U.S. Senate committee that oversees NASA space projects. The bill would allocate $19.5 billion in funds to NASA in 2017, but it has a critical mission for the space agency: send men to Mars.

The journey to Mars is a go ahead. Official.

We Are 100% Going to Mars -

We’re definitely going to Mars to put a human being on the red planet and cultivate ourselves a little bit of turnip. Although I'd personally love to see both sexes go to Mars because that way a little Martian could be consummated, baked in her oven and spat out like a train and become an official Martian albeit a human hybrid?

Would it be a hybrid? 100% Human with a slight pimple of Martian by way of our Moon, etc? In all the sense of the word - Martian, just like the film of late were the kid is born on Mars but comes to earth a little bit out of his depth? But that film could be getting us used to the fact a child could be born on Mars! If we find an Alien presence will it be a given that this happens? Who knows what NASA is up to?

We could be having sexual relations with Martians before you know it?
Human hybrids

So here's the story I read about going to Mars -

It looks like Republican and Democratic senators alike are keen on safeguarding America’s space programs. With the potential chaos of a new president on the horizon, the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation passed a bipartisan bill giving NASA $19.5 billion to continue working on a mission to Mars.

It also includes support for the continuation of the program to send astronauts on private rockets to the International Space Station (ISS) from American soil no later than 2018. “We have seen in the past the importance of stability and predictability in NASA and space exploration – that whenever one has a change in administration, we have seen the chaos that can be caused by the cancellation of major programs,”

Republican Senator Ted Cruz, lead sponsor of the bill, commented. “The impact in terms of jobs lost, the impact in terms of money wasted has been significant.” The NASA Transition Authorization Act of 2016 includes an overall authorization level of $19.508 billion for fiscal year 2017, but it still needs to be passed by the Senate as a whole, of course.

The budget allotted is the same as what was approved by House appropriators and a bit more than the version released by the Senate Appropriations Committee. The Obama administration, likewise, proposed $19 billion in funding for NASA.

The journey to Mars will happen
It's happening, we are going to Mars

The Senate is not giving NASA money just for the sake of exploration. It is also a challenge, a mandate, actually. The bill requires that NASA make it an official goal to send crewed missions to Mars in the next 25 years. The bill allocates funds for different components: $4.5 billion on exploration, nearly $5 billion for space operations, and $5.4 billion for science. 

It also does not scrap NASA’s controversial plans to send men on asteroids and collect samples by 2021. It does, however, require the space agency to regularly send progress reports to Congress, justifying its $1.4 billion cost. “Fifty-five years after President Kennedy challenged the nation to put a man on the moon, the Senate is challenging NASA to put humans on Mars. 

The priorities that we've laid out for NASA in this bill mark the beginning of a new era of American space-flight,” said an optimistic Florida Sen. Bill Nelson, senior Democrat on the Commerce panel. The bipartisan support behind the new bill shows that space exploration is an issue that all parties can agree is vital to our growth as a nation and a species. Now we just have to wait to see if it passes the Senate.

The journey to Mars will happen
The face on Mars

Martians Face Has Been Found On Ancient Pottery On Mars

Looking through the most recent Raw images from the Mars Curiosity Rover I came across this amazing piece of what looks like pottery with an actual Aliens or Martians face on it. Looking closely I couldn't believe the shapes, characteristics and the resemblance to a human head. I've looked at this alot and I'm convinced that this is in fact a piece of pottery with an Aliens head depicted on to it?

Ancient piece of Alien pottery on Mars
Alien pottery

You see what separates this from a "gun or a worm" on Mars is that this is showing us that there was once a culture on Mars and I don't think anyone has found anything like this before in any images from the red planet? If this is a piece of pottery then this is huge. This is massive in terms of cultural evidence that Mars once was home to a race of peoples that had full awareness of life and it's meanings?

I'm all for proving life exists in space but I never thought I would find something so amazing like this? For me this changes a few things in my beliefs. Hopefully you can see the importance in this like I do?
By Tim Lewis 
UFO Sightings Footage 

Ancient piece of Alien pottery on Mars
Ancient Alien pottery
All you have to do is look once and you can see the face with the eyes, head and mouth. I never thought that I would catch something quite as good as this? But like they say, patience is a virtue and what a virtue this is! I've looked at alot of NASA images over the years but this has to be the best I've seen in a very long time?

The source of the image is here.
This image was taken by Navcam: Left B (NAV_LEFT_B) onboard NASA's Mars rover Curiosity on Sol 1516 Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech
The original RAW image

This image was taken by Navcam: Left B (NAV_LEFT_B) onboard NASA's Mars rover Curiosity on Sol 1516 (2016-11-10 20:37:52 UTC).
 Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Crab Creature on Mars In A NASA Photo

OMG the Mars Alien PROOF We've all been waiting for and it's here now!

This proves that life on Mars exists because of this Crab creature.

Credit NASA/Canva/UFO Sightings Footage.

This cant be the wind or a bit of swamp gas? This is in fact is a crab like critter. It's life on the red planet. Remember the face of Mars?

That's still there but has been blurred out by NASA so called scientists, more like professional liars. If you want proof just go on over to Wikipedia.

But knowing them, so and so's that they are they won't admit it - NASA that is? If you ask for an answer you get a fully pre prepared script from a team of spin doctors which depending on that specific day, you'll either get swamp gas, weather balloon, Chinese lanterns or a DIY rocket enthusiast?

How about this one for an excuse from NASA:

The UFO that you saw, you didn't see because we wear white coats and your just a pleb - plus it's Aliens, you must be crazy! Even though it is why we are in space, looking for Alien lifeforms.

But a member of the public will not beat NASA to confirming that Aliens exist as we've put trillions into it! You buy a camera and discover Alien life, no way its not happening.

And the penny finally drops!

Face on Mars

The famous face on Mars

Ok so I've covered lying scum bags, face on Mars, blurred out photos.. Oh yeah, "Crab like Alien" bug, on Mars. The phantom Crab. Why NASA release this stuff then totally deny it is absolutely beyond me?

Why not just don't release it in the first place? My theory is this;

NASA thinks either, we won't see it or they think we're stupid enough that it will go over our head's as a bit of Mars wind would? It relates to swamp gassy wind I suppose? The fart kind...

Drilling on Mars

Drilling on Mars looking for life, imbeciles.

Then there's this other bug on Mars.

Drilling on Mars

It's life Jim, but not as we know it?

I have a whole host of images from Mars that show life once was on Mars. Skull and bones, huge structures and complexes, drilling sites, radar and or microwave dishes. There's monuments, structures of domes, domiciles, mechanical wheels, infrastructure, pipes and statues. All coincidences don't forget, paradolia they like to call it. Basically calling anyone who sees something that they didn't see it. Or, your seeing things that aren't there - silly. Lol, it's truly stupid.

Credit CCTV English.

So my final thought is this, Aliens once lived on Mars and that's why NASA, SpaceX and Bigelow, Blue Ocean and pink Floyd all have an interest in Mars. The bugs that are left behind are like cockroaches would be left on earth after a nuclear war wiped out humans? Or something like that, to be really honest with you I'm sick of having to defend my beliefs that Aliens are on Mars, the Moon and in our top atmosphere. If you don't believe it, stop reading it and leave it to the adults.

Alien artefacts on Mars like a dish

Aliens need food I suppose, is that a bowl of noodle soup lol?

From The Express online
The alleged footage of the Martian food chain in action was filmed by the NASA Curiosity rover droid as it drilled into the surface to take samples. A clip has been made from the footage by YouTube channel Mars Alive, which seeks out evidence of life in NASA pictures and videos, alleging that it shows the small alien predator feeding on an even smaller creature.

The video, entitled "NASA What Has Curiosity Rover Detected Here? Explain!!" has attracted thousands of views. UFO chaser Scott C Waring, of, agrees it is proof of alien life. He blogged: "Here you see the Curiosity rover drilling into the dirt on Mars and as it is, a small critter is seen walking away from the drill area. "To top it off, the small creature walks just a little way, before something even bigger stretches out from below a rock and snags it. 

Mars crab NASA

Life on Mars exists

My view;
It is very extraordinary video footage to say the least. You see the creature using the shadows of the Curiosity Rover to dodge and hide within (maybe it has to do with their sight) the shadows so that's something for experts to look in to, because we not only see a crab like bug, we see it's behaviours also? The first bug is using the Rover to bring it out and then stalk it and eat it. This is a one off event that NASA won't let happen again? But now with other countries involved in the space race like China and India, who knows what the future might hold?

Russia recently warned the US that if it doesn't tell the public then Putin will? It is worth remembering that the amount of credible videos coming out of Russia showing downed UFOs and crashed mangled Alien bodies of Aliens is getting more and more. To say Russia never had it's own Alien technology, back engineering program is laughable. But not as nearly as successful as the United States? Let's not forget that the USA tried to bankrupt the USSR in to fighting a fictitious war to win the moon, so the US had a start over the Russians.

That was a time in history when Russia really let their guard down and was taken advantage of. The US really did play a number on them with that. The amount of UFOs over Russia is dwarfed by the sightings over the USA and tells me that the US is indeed in the lead with reverse engineered technology and are having better luck with it. The Russians got in to it late in the game when they literally downed their own UFO and well that's history. Hopefully Putin will explain all to the world?

Mars anomaly images;

Mars anomaly images showing Alien things

Mars anomaly images showing Alien things

Credit NASA. 

Alien Fish Barnacle Is Alive - Has Been Caught At Sea By Fishermen

Freaky barnacle with ‘tongues’ discovered by crab fisherman.
This thing is frickin disgusting and is an abomination to life everywhere! It needs throwing back over board and forgotten about? What a doozy this old boy is! Imagine what it's mother looks like? Who knows it could be Hillary and Bill's love child? I'm literally speechless about this monster. It shows though and it proves that you shouldn't go in to the sea off the California coast! Unless you want this thing swimming around your undies?
I found this in an English newspaper. Please read on.

THIS is the moment a fisherman is shocked by the weird creature he came across while crab netting at Port Hueneme Pier, near Oxnard in California, USA.

On the outside, the skin has a slippery and spiky shell with six massive openings dotted around its surface. From the various holes, organs similar to mussels and sporting what appear to be teeth shoot out from behind rainbow-coloured flaps. Despite being viewed more than 600,000 times on social media, nobody has been able to identify the sea monster.

Disgusting barnacle fish with weird features.

Mathew Wallace, from Palmdale, California, said: “I have never seen anything like this creature in 40 years of sport fishing.
“It got caught in my crabbing net as I attempted to lift it to me and noticed it was heavier than usual. “The smell was absolutely foul when it got close to me. “We put it straight back after taking the video but I would have loved to have kept it if I had a saltwater tank at home.“

Despite confirming that the creature is a barnacle, the origins of the gross animal are unknown. A marine biologist from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife said: “The colours are unusual so I'm guessing they aren't from around here. “Probably a more tropical location.”

Alien crab like barnacle creature monster type thing
Yum yum lick your foot mate?
Alien crab like barnacle creature monster type thing
Warning, my ex wife sunbathing

Here's one I found earlier on Mars. This doesn't look like the Alien from earth but this shows that barnacle type creatures are common throughout the galaxy maybe even the universe? This is a creature I think everybody is agreed on that one? It's a terrible thing I suppose but life MUST start out as something, if you believe in evolution?


alien looking crab

The Mandela Effect Explained By A Child, This Is Amazing

Mandela Effect Introduction 
The Mandela Effect is a term for where a group of people all mis-remember the same detail, event or physicality. It is named after the instance in which a large group of people all shared the same memory that Nelson Mandela died prior to his actual 2013 death, usually some time in the 1980’s.

The effect exploded in popularity on the internet when a peculiar example popped up where a majority of people seemed to have recalled the Berenstain Bears books as being spelled as “Berenstein” or some other variation, differing from the actual spelling as presented by evidence.

The name here changes
The effect is somewhat different from a false memory as it effects large groups of people, seemingly without many connections and without the same emotional factors present. It also seems stronger and harder to escape the feeling that it’s simply a mis-remembering of a detail, which is why people are so adamant with claims of their memories.

As such, it’s often been hinted at that the Mandela Effect is closely related to cognitive dissonance. Cognitive dissonance can be mental stress or discomfort experienced by an individual who holds beliefs, ideas, or values and is confronted by new information that conflicts with existing beliefs, ideas, or values.

The Mandela effect description and image information
Examples of the Mandela effect
Please note the use of “can be” as there is many purists that don’t accept the broader definition and scope of cognitive dissonance applying to memory versus reality. Many Mandela Effects are usually trivial details about an oddly specific set of categories.

These include things such as the how and when of celebrity deaths, misspellings (usually replaced or removed letters), placement of geographical locations, quotations within media, or alternate imagery. It is also related to misconceptions in general, although, again is differentiated due to the obscure nature and odd feelings resulting from learning the reality.

The solutions, explanations and reasons for the misconceptions are also cryptic and often misrepresented or unknown altogether. The term it fits most with is “confabulation” which is a disturbance of memory which produces fabricated, distorted, or misinterpreted memories about the world, without the explicit or conscious intention to deceive others.

People who confabulate in this way produce incorrect memories about the most trivial details (as seen with most Mandela Effects) but range up to more complex fabrications as well. They are generally extremely confident in their recollections and will typically resist any contradictory evidence.
Source of story;
Debunking Mandela Effesct

Heres The Actual Roswell Main Crash Site Timeline With Photos And The Man Himself Stanton T. Friedman

After searching around for the best and most up to date, accurate, recorded account from the time the UFO crashed and to what exactly, actually happened? In the immediate aftermath to the famous crash site in Roswell New Mexico, newspapers had the headlines that the "RAAF had found a UFO crash site".

I found a website called Aliens everything you want to know and this site has a great analysis of the events that happened on that day in 1947 which changed the world forever and the way we look up at the sky at night. Please read on.

Brigadier General Roger Ramey (left) and Colonel Thomas J. Dubose (right) examine debris from the Roswell crash on July 8, 1947. Note the telegram in Ramey's hand and also notice he is wearing a full dress uniform during July in New Mexico with no air conditioning. The original photo was taken by J. Bond Johnson. (Photo courtesy Fort Worth Star-Telegram Photograph Collection, Special Collections Division, The University of Texas at Arlington Libraries.)

Roswell Timeline

Tuesday, July 1, 1947
Military installations at White Sands, Alamogordo, and Roswell, New Mexico track high-speed objects on radar, all flying at speeds well above what current jet fighters were capable of doing. With the radar blips penetrating highly secure air space at will, all three facilities go on full alert.

Wednesday, July 2, 1947
Civilians spot disk-shaped craft flying over Roswell. Numerous reports come in from the public. The number of radar blips increase. Now there is almost a constant presence of the unidentified objects showing on radar.

Friday, July 4, 1947
Late at night during a tremendous thunderstorm, a fast-moving object disappears from military radar screens and local citizens hear a loud, unusual explosion and watch an object traveling overhead crash into the desert. Radar operator Steve Arnold watches a blip on the radar screen pulsate, enlarge, and then explode, disappearing from the screen.
Colonel William Blanchard thinks an enemy aircraft has penetrated the defense systems and has crashed nearby. He immediately sends out a team to investigate the crash. Blanchard desperately wants to know what kind of aircraft could make hairpin turns at three thousand miles per hour, which he just had witnessed on the radar screens.

Saturday, July 5, 1947
About 4:00 a.m. the military team reaches the still-smoldering wreckage. They call local sheriff George Wilcox and tell him to send out the fire department.

The Main Crash Site Among the military team members is Steve Arnold and what he sees amazes him. The craft was still almost completely intact and partially buried in the sand as the result of a terrific impact. By comparison, Arnold feels an airplane would have been completely demolished. The craft appeared to be crescent-shaped, or like a rounded delta shape. Arnold sees several small, dark-gray bodies sprawled on the sand near the craft. He also sees another one near an opening in the craft. Arnold initially thinks it must be some kind of secret Russian craft.

One being is still alive. It tries to run away. Some of the soldiers yell at it to stop running, while at the same time locking rounds into the chambers of their guns. They end up firing on and killing the alien. Immediately after the alien is shot, an officer turns to Arnold and tells him to prevent a group of civilians who have shown up from getting any closer to the craft and bodies.

Fireman Steve Dwyer arrives with the Roswell fire department. He too sees the strange, crashed craft and alien bodies. As one is being carried right by him on a stretcher, Dwyer gets close enough to look down into the alien being' s eyes. Dwyer gets some kind of mental information from the being telling him it knows it is dying.

A number of private citizens report that the downed craft crashed into the side of a ravine, about 5:30 or 6:00 a.m. Saturday morning. These people include:

Dr. W. Curry Holden
An archaeologist from Texas Tech University, he is on a field trip with a group of students. At first Holden thinks it' s a plane and sends one of his student to go call the local sheriff. Holden and the others see three small bodies, two outside the craft and one still inside they can see through a hole in the body of the craft. When the military arrived, the entire group was escorted to the Roswell Army Air Base, where they were detained and told not to talk about the incident.

Later that same day Holden ran into another scientist in Roswell, Dr. C. Bertrand Schultz, a paleontologist who had been working in the area. Holden told Schultz what he had seen. Schultz was impressed enough that he recorded his meeting with Holden in his personal diary. Holden later confirmed in an interview that he had in fact been at the site of the crash. Holden is a credible witness. He had been the Chairman of the Department of History and Anthropology at Texas Tech. Holden died in 1993 at the age of ninety-four. 

Irving Newton (above) was later brought in and told by General Ramey to identify the debris as a "weather balloon" for the press corp. (Photo courtesy Fort Worth Star-Telegram Photograph Collection, Special Collections Division, The University of Texas at Arlington Libraries.)

James Ragsdale
Along with his friend Trudy Truelove, Ragsdale said he saw the craft roar overhead about 11:30 p.m. the night before when they were out camping. They got in their jeep and drove into the desert to find out what crashed. They found the craft stuck in the side of a small hill. It looked very unusual and they thought it was an experimental military craft. They didn' t see any movement in their flashlight beam, so they decided to leave and come back in the morning.

When they went back the next day they could see the craft more clearly. It looked like an airplane with little crescent-shaped wings. The front end was collapsed, but the rear part was intact. They also saw several bodies "about four or five feet long É they looked like midgets." They both picked up pieces of debris. As Ragsdale said, "You could take that stuff and wad it up and it would straighten itself out."

Shortly thereafter the military showed up in force with six or seven trucks and a staff car. Ragsdale and Truelove were afraid they would get in trouble, so they threw down the pieces they had picked up and hid. They stayed hidden while they watched the military completely clear away and pick up every piece of debris and the bodies. Ragsdale said they even raked the ground afterward. Ragsdale' s story has been confirmed by other family members.

Sergeant Thomas Gonzalez
Gonzalez was one of the men assigned to guard the site. In an interview years later he recalled seeing small bodies with eyes not much larger than human eyes and a slightly enlarged head.

Major Edwin Easley
The man in charge of the MPs who were guarding the site during clean-up, Easley said he told his men to surround the ship with their backs to it. He told them not to let anyone come near it unless they had proper clearance.

Steve MacKenzie
He has signed a sworn affidavit stating his experience in the Roswell affair. He had been stationed at Roswell Army Air Base. On July 2, 1947 he was told to report to White Sands where he monitored the fast-moving disks flying over the area. On July 5, while back at Roswell, he was told to go out to the crash site, immediately, along with a special team from Washington.

When they got there MacKenzie said they just stood there staring at the crashed object because they realized it was one of the things they had been tracking on radar and had watched it disappear from the screen. MacKenzie said, "We were all smoking cigarettes and talking about how in the hell we were going to handle this thing. We were all concerned and a little scared." MacKenzie also confirmed that the Army completely cleaned the site, even using vacuum cleaners to complete the job.

MacKenzie personally said he saw four small bodies, one still inside the craft sprawled across a seat. He later learned there was a fifth body at the crash site.

When the military arrives they discover five alien bodies at this, the main-impact site. Melvin E. Brown, a soldier on guard, is told to get inside a truck with the recovered bodies. Although he is told not to, he lifts a tarp covering the bodies and sees them. He later stated that they were small with large heads and odd-colored skin.

Stanton T. Friedman
Nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman has been investigating and documenting the existence of flying saucers and extraterrestrial beings for a long time indeed. He has written several books on the subject and has spoken to over a thousand colleges and universities. Friedman was the person who initially uncovered the incident at Roswell, New Mexico. As a trained scientist, he has brought a deliberate and thorough approach to researching this large and very complex subject. If Friedman is discussing an issue, you can believe it has been well-researched. For an absolutely intriguing story, get a copy of his MJ-12 Report, or his CD-Rom: "UFOs, The Real Story. How the Roswell story came to light."

PHysicist Stanton Friedman below, the man who first uncovered the story about the crash at Roswell, New Mexico. (Photo courtesy of Debbie Stark)

Years later in an interview with physicist Stanton Friedman, an Army Air Force photographer who Friedman identifies as A.K. said that in July of 1947 he was stationed at Anacostia Naval Air Station in Washington D.C. He also made the following statement:

One morning (in July 1947) they came in and they said, "Pack up your bags and we' ll have the cameras there, ready for you." (They were then flown to Roswell Army Air Base.)

We got in a staff car and we headed out about an hour and a half we was headin' north. We got out there and there was a helluva lot of people out there, in a closed tent. All kinds of brass runnin' around. And, they was tellin' us what to do; shoot this, shoot that!

There was four bodies I could see when the flash went off. I remember they was thin and looked like they had too big a head.

Someone calls Sheriff George Wilcox in Roswell and tells him about the crash. Wilcox sends out several members of the local fire department to the main crash site. At this point, this is the only crash site that has been reported.

Glenn Dennis
The local mortician in Roswell, Glenn Dennis, receives three phone calls from the Air Base asking him about the availability of small, child-sized coffins. He is also asked about various chemicals and their effects on body tissue. He is then asked about how to prepare a body that has been laying out in the desert.

Dennis also operated the local ambulance service. Later that day he transports an injured soldier to Roswell Army Air Base. While standing around the loading dock in the back of the hospital, he sees a lot of unusual activity. Two military officers, obviously upset at seeing him there, approach him and threaten him. They tell Dennis, "If you open your mouth, we' ll be picking your bones out of the sand."

The alien bodies arrive at the hospital and are pronounced dead by Dr. Jesse Johnson.

Glenn Dennis aged 22.

Glenn Dennis' description of the alien beings he saw dead at Roswell Army Air Base in 1947. They head little suction cups on the ends of each finger.

Author's Note
In 1998 I had the opportunity to go to Roswell New Mexico and spend a week doing research during the week of the 51st anniversary of the Roswell crash. I spent some time alone with Glenn Dennis and he filled in some details from a personal standpoint that are often overlooked. Here is what he told me:

At he time he received the call from the Army Air Base, he was only 22 years old. His boss was out of the office running an errand. The request for a child-sized casket was extremely unusual and he wanted to make sure he understood correctly what they were asking for, as he was afraid his boss would chew him out. The request was unusual because this was the most secure and highly classified air base in the world at the time. Roswell Army Air base was the base that launched the planes that dropped the atomic bombs in World War II, just two years earlier.

There were NEVER any children allowed on the base. And, they were asking for multiple child-sized caskets. So Dennis was thinking, was it a school bus accident? And if so, why would they take the kids to the Air Base? He knew that something very unusual was going on when they asked for those caskets. He also confirmed that he did indeed see dead alien bodies. The impact is much greater when you hear the minute detail that can only come from a person that was actually there.

Glenn Dennis as he appeared when I met him in 1998.

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