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UFO Disguised As A Helicopter - Its Blades Do Not Move

What is this, it's really baffled us? We thought a helicopter had to use it's propeller blades to fly? Are we missing something here? Seriously is there a helicopter out there that doesn't need to use it's rotating blades to fly? We are absolutely stumped by this one because everything about this defies logic? Is it a #UFO disguised as a helicopter?

Unfortunately the video no longer exists. Sorry.

UFOs The Size Of Planets Refueling At The Sun - But Theres Many Of them 👽🛸👽

All the images in this post have all been caught using NASA's own telescopes. It's ironic that don't you think? The joke is not lost on me, lol.

UFO refuelling at our Sun on various occasions.
What I'm about to say right now may come as a big surprise to some? There might be a good chance Aliens have visited the Sun? Ha, seriously is that a surprise at all, in all honesty? No. I started off with that because I wanted you to see just how desensitised to the Alien phenomenon you've become? Does it even register on the "OMG" scale or not because it should register on the "OMG" scale? It's actually a UFO probably with Aliens inside of it refuelling at the Sun, our Sun! They're stealing our energy, how do you feel about that - do you have any feelings at all about that?

So there you go then, your "its safe to say" very desensitised to UFOs, Aliens and the whole weird and wacky world of Ufology. That's the world we're living in I'm sorry to say and eventually we'll all get desensitised to practically anything if you allow it?

Seriously, NASA catches UFOs at the Sun refuelling all the time. It's been happening for many years now. They come, they go, they come and they go again? Obviously NASA can't keep them off our grass so-to-speak or put a don't enter sign can they? They just have to log it and tag it.

NASA catches UFOs at the Sun all the time refuelling.
Right, down to the meat and potatoes. This is a really, really big UFO that's been seen on multiple occasions at our Sun. The specific one I'm talking about as there's many been seen. It's been seen in 2005, 2012, 2017, 2015 and so on and so on. I didn't put the sightings in the order of the sightings because I just put the years down "as they were and as I saw them" in the images? They've been seen on some occasions "actually more than once in one year" and the sizes have varied but guys the one thing that stays the same is that there will be another UFO to come and refuel at our Sun of that you pretty much guarantee?

UFOs at our Sun seen to be refuelling their energy needs.
Here's what the official line states about our Sun which I found from this link:

There's 8 points I would like to point out to you.
#1. It is, as all stars are, a hot ball of gas made up mostly of Hydrogen.
#2. The Sun is so hot that most of the gas is actually plasma, the fourth state of matter.
#3. The first state is a solid and it is the coldest state of matter.
#4. As we heat up a solid it becomes liquid.
#5. The sun is mostly composed of the elements hydrogen (H) and helium (He).
#6. By mass the composition of the sun is 75 percent hydrogen and 25 percent helium.
#7. Various metals make up less than 0.1 percent of the mass of the sun.
#8. The sun itself is made of gas, mostly hydrogen and helium, and so does not have a solid surface like you would find on Earth or Mars.

Our Sun is pumping out let's not forget raw energy. It's a power plant on steroids. It's powering the solar panel on your roof right now. There's fusion happening on the surface of the Sun, inside the Sun nobody really knows? They (scientists hypothesise and some would say it's a fact but I don't know about that) that it's solid hydrogen or gas, plasma and some other stuff? But in the images I've seen when they call it Sun spots, and a massive gaping black hole appears on the Sun it tells me that it's empty. It tells me that the Sun has a black interior and that it's empty which would fit in with my belief that the Sun is a transformer and we're seeing fusion on the surface and that's it?

Below is a really big UFO which has been refuelling at the Sun in 2016, stealing our energy. So what if there's enough to go round it's not the point. What next, will they tow it away? They probably could tow it away as it's big enough by the looks of it.

UFOs at the Sun seen by telescopes from Earth.

Image courtesy of Section 51, follow this link to their amazing and spectacular video on the UFO at the Sun in 2016.

UFO seen visiting our Sun maybe to meet another UFO.

There's so many examples of UFOs right near the Sun that we literally have to be very economical with our post? That's never happened before so as you'd expect, we have to create a sort of page or some sort of dedicated online place for these images? What better place than our Twitter account? @ufosfootage is the handle for our Twitter account so go and check them all out.

The image here is the full version of the image with the trident shaped UFO just above. It's amazing don't you agree?

Three towers UFO next to our Sun.
It's that simple. If you look at the Sun as a transformer, then it begins to show us that for one thing we shouldn't be able to see the Sun as it's light, right? You can't see light, it illuminates objects and it is transparent. the source of the light is the Sun, it's fusion. Something is been transformed in to raw energy and the UFO knows this and hence that's why it is refuelling at the Sun? Apparently (I'm sure you've guessed by now) the Sun can't be seen in space? We can only see the Sun because of our atmosphere? In space the cameras used have filters to allow them to see it but in the vision spectrum, it can't be seen?

Paranormal Crucible has processed the following image and the credit goes to them. They are doing a sterling job at bringing us all the best in news and weird and wacky stuff, just like Section 51. Them guys at Section 51 are right on the truth. If you want to know OUR real history and what's going on in the world that the governments and NASA doesn't want you to know about then visit these guys, they have the knowledge and intelligence to back it all up.

UFO next to our Sun is shooting a beam in to it.
Then we have this amazing triangle shaped UFO with what seems to be some sort of tether at the Sun? I've deliberately added this triangle shaped UFO because I want to show you that it's not just the sphere or trident shaped UFO and that there's one with a triangular and what appears to be some sort of line of round smaller lights on the UFO? guy's I know I've brought you some very, very good UFO sightings here all caught on OFFICIAL telescopes so yes, it's NASA's own equipment which is again being brought to bear down on themselves? It's a little ironic don't you think that NASA has been it's own worst enemy, lol.

I'm going to throw in a few more UFOs found at the Sun with NASA's own telescopes.

Our Sun is a refuelling station for UFOs.

Huge UFOs on the scales that is off the scale! In other words, these UFOs are so big that we only have planets to compare them to? That makes these UFOs the biggest ever seen with a NASA telescope!

NASA UFOs are big but these are even bigger than that.

Dinosaurs Did Coexist With Humans Heres The Proof, The Timelines Must Change!

The Waldemar Julsrud Collection.

In July 1944, the 69 year old German merchant and amateur archaeologist, Waldemar Julsrud, took a ride on his horse along the base of the Hill "El Toro" (the Bull) at Acámbaro in Mexico.

Suddenly, he saw half buried under the mud, some ceramic figurines. His interest was piqued immediately, because some years before he had made an archaeological discovery 7 miles away from this area. To the delight of the whole archaeological world a collection of ceramics was then uncovered. It was attributed to a still unknown Indian tribe thousands of years old. Until today this collection is known as the Chupicuaro collection. Julsrud asked a local farmer to help him with the digging. For each figurine the farmer delivered, he got paid one peso. The farmer needed no further encouragement, and in the following 7 years no less than 30,000 figurines were found!

They all emerged from shallow pits, uncovered under the watchful eye of Julsrud at the base of the Hill.

To me they look exactly like Dinosaurs how about you guys.Each pit contained about 30-40 statuettes. They were not tomb gifts, because graves were not found there. Hand crafting by recent residents of Acámbaro had to be excluded too, because this place did not know any pottery tradition. Julsrud was amazed because the creations showed not only human figurines like the Chupicuaro collection, but also monsters, dozens of recognizable dinosaurs, people together with dinosaurs, and even flying saucers!

To me they look exactly like Dinosaurs how about you guys?

These just shouldn't exist but yet here they are! They ARE REAL and have been carbon dated to 3,000 to 7,000 years old! That means history has to change! The timelines MUST CHANGE!

Proof of Dinosaurs existing with humans.
Despite the huge number of figurines, they were all different. It was discovered that they were composed of different kinds of clay, including black clay from Oaxaca. Oaxaca, however, is more than 500 miles away from Acámbaro. Julsrud never sold any of the figurines. Just like he did with the Chupicuaro collection, with great enthusiasm, Julsrud invited the archaeological world to come and take a look here as well. But as soon as they found out how bizarre some images looked, the discovery was dismissed as a hoax, again here's the scientific world only believing in what it wants to?

Just look at all this evidence which is been ignored by science even though it's all been carbon dated and is real. The establishment stinks. If it doesn't fit in with their views then it's completely ignored which is a crime against humanity in my views?

Way to much evidence of humans living at the same time as Dinosaurs.

Such people did not prevent Julsrud and his followers from investigating the suspected age of the discoveries. And they were right: the figurines were authentic and the age was determined by the Isotopes Inc. company in New Jersey (by radio carbon dating) as well as the University of Pennsylvania (by TL-dating) to be in a range between 3,000 to 7,000 years old.

Dinosaurs and humans did live together.
But, as usual with artifacts that don't fit into the prevailing historiography, the establishment continued to stubbornly ignore the existence of the figurines. Since 2001 a large part of the Waldemar Julsrud Collection can be viewed in the Waldemar Julsrud Museum, the former home of Julsrud in Acámbaro.
The Dinosaurs in the images are real it's been proven.

Waldemar Julsrud (1875 - 1964).

Living alongside dinosaurs?

Of course there was speculation about how it was possible that people from that time could portray dinosaurs. Some thought that there might still have been real wandering dinosaurs in Mexico 5,000 years ago.

Others believed that the first people of that Indian tribe might have descended from the time of the dinosaurs (more than 65 million years ago). However, if you consider that the people in the figures were probably not earthlings, but extraterrestrial visitors , other explanations are more obvious.

To the right is what appears to be an Alien with a UFO spaceship of some sort?

Then the images don't necessarily depict themselves doing things on Earth, it may also have been on other planets, where dinosaurs are still living. Besides, space traveling for highly developed civilizations goes through the fourth dimension, also called hyperspace. This allows for time traveling as well, because linear time only exists in the third dimension. From a higher dimension you are able to 'slip in' at any time on our time line. These extraterrestrial visitors could easily have made trips from their base camp in 3,000 BC, to other eras, such as the time of the dinosaurs. Since some negative alien races, such as the reptilians and the Anunnaki are born fighters, these prehistoric monsters undoubtedly formed a great challenge to hunt!
The history of mankind needs changing to add Aliens and UFOs plus Dinosaurs.

So there you go, tons of intelligent food for thought? If this was based on a myth or just a story then I don't think UFO Sightings Footage would be that interested because lets face it, everyone has a good yarn, but this is based on PROOF! It's based on carbon dating, pottery, figurines and not just one or two but many tens of thousands!

To depict Dinosaurs and what look like UFOs from ancient times means only one thing, it means they witnessed them. It means everything you've learned at school, college, university all needs to be revised and the scientists need to stop ignoring the proof which THEY carbon dated, they need to see whats up and change the official human history timelines now! I don't know about you but this whole event screams cover up?

Massive UFO on The Moon In NASA Archives

They recovered Aliens from this UFO on the Moon.

Enhanced and rendered with graphics but that's not putting anything there that isn't already there. It's just enhanced what's already there beforehand. 

Guy's, we've featured this before because this was "and still is" a stand alone piece of evidence of life in the universe.

When people say all it takes is one UFO to be real, or "all it takes is one Alien sighting to be real" and everything would change! Well, I personally don't agree with that statement - the Government has been suppressing UFO related artefacts and real bona-fide evidence in the form of advanced technology from Flying Saucers. Then released the first acknowledged UFO videos ever. This is that "one thing" that should of changed everything but it didn't?

So I'm saying that even if Aliens came here to Earth inside of real UFOs and where to announce themselves today or tomorrow, it doesn't matter because nobody would go off the rails, nobody would go instantly insane!

The vehicle on the Moon.

Apollo 20, one of the most controversial UFO cover-ups in history. And it's a cover up because we have it on the NASA official websites, it's in the archives but nobody will talk about it? Isn't that the definition of a cover up? That's a fricking cover up. I choose to accept it as a fact of life because of the many other relevant and related pieces of information that make up the bigger picture. 2019 saw the release of UFO videos and with information that contradicts everything that we know. UFOs exist, UFOs can fly without being seen, they can be recorded in the Infrared spectrum and they can and regularly do outrun US Navy jets.

UAP stands for Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.

It's not a top secret or a technological advanced engineering phrase because it was actually coined by the US Government. It's UFO in all it's entirety - except for the name.

Amazing UFO on the Moon that blows everything out the water.

An Alien Spaceship on the Moon

There's nothing left to call this other than "the time that all humans had to forget"! I mean, we've got no choice but to forget because no-one officially will acknowledge and nobody will tell us definitively that this is real or fake so we have no choice but to go round in circles or wait? 

This spaceship on the Moon (Apollo Mission Image number AS20-1020) was found a while back. People often overlook the fact that this thing was so inspirational to many people growing up! Whoever saw this image did so but pre-internet, before the mass media and before the ability to share an image instantly.

I'm talking literally and figuratively to see this image you had to be in the know, in the inner-circle of the enlightened ones? It was often hidden, stashed and kept secret because people really did believe that this was (and still is don't forget) "a piece of the real history" to be treasured and behold!

The real deal AS20 Apollo Moon Mission UFO and Alien site.

Apollo 20 is said to be a top secret mission to the Moon that was covered up by Nasa. The Apollo program, also known as Project Apollo, ran from 1963 to 1972 and was the third human spaceflight project that NASA carried out.It is going down in history not the way NASA wanted it to. They wanted it to be in their own style, with good shots of the Moon etc not shots of UFOs and an Alien spaceship. No wonder they are distancing themselves from this. It goes against everything they stand for! It's a shame, but probably the truth of the matter. Although the US government accomplished its goal to land men on the Moon and return them safely to Earth in 1969 with Apollo 11, further missions continued until 1972, with Apollo 17 being the last mission to go to the Moon and back.

However, three more missions had been planned by Nasa – Apollo 18, Apollo 19 and Apollo 20. Official Nasa records say that the missions were cancelled due to budgetary constraints and that the astronauts were moved up to other missions. Due to three missions being cancelled, lots of spacecraft hardware was left over, such as the command/service module (CSM) belonging to Apollo 19, which is on display at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex and other bits of hardware have been used in several films.

Moon chart of where the UFO is on the Moon.

Apollo 20's CSM was apparently never finished and completely scrapped. But is that really the case? It's easy to brush this stuff off because of how big NASA is, they have plausible deniability when it comes to anything and everything you better believe that they use it, regularyly! NASA actually stands for Never A Straight Answer.

It looks real to me?

The video below is a real eye opener. If you don't believe in this story then watch this? If you do watch it, it becomes really hard to dismiss it. If you dismiss the story after watching the video then that's cool and we respect that. Personally, I still remember the Stanley Kubrik film in which he made the Moon Landings. If you don't believe that then that's cool also? But there comes a point where you have to believe in something? Just "not believing" isn't enough to satisfy me, you need to say why you don't believe and why you don't agree with this and that just like the believers have come out with a file, the size of two tree trunks in thickness stating why they believe in this theory? Does that make sense, it does to me?

That video is for me an amazing and structured, convincing piece of the puzzle. I'm not saying it's real, i'm not saying it's swayed me either one way or the other but what it has shown me is that someone wants this to be true so much that they either took a camera with them on the mission or someone paid through the nose to create this elaborate hoax. Either way you look at it, it's one impressive and focussed, detailed and to the point conspiracy. It's a cover up all right.

Aliens and UFOs on the Moon are apparently real.
Mona Lisa recovered Alien from the Moon
The alien girl supposedly found on an ancient spaceship in the Delporte Crater on the Moon in 1976. Right.

If you were to believe Nasa's records, then that would be that "end of, go home get a bath". But in April 2007, an individual with the username "Retiredafb" uploaded several videos to YouTube (the absolute last place I'de ever upload a covered up proof of concept video) claiming that they were footage from the Apollo 20, a secret joint American-Soviet space mission from August 1976. Click here for more information on this story. And also here for more aswell.

The image below is the best image ever! Follow this link to NASA's own archives of this!
The best evidence of UFOs on the Moon.
That looks lik a real UFO to me so what about you?

The user identified himself as William Rutledge, 78, a former astronaut now living in Rwanda. His videos show what seems to be the cabin of Apollo 20, as well as footage, supposedly on the moon, of a mysterious lunar city, as well as the corpse of what seems to be an alien girl that internet users call "Mona Lisa", lying in the cabin. Rutledge's videos were so popular that they garnered over 1.5 million views on YouTube, but apparently a few months later Rutledge claimed his YouTube account had been hacked and all but one of his videos were deleted.

This looks awesome to me, it could be a real UFO.

That's really strange, why would they delete all videos except one? It doesn't make sense but then again nothing from this whole story makes any sense? It reminds me of the land that time forgot. It is very intriguing though and very, very interesting. The story goes on to say:

He then moved his videos to a new account on Revver, but that page no longer exists. Before he disappeared, however, he did agree to be interviewed, through the message function of his YouTube account and Yahoo Messenger, by Italian freelance writer and UFO/space exploration enthusiast Luca Scantamburlo.

Rutledge claims in his interview with Scantamburlo that Nasa's Apollo 14 mission flew over a polar region of the Moon and captured numerous space ships and cities of ancient, oddly-shaped, towering buildings, which looked like they had been abandoned for hundreds of years. Rutledge says that Apollo 20 landed near the Delporte Crater in order to explore a large "cigar-shaped" mother ship, which had apparently been abandoned for 1.5 million years, and within the spaceship, the astronauts found two corpses of alien beings, one of which was captured on 16mm film.

You wasn't supposed to see this image.

He claims that the female alien he and his crew found had six fingers, hair, but no nostrils, and seemed to be in a state that was "not dead" but also "not alive". He claims to Scantamburlo that the alien girl was brought back to Earth and is still alive somewhere. "USAF recalled that, I have been chosen later for Apollo 20 because I was one of the rare pilots who didn't believe in God (it has changed since 1990) but it was a criteria in 1976. It was not the status of the Nasa astronauts. Not believing in God made the difference. That's all," Rutledge told Scantamburlo.

Best evidence of an Alien city on the Moon.

Rutledge's answers are quite rambling, and on many occasions, Scantamburlo tests his knowledge about Nasa in the 1970s and what happened to the other cancelled Apollo missions. Scantamburlo's evidence is posted here. Real, or a hoax? While information about Apollo 20 is quite scarce to come by, an entry on WikiBooks.org seems to indicate that it is a hoax by a French video artist called Thierry Speth, who apparently admitted to perpetrating the con on 9 July 2007 on internet forum Need2Know dot eu. The link to this post and the website in question are also no longer online.

Nevertheless, many UFO enthusiasts, are still firmly convinced that Apollo 20 did happen, including Scott Waring, a teacher living in Taiwan who has authored a few books on UFOs, time travel and young adult fantasy fiction. Waring runs a website called UFO Sightings Daily for the international UFO believer community, and you can view his extensive evidence in this blog post, which include reports by other Nasa scientists and engineers, government memos, analysis of the light in the video and much more.

Aliens on the Moon right now in a city.
There you go, enough evidence of Aliens on the Moon in cities!

Ancient Metal Pipes Found In A Cave In China Proof Of Advanced Beings

Ancient Aliens in China.

The Baigong Pipes, China.
Mount Baigong ('Baigong' means 'Mount')

The Baigong Cave in China is the location of numerous ancient underground 'metal pipes' that were discovered in the beginning of the 20th century. Traditional science has provided one or two explanations for their presence, but as yet there is no definite answer as to how or why the pipes exist where they do, as they run through the ground and even into the nearby lake. There is no evidence of an associated pyramid, as is normally reported, but the idea that they are fossilised tree roots remains unsatisfactory making the Baigong pipes one of todays more interesting modern O.O.P.Arts.

The Baigong Pipes in China.

The Baigong Pipes are reported to be associated with a “pyramid” about 50 to 60 metres (160 to 200 feet high) built on 'Mount Baigong'. The front of the “pyramid” is reported to contain three caves. The mouths of the two smaller caves have collapsed. Only the largest cave, which is 6 metres (18 feet) high, can be entered. Two Baigong Pipes have been reported from the largest cave. One of these is described as being 40 cm (16 in) in diameter and preserved as a reddish-brown “half-pipe”. Within the same cave, another pipe-like feature of similar diameter was also found. “Dozens” of upright pipe-like features, about 10 to 40 cm (4 to 16 inches) in diameter, were also found protruding from Mount Baigong above the largest cave.

It should be immediately noted that the word 'Baigong' means 'Hill' in the local dialect, so it isn't worth looking for 'Mount Baigong' on any map. In addition, there is absolutely no evidence of a pyramid anywhere, the 'pyramid' is actually an escarpment by Toson Lake. Near the foot of an escarpment (Mt. Baigong) by Toson Lake lie three caves, the largest and most accessible some eight meters high by six meters deep. Inside, spanning from the roof to the back end of the cave, runs a pipe 40 cm in diameter. Another one roughly the same size runs into the earth from the floor, with just the top protruding.

Additional Baigong Pipes were found on shore and within Toson Lake, which lies 80 m (260 ft) from the mouth of the largest cave. On the beach of Lake Toson, about 40 m (130 ft) from the mouth of the largest cave, apparently flat-lying, hollow, pipe-like features were found. These reddish-brown pipe-like features range in diameter from 2 to 4.5 cm (0.8 to 1.8 inch) and have an east-west orientation. Another group of pipe-like features, presumably vertical, either protrude from or lie just below the surface of the lake.

The Baigong Pipes in China.

(Note the 'Alien Grey' head in the water)

Associated with these pipe-like features are "rusty scraps" and "strangely shaped stones".

Analysis of the "rusty scraps" by Liu Shaolin at a local smelters reportedly found that they consist of 30 percent ferric oxide and large amounts of silicon dioxide and calcium oxide. Many other iron pipes can be found scattered on sands and rocks.

They run in an east-west direction with a diameter between 2 and 4.5 centimetres. They are of various strange shapes and the thinnest is like a toothpick, but not blocked inside after years of sand movement. Stranger still is that there are also some pipes in the lake, some reaching above water surface and some buried below, with similar shapes and thickness with those on the beach.

The Baigong Pipes in China.

Strange stones in China.

The cave entrance: (Top), Surrounding 'Stones' (Bottom).

The Discovery:

The pipes were first discovered by a group of U.S. scientists on the trail of dinosaur fossils, who reported them to the local authorities in Delingha. They were ignored until a report, possibly one of six made, by Ye Zhou, appeared in the "Henan Dahe Bao" (河南大河报 Henan Great River News) in June of 2002. Soon after, Quin Jianwen, a local official, discussed the pipe-like features with journalists of the Xinhua News Agency on June 16, 2002.

The local government has promoted the pipe-like features as a tourist attraction with road signs and tourist guides. In 2002, expeditions to study the Baigong Pipes were reportedly planned. Anonymous (2002a, 2002b) reported that a group of nine Chinese scientists were to visit and study them in June 2002. A group of researchers from the Beijing UFO Research Association were making preparations to visit and study these pipe-like features. This group was to be composed of 10 experts, 10 journalists, and film team from CCTV (China Central Television).

DELINGHA (QINGHAI), June 19, 2002 (Xinhuanet)

A group of nine Chinese scientists will go to west China's Qinghai Province this month to closely examine the relics thought by some to have been left by extraterrestrial beings (ET). It will be the first time scientists seriously study the mysterious site near Delingha City in the depths of the Qaidam Basin, according to government sources with the Haixi Mongolian and Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, where Delingha is located. The site, known by local people as "the ET relics", is on Mount Baigong about 40 kilometres to the southwest of Delingha City. On the north of the mountain are twin lakes dubbed as the "lover Lakes", one with fresh water and the other with salty water.

The so-called ET relics structure is located on the south bank of the salty lake. It looks like a pyramid and is between 50 to 60meters high. At the front of the pyramid are three caves with triangular openings. The two smaller caves have collapsed and are inaccessible but the cave in the middle is the biggest, with its floor standing two meters above the ground and its top eight meters above the ground. This cave is about six meters in depth. Inside there is a half-pipe about 40 centimetres in diameter tilting from the top to the inner end of the cave. Another pipe of the same diameter goes into the earth with only its top visible above the ground. Above the cave are a dozen pipes of various diameters which run into the mountain.

All the pipes are red brownish, the same colour as that of surrounding rocks. Scattered about the caves and on the bank of the salty lake area large number of rusty scraps, pipes of various diameters and strangely shaped stones. Some of the pipes run into the lake. According to Qin Jianwen, head of the publicity department of the Delingha government, the scraps were once taken to a local smeltery for analysis. The result shows that they are made up of 30 percent ferric oxide with a large amount of silicon dioxide and calcium oxide. Eight percent of the content could not be identified. "The large content of silicon dioxide and calcium oxide is a result of long interaction between iron and sandstone, which meansthe pipes must be very old," said Liu Shaolin, the engineer who did the analysis.

What The U.S. Government Found, Then Covered Up, In Antarctica

Was Operation Highjump a mission to invade Antarctica?

First things first, most people were and still are suspicious of the purpose of the expeditions to Antarctica going way back even to the Admiral Byrds expedition called "Operation Highjump" on 26 August 1946 which ended in late February 1947. Since then there's been many highly unusual visits, theories and sightings plus other expeditions that simply can't be explained at least officially in public they can't but we can! We've researched Intellihub for a lot of our information which is an amazing website.

Operation Highjump (OpHjp) put nearly 5000 U.S. military personnel along with every resource available at the Navy’s disposal in the hands of Admiral Richard Byrd, the Operations Leader of the U.S. Naval mission into the Antarctic. Think about that for a moment and let it sink in. Every resource in "the entire U.S. Navy" was made readily available for Admiral Byrd’s team’s use. That's mind blowing in ever aspect of that words.

Operation Highjump secret Antarctica mission to invade.Although Byrd was chosen to lead the mission for a rather specific reason, which I will later explain, he was quite qualified and a favourite amongst the American public–the perfect candidate of choice by U.S. Navy and Top Brass. Additionally to Byrd’s recruitment another man, Rear Admiral Richard Cruzen, was selected to head-up the task force. And make no mistake, this was an unusually bold move for the American military at the time as people, nations, and even world economies were still volatile from war’s aftermath.

So we have to ask the following questions: Why would the U.S. military be seeking to expend so many resources at the risk of great collateral loss to explore such a harsh region of the Planet Earth as Antarctica?

Hollow Earth.
What was the rush?

What did they know? Was they going after the fleeing Nazis after the war? To go after them in to the Hollow Earth?

What we find is that a lot of the details regarding Operation Highjump have been carefully tucked away over the years. Wikipedia explains little about the mission officially titled The United States Navy Antarctic Developments Program, 1946-1947:

A United States Naval operation organised by Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd Jr., USN (Ret), Officer in Charge, Task Force 68, and led by Rear Admiral Richard H. Cruzen, USN, Commanding Officer, Task Force 68. Operation Highjump commenced 26 August 1946 and ended in late February 1947. Task Force 68 included 4,700 men, 13 ships, and multiple aircraft. The primary mission of Operation Highjump was to establish the Antarctic research base Little America IV.

Highjump’s objectives, according to the U.S. Navy’s report on the operation were as follows:

Training personnel and testing equipment in frigid conditions;
  • Consolidating and extending United States sovereignty over the largest practicable area of the Antarctic continent (This was publicly denied as a goal even before the expedition ended);
  • Determining the feasibility of establishing, maintaining and utilising bases in the Antarctic and investigating possible base sites;
  • Developing techniques for establishing, maintaining and utilising air bases on ice, with particular attention to later applicability of such techniques to operations in interior Greenland, where conditions are comparable to those in the Antarctic;
  • Amplifying existing stores of knowledge of hydro graphic, geographic, geological, meteorological and electro-magnetic propagation conditions in the area;
  • Supplementary objectives of the Nanook expedition. (The Nanook operation was a smaller equivalent conducted off eastern Greenland.)
Interestingly enough many of the actual mission details were shrouded by secrecy, hidden from the American public, which leads us to where we are now. Because let's face it, secrecy only gives rise to more secrecy.

An excerpt from a report entitled;

The Antarctica Enigma reads:

Little other information was released to the media about the mission, although most journalists were suspicious of its true purpose given the huge amount of military hardware involved. The US Navy also strongly emphasised that Operation Highjump was going to be a navy show;

  • Admiral Ramsey’s preliminary orders of 26th August 1946 stated that,
  • “The Chief of Naval Operations only will deal with other governmental agencies” and that 
  • “no diplomatic negotiations are required.
  • No foreign observers will be accepted.”

Not exactly an invitation to scrutiny, even from other arms of the government. Admiral Byrd, was a strategic choice as he was a national hero to the Americans. He had pioneered the technology that would be a foundation for modern polar exploration and investigation, had been repeatedly decorated and had undertaken many expeditions to Antarctica and was also the first man to fly over both poles. However, the task force itself, remained strictly under the military command of Rear Admiral Richard Cruzen Unfortunately, the ships central group entered the ice pack off the Ross Sea on 31st December 1946 and found conditions as bad as had been noted for over a century.

Icebreakers such as the USCGC Burton Island, a ship that had only recently been commissioned and was still undergoing sea trials off the Californian coast when Operation Highjump was launched, fought to cut a way through the ice to help the men land. Richard Cruzen was one of a few men to have located at several ‘oases’ which were actually the real reason the expedition team was sent there in the first place, although at the time only those with a top-secret clearance would truly know the mission’s true objective. But even that seems laughable because why send the military to find warm water or possible water that can sustain vegetation?

It's more likely they wanted to control the massive Antarctica wall that separates the Hollow Earth from the rest of the world at any means necessary? That's my conclusion and it's far better than the warm water theory. But even my theory could be wrong, so what do you think? Why send all this military hardware, people, materials and just an overwhelming armada of ships? It's a fighting force, nothing more nothing less. It's a statement but to who? The fleeing Nazis is my theory that are guarding the entrance to the Hollow Earth.

An excerpt from the Daviess County Historical Society reads:

According to a Navy report, 1,000 miles of new coastline was discovered on exploratory trips by the Bear and Byrd’s sea plane. Commended by Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox for his “superior seamanship, ability, courage, determination, efficiency and good judgement in dangerous emergencies,” Cruzen was one of the 16 members of the 1939-41 expedition who received the Antarctic Expedition Medal, presented in November 1946. On Dec. 2, 1946, Cruzen once more set sail for the Antarctic continent.

This time, as Task Force Commander under Admiral Byrd of the Navy’s Antarctic Developments Project also known as “Operation Highjump” Cruzen led a force of 13 ships carrying some 4,000 men, including meteorologists, zoologists, physicists and experts from oceanography institutes into the adventure of a lifetime. Besides looking for new scientific data, another purpose of the expedition was to train Navy personnel and to test standard Navy ships and other equipment in cold weather operations. Cruzen navigated through an ice pack of several hundred miles before reaching Little America.

Icebergs and unpredictable weather were formidable foes during the course of the expedition. Among the discoveries made during the 1946-47 expedition was the sighting of two “oases,” one a region of ice-free lakes and land. More than 300,000 square miles of unpaved territory were charted on aerial mapping operations. Their observations proved that radical changes would have to be made on existing maps of the Antarctic.

Why would warm spots, with warm water exist in the Antarctic?

What does this mean?

The Hollow Earth Theory Starts To stand Up

Researchers such as Dr. Brooks Agnew and others have deeply considered the possibility that the earth itself could be hollow or egg-like. Although this theory seems hard to comprehend because you have been told the exact opposite your entire life, in school, and so on. Or brainwashed, reprogrammed.

Entertain this idea for a moment.

  • What if the earth was hollow?
  • Would that be possible?
  • Is there evidence to back this up?
  • The answer is yes!

Evidence shows that the earth rings like a bell after an earthquake for a period of up to about 60 minutes and that’s why some scientists and researchers say that this is due to the fact that the earth is hollow. If the earth had a solid core, when and earthquake happened it would likely absorb all of vibration and not resonate it. This is just one detail that should open your mind to the possibility that a hollow planet is a possibility.

Is the Earth really hollow inside.Famous author and lecture, David Icke, explains in his book, Moon Matrix, exactly how the moon is likely hollow as well. While Icke has been received lately harshly with criticisms, an ActivistPost.com article points out how “Icke believes that the moon is an inter-dimensional, intensity portal for entities and energies from other dimensions. He believes that aliens use the moon as a home base for hijacking signals from the universe so that our bodily forms that are experiencing this virtual reality on Earth, can’t fully experience what our creator meant for it to be. Very insightful and very creative is David Icke. You either believe or you don't?

Secret service agent shape shifter.
These aliens are the same reptilian shape-shifters that Icke claims are responsible for much of suffering on our planet. Reptilians want to filter anything beyond our five senses so that it manipulates what kind of world we can experience.” I myself have had the privilege of interviewing David Icke and other hollow earth experts, such as Rodney Cluff and Dr. Brooks Agnew, personally–pushing me further into accepting that this theory may be more than just a theory.

Virtually every culture and civilisation across the planet, throughout time, has documented what appears to be the existence of a ‘hollow Earth.’ According to Dr. Brooks Agnew, who I have personally interviewed many times, ‘a hollow earth is a very real possibility’. Agnew has focused his studies to the North Pole region, as him and his team plan to one day locate a documented “polar depression” thus launching test overflights from a “nuclear powered icebreaker.”

Brooks and his team plan a scientific expedition to the brim of the hollow earth, which proves to been unsuccessful at this time due to a lack of funding.

Brooks plans to use a “sun compass” and a “gyroscope” above the 60th parallel to get accurate measurements of the oceanic depression. If the rate of change begins to increase than likely the team would be entering the longed elusive “polar depression” which has been reported by ancient Viking explorers and modern-day seamen alike. Moreover during an interview on Red Ice Radio, Agnew talked about the formation of planets, Sir Isaac Newton, and the difference between “thick” and “thin” crust physics, zero gravity and more.

The episode is very interesting to say the least. Essentially what Agnew was talking about is what’s known as a rather large “Graviton”. You know, those rides at the county fair that spin real fast? They stick you to the wall then the floor lowers. Oh boy–I can smell the funnel cake and the cotton candy now!

Opposites attract.
In the interview Agnew continues to get into the possibility of a ‘hollow Earth’, questioning the possibility of advanced life within. Agnew explains how migration patterns of birds could be proof that something to the nature of a hollow earth exists as birds migrate north for winter in some cases, retreating to a warm area in the polar region.

Additionally it has been reported that the U.S. Navy encountered several UFOs during the Antarctic expedition and possibly may have had a firefight with at least one of them. A brief clip of this was allegedly caught on film. Some also speculate that mermaids and other rare creatures may derive from the inner earth, sometimes making their way into the upper waters divided by the firmament as mentioned in the Bible.

Is the earth hollow.

This article originally appeared on Intellihub.com. By Shepard Ambellas.

Recently I've found amazing stuff regarding what's going on in Antarctica and the Pyramids alone are all newsworthy items but there's other such things like UFO bases, secret entrances and secret escapes literally for the Nazis and the elites in time of apocalypse. High and influential plus powerful people have all recently been visiting Antarctica and some think it's all because of the stuff that's been found there and some think that these powerful people are taking trips to see these newly found, newly opened and seemingly uncovered places for themselves?

It's not as clear cut as that though as some are believing this to be a sign of the end and that people are taking an interest in Antarctica regions because this place offers the best protection from any impending doom? Obviously they know stuff we don't and that will always be the case unless this new supposedly threat changes everything?

Is everything were been told a lie or is there some sort of master plan that we only know half of and is this master plan a life changing, for good or for bad scenario? All we want is to know?
I don't know what to believe, what about you?

Signals comning from the center of the Earth are radio.

Then there's this image which we all know is where Adolf Hitler was supposed to go? Did he make it to Antarctica and did he live out his life? I mean there's no body so there's only the story.

Just like Osama Bin Laden, there's no body so there's no real tangible proof of anything that the government say is there?

That's my understanding of how logic works right? If there's no proof then all that is left is a story and nothing more?

Sweden Sends Out Leaflets On How To Prepare For War

What does Sweden know that we don't know?

Sweden tells citizens how to prepare for war - for first time in 30 years.
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Sweden tells citizens how to prepare for war - for first time in 30 years!

Seriously, i'm not kidding around. The Swedish government has just sent out 4.8 million booklets on war advice in case of an attack and where to go, feed themselves and where bomb shelters are? WTF! Just why would the government of Europe i.e Sweden be thinking, doing and preparing along these lines?

It screams iminent war. It screams I don't care that our intelligence says a war is coming and the countries involved have asked us to stay quiet - were going to tell our people to duck and cover! They've stopped short as to who is going to be involved but gone full steam on telling us "the world basically" that war is iminent! OK they've sent the books to their own households and people but they may of aswell sent every house in the world one because online media has made the world a very small place indeed. They knew within minuets of the first book been put through the letter box that would be scanned and put straight on social media which in turn takes on a whole life in itself and would be in practically every inbox in the world at some stage or another?

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Duck and cover because something is going down!

The official story is below:


Sweden sends out leaflets on how to prepare for war!

Sweden sends out leaflets on how to prepare for war.

The booklet suggests having candles and tea lights at the ready in case the electricity supply fails?

Salmon balls, tea lights and wet wipes. These are just some of the things Sweden has advised every household to stock up on in the case of war. Its government has sent leaflets to 4.7 million households explaining how to best prepare for various major crises. These include terror and cyber-attacks, natural disasters, serious accidents and military conflicts. Those who prepare improve "the ability of the country as a whole to cope with a major strain", the booklet reads. "Think about how you and people around you will be able to cope with a situation in which society's normal services are not working as they usually do," it adds.

The leaflet also warns that, in a major crisis, the electricity supply may fail meaning your home will quickly become cold.

The leaflet also warns that, in a major crisis, the electricity supply may fail meaning your home will quickly become cold.

Here's a really good reason for the booklets, because Sweden coined a phrase and it's an eye opening one!


After an adviser to the Russian President said Sweden's 'Russophobia' could lead to World War III, a former Swedish ambassador to Russia, Sven Hirdman, responded by dismissing him as "just one of hundreds".

Sweden began increasing its military spending in 2016, reversing years of cuts. It also reinstated the military draft last year, citing Russian assertiveness as one of the justifications, and is considering joining NATO. In the event of a “heightened state of alert,” the pamphlet emphasizes the expectation that everyone can be marshaled for Sweden’s “total defense.” “If Sweden is attacked by another country, we will never give up,” the publication reads. “All information to the effect that resistance is to cease is false.”

The illustrated instructions went online Monday and are being sent to all 4.8 million households in the country in the first such public awareness campaign since 1961. The handbook was last updated for government officials’ use during the Cold War, according to the Guardian.

Guy's, if WW3 does break out head for the nearest mountain side bunker!

“Although Sweden is safer than many other countries, there are still threats to our security and independence,” the brochure says. “If you are prepared, you are contributing to improving the ability of the country as a whole to cope with a major strain.”

And i'm going to leave it there, I could literally research this until i'm frothing at the mouth wearing a tinfoil hat with my cell phone wrapped in a crisp packet and hiding in the freezer so no-one can find me! But I won't keep getting you excited as if it's going to happen what the heck can we do about it? Just carry on as normal because the odd's a WW3 happening is like odd's on but, who cares?

When it happens, don't say we wasn't warned by the Swedish government!


Which one is the likely candidate for WW3.

Which one is the likely candidate for WW3.

Which one is the likely candidate for WW3.

Which one is the likely candidate for WW3.

Which one is the likely candidate for WW3.

Which one is likely to happen?

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