Antigravity Silver Metallic Sphere UFO That I Genuinely Believe

There's nothing to propel the UFO forward and there's nothing visible that's visibly keeping it from plummeting to the ground.

So based on that I believe either the software that faked it is NASA-Lying grade or there's an Alien somewhere that is controlling it or has programmed it at an earlier stage but I'm liking it a lot.

This is a spectacular UFO Sphere and I believe it's real.

Credit: Mavara_ajayeb_jahan Instagram/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

But - and that's a great big massive but, basically I think this UFO Sphere is real. I genuinely think that we've got a live one here and that's so exciting and to me it's awesome. To think that a possible Extraterrestrial entity somewhere might be in control of it or that they might have preprogrammed it earlier is mind blowing.

What I see:

This round sphere is metallic looking, it's defying all known laws of physics. I've not seen a UFO Sphere like this in about 3 years give or take (check this earlier UFO Sphere). It looks old, it looks rusty and it looks like it's been in Earth's atmosphere for a few years at least, especially to get that kind of corrosion slash rust, on it's outer shell.

Here's a part of the description that is with the Instagram video and I'll point out that this is the exact translation from Google, I've not added or corrected any of the words:

It goes...

Seeing two large spheres (these spheres are the same as luminous spheres).

It continues...

Be sure to watch the clip to the end. The second clip was filmed in the UK, the first one I do not know its location friends, the clip has been for several years.

Here's the best UFO you're probably going to see in your life.

Credit: Mavara_ajayeb_jahan/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

These spheres are the same luminous UFOs that are sometimes seen in large numbers. Note that in the second clip, the sphere is spinning, both spheres are in anti-gravity mode and without light and without sound.

The question that occupies everyone's mind is how do these spheres, when they see a human, change their direction and have no aperture or camera to see a person? If these spheres are for humans or extraterrestrials, how is such a thing possible? All the spheres are controlled from the center or somewhere.

Guy's what's your opinion on the UFO Sphere in this video and what's the difference between a Sphere and an Orb UFO? One would think they're both exactly the same thing, right? But if anything, this is Ufology and I know that everything happens for a reason and everything is deliberate one way or another.

If you know what the difference is then please leave a comment on the UFO Sphere video right here on UFO Sightings Footage, cheers guys.

Here's the full video, it looks so real and genuine as there's no tell tale signs of a hoax. It's got to be Alien but I thoroughly agree that it could be man made top secret technology and it's been held back from disclosure because certain people at certain levels of power don't want this technology in a certain countries hands!

It's that good of a UFO video that it's got me hook, line and sinker so-to-speak because A. The video doesn't look tampered with at all and B. We don't have antigravity or electromagnetic aerial vehicles in normal service.

Here's the epic video, take a good look at it, it's going to be one to remember so please enjoy the video:

Please can you share your thoughts on the video and also share this post, cheers.

Credit: Mavara_ajayeb_jahan/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.


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  1. Don't just jump to conclusions and assume a ufo narrative about a video you haven't properly analysed is my main takeaway.
    I mean, if it convinced you that quickly I'd say go back to it once you've re-equipped yourself and process the video properly using in depth software and background research to actually confirm its origins and content as valid.
    It already has a shady provenance, coming from an IG account with other videos that have been debunked and often don't provide reliable sources of confirmation.
    Instead of basically saying "hey, if this is a fake then it's fooled me enough to fantasise about its mysterious origins!", ask yourself how to rule out this video wasn't made with props or just good editing and cgi with filters to make it look like it was made in 2008.
    If you can't say that you know how it wasn't faked beyond a doubt, then you can't ever say you have undeniable proof - you're just trying really hard to get people to believe you'd know what a hoax looks like 100% of the time and to trust that this isn't one. You end up sounding like someone convinced of a magic trick and wondering if the magician is good or evil without ever actually properly investigating how they fooled you with mundane slight of hand and your want to believe.
    One could at least try reaching out to the account to see what the story behind the video actually is and see if you can get any actual details.
    For now though, a funky looking video that does honestly look like a lot of old debunked 90s/00s ufo vids and could easily be done with either practical tricks or digital editing with the resources available to anyone from dedicated hobbyist to professional.

    1. >could easily be done with either practical tricks or digital editing

      Quite so. Just for fun I put together a fairly similar video in about 30 mins yesterday.

    2. Hmmm, you come across like a know it all, unfortunately I can't get past your ranting and raving nature and as a lesson it's poor, it's accusational, it's putting my opinion down, it's "highly disrespectful" but you already know that because that's exactly how you intended it. I've left your comment on so people can see what your like. By your own hand. The gym is that way Skinny Bob.

  2. if this was real dont you think all the tv news channels would be out filming for the news live on television

  3. And, Jahan didn't even try to hail it ?


  5. Don't know about that but I witnessed five of these fly over my head and off into the distance, they moved like a cluster of very large balloons heading in a north west direction across central scotland in 2009. I watched in awe for at least five minutes at the foot of a tower block I was living in at the time against a crystal clear blue sky they stood out very clearly as they silently floated off in the direction of loch lomond. However, as I watched them float off into the distance and at the very split second I said to myself that they must be meteorological in nature, the rear one of the formation started to vibrate like the buzzing of a bees wing before catapulting itself off suddenly in a north easterly direction as I watched other floating silently on their way until my neck got sore.

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