The Number 1 UFO Sighting That Has Been Verified By The US Government

Yes, the title of this post is absolutely one hundred percent correct and you'll find out why as you read on through this, what I think is a brilliant post.

It's certainly not everyday that we are given anything remotely like real UFO evidence or UFO disclosure by anyone at all. Not even the Government would come forward with evidence or any official body come to think about it and that's been the case for a very long time?

Real ufo sighting from pilot's own jet cameras.

Credit: History Channel YouTube Channel/UFO Sighting's Footage/Ufosfootage/Canva.

2017 came about and absolutely changed that old way of covering up UFO sighting's and much, much more. With all the UFO sighting's and UFO encounters going on and happening on a daily basis around the world, releasing the three UAP videos was in my view a validation of all Ufology researchers efforts. Myself and my fellow Ufology colleagues involved in bringing you, the public the UFO encounters as they happen and as they did happen a short time ago and a long time ago - have all been vindicated and worth while.

We've had our beliefs in UFO encounters tested in the past and now we know that UFOs have been real all along, how do you feel about that? The power's that be have been deliberately testing our resolve but it's all for nothing on their part because we all stood firm. UFOs have been buzzing around the world for centuries and that's no joke, just because we got UFO disclosure in 2017, as far as I know UFO activity goes back a long, long time. Now we know that unknown aerial vehicles are operating in the world right now, we should be aware that this technology is so advanced and therefore the time line for the species whom created this mess, could be one thousand years ahead of our own time line or maybe even two thousand years ahead of our own time line, technology wise... It definitely gives me pause for thought and that's out of concern.

A picture of the UFO sighting from pilot's jet

Credit: History Channel YouTube Channel/UFO Sighting's Footage/Ufosfootage/Canva.

Here's the epic video that was uploaded to YouTube by History:

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Here's my own thought's and opinions on the state of Ufology, the origins, the time line of UFOs and basically this is kind of an overall thought bubble of mine where I can just be me.

Below I'm going to be writing about UFOs and the history of a struggle with the power's that be and the people who have tried to bring it to our attention. History, (before modern day understanding) just how did people write about something that they didn't even have a word for because that's gotta be one of the hardest things to do? Unless painting's and etches was something that was utilized maybe like this "Glorification of the Eucharist":

The celestial body of Disputa is often mistaken for the Sputnik satellite as they look very similar.

I mean c'mon, why has the celestial sphere body of Disputa got two aerials on it! Seriously, this is hundreds of years old circa 1600. What's the camera lens on the side for? This was painted in (1568–1613) so what the heck is going on! And then there's this one called "Madonna with Saint Giovannino" (15th Century):

Madonna with Saint Giovannino" (15th Century).

I mean, this does it ever get any better than the message that's definitely being conveyed to us all. The person in the painting is looking at the UFO (above).

Seriously, there's a lot more than what I have just put in this post. There's a whole plethora of real "tangible evidence" because it's a painting, in my eyes it ten times better than a written letter because we're seeing what he the painter or the person who is telling the painter what to paint?

The history of the world is written down in a totally different way than what we all see today. We have to date 171,476 thousand words in the English language. So yes, we can definitely If we go back through the historical book's we see (like all thing's) a lineage pattern emerging from the books.

Word's start to change from olden days of long ago and as we head on down to modern time's the phrases change, the sentences change and the modern word's start coming through. So, it's a case of knowledge versus understanding which is absolutely the most important thing that you and me need to make sense of what people was writing about and referencing and alluding to. Because let's just put ourselves in the shoes of an ancient farmer who's just seen a UFO?

Firstly, there's no word or word's to describe or reference to, about what he's just seen!

How the heck is he going to write about it so that people can understand what it was, that he saw? This is something that I have been trying to understand myself and so I can research more and more than I ever expected to.

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Credit: History Channel YouTube Channel/UFO Sighting's Footage/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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