Blatant Huge White UFO Sphere Over Kyiv Ukraine On Earthcam

This is a quick video showing a huge white spherical ball type of Orb over Kyiv Ukraine caught on Earthcam.

This didn't happen while the fighting was going on because the Earthcam went offline on the 24th of February which as it turned out it's the day of the invasion. But it's still a recent UFO sighting within the last 5 months.

UFO sighting from the Earthcam website in Kyiv in Ukraine.

Credit: Earthcam Webcam/Strange Activities Tik Tok/Scott Waring/UFO Sighting's Footage/Ufosfootage/UFO News YouTube Channel/Canva.

The UFO sightings that happened over Ukraine can't be a helicopter, it can't be a Jet, it can't be a balloon and every one of those have such features which aren't seen here. This is a white ball, it's spherical and it hovers centre right in the night sky.

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So if the Earthcam website "webcam" went offline on the 24th of February, you'd expect it to have happened on that day or at least within the last week or so? I've been to the Earthcam website which has this statement:

This live streaming camera is currently unavailable - you are watching archived footage that was captured before the camera went offline early morning on February 24th, local Ukraine time. - Earthcam

So that's a good thing in a way because it's narrowing it down for us to get to the actual day it happened. The reason why it'd be a good thing to know is so that we can check known MUFON sites and the Nuforc website including UFO Stalker which is the server (website) which MUFON uses to store all its multimedia like photos, drawings and videos.

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It's a perfect get-around so that you and I do not need to "pay to research or look at the UFO sightings" that have been voluntarily handed over for free to MUFON!

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If you know me, I do not agree with it, people give MUFON the UFO sighting multimedia for free, and then MUFON turns right back around and charges people to see them! Well, UFO Stalker has ever reported MUFON UFO photos and UFO videos!

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Here's the epic UFO sighting that happened over Kyiv in Ukraine. I uploaded it to YouTube to my channel UFO News, please like and subscribe cheers.


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Credit: Live Earthcam Webcam/Strange Activities Tik Tok/Scott Waring/UFO Sighting's Footage/Ufosfootage/UFO News YouTube Channel/Canva.

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