12000Y Old Giant Mummies In Stasis Chambers Iran

A 12,000-year-old Giant King's "alive body" has been discovered in a stasis chamber in Iran.

I'm trying to figure out how to - or should I say how to fit all the information into this post without it becoming a book because there's just so much information on this. I researched this a few years ago, and it blew my mind. Okay, I'll admit that I followed only the juicy information that appealed to me, and I kinda glossed over the boring bits (who doesn't).

Ancient Sumerian king's and Giants in stasis sarcophagus.

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Ancient original giant kings from 12 thousand years ago in stasis chambers underneath Iran in caves.

Credit: Dailymotion/Trump Trust Me YouTube Channel/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

When you start typing into Google Sumerian writing, ancient origins, ancient builder race, Anunnaki, Nibiru, the first writing system, stasis chamber, Iran's hidden ancient origins. It just gets so bizarre, but the one thing that I found mind-blowing is that it's all one story! Seriously, all of the keywords that I've just written down are all part of a story which to cut a long story short is all about humans being created to mine Gold, the Anunnaki Gods and the Giants living for hundreds of years and they introduced writing, astronomy, Sumerian beings with advanced technological know-how.

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Underneath Iran, a cave was discovered with several giant beings being "kept" suspended in animation. Who kept them in suspended animation if it's only recently been discovered? See, there's a lot to this until you see that the chambers are technological marvels as they've been working for a very long time. You can see the crystal buttons on the pods or sarcophagus.

The body of King Anunnaki for 12,000 years completely intact
This discovery was made completely by chance in the spring of 2008, and if we know what happened, there is no doubt thanks to the Russian media and television premia. This occurs in Kurdistan, Iran, a country rather close to the world, at least in the Western world, but it has good relations with Russia. Although hidden until today, 2015, we managed to know by what has been published by the Russian press (thanks to Google Translator), that the discovery occurs in a work, when digging the ground to make the foundations of a house. Then appears a mausoleum containing three coffins, and after more concise excavations, a layer of ground containing the remains of an ancient civilization and the ruins of a city. By the stratum in which it was found, but also thanks to the artefacts found inside, archaeologists determined that the monument and the city were built Sometime between 10,000 and 12 000 years old, a date quickly reviewed by the Islamic authorities after the publication of the finding in the Russian press, the Iranian authorities publicly said that the ruins had an 850 years old, which does not correspond to the facts and is, again, an official lie.

These ancient Giant were kept in crystal pods and were kept half alive and half dead in a sort of stasis chamber. Corey Goode was involved with bringing this truth to the people as he worked for 20 years on highly top secret, sensitive programs and was involved with this "conspiracy theory" because that's exactly what it is until it's proved real. Until then, it was a story, a pub chat, a legend if you like. But then the Iranian tomb was found with the huge hidden away sarcophagus with the strangely coloured "Giant King" that was in this sarcophagus or crystal pod, again if you like because it's not the usual technology or structure that we normally see, you get to call it whatever you like. As human beings, we like to call things that we don't know but exist, something that it looks like.

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So, this is a sarcophagus, but I believe that Corey Goode and certainly the person who typed the information in the video call it a crystal pod. I believe that it looks more like a sarcophagus.

Is it a crown on the ancient beings' heads or a headdress? Is this a being from Anunnaki, or is he an ancient Sumerian King? The Bible mentions beings that lived for hundreds of years. Is it because our atmosphere back in ancient times was better, and now we're dealing with the after-effects of a cataclysmic event that has shortened our lifespan? Was Jupiter our Sun? Was Nibiru (PlanetX) real, was there an ancient builder race, was the human race part of DNA experiments created to mine Gold?

I'll tell you one thing that I looked into and I still don't have an answer for it; Ancient Sumerian Text!

Ancient Sumerian writing came into existence overnight. One day, it didn't exist, and the next day, a fully-fledged, fully developed writing system just appeared. This points to it being brought here. It points to it being part of someone's knowledge, and they brought it to life by using it.

Seriously, look it up about the very first writing system, and where did it come from?

Okay, I just looked it up, and here's Google's answer:

Scholars generally agree that the earliest form of writing appeared almost 5,500 years ago in Mesopotamia (present-day Iraq). Early pictorial signs were gradually substituted by a complex system of characters representing the sounds of Sumerian (the language of Sumer in Southern Mesopotamia) and other languages. Lee Lewis UFO Researcher  

So one day, people were drawing boobs and naughts and cross as a game, then 5,500 years ago, a complex system of Sumerian text. When, in fact, it wasn't gradual, it was overnight. There was no sophisticated writing system then all of a sudden 5 thousand and 500 years ago, the ancient Sumerian beings living in modern-day Iraq, just brought out a sophisticated and complex writing system that included astronomical charts, mathematics, poems, poetry, taxes, receipts and you name it did not exist, then all of a sudden it just was.

That tells me that it was brought here. What does it mean to you?

Here's an amazing video that explains it all a lot better than I do:

Below is a fantastic video of the other Giant King in his stasis chamber with the control box and buttons that have controlled the chamber, how else do we explain the body has been kept this good and half alive and half dead?

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Credit: Dailymotion/Trump Trust Me YouTube Channel/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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