9 UFOs Hovering Over City In The US Changing Shape & Colour

There's a lot of UFOs just in this one epic video which after doing some research on this it could be over Marfa in West Texas, US.

These UFOs are independent of each other, they seem to be splitting in two at least the one on the far left at the beginning of the video seems to me, to split into two UFOs?

I can hear the witness saying "what the bleep, told y'all" which tells me that he's already a UFO believer and now that he's stumbled upon this UFO sighting, he's telling people in the video who will be watching the video in the near future, that he already knew about UFOs and this proves it? It's the overall gut feeling that I get from this because also who's gonna get another 8 people to fly 9 UFOs (himself included or herself included as a drone operator?

This image directly below, it's a screenshot from the video which looks amazing.

9 UFOs Hovering Over City possible it's Marfa in West Texas US.

Marfa light's phenomena attributed of many UFOs over West Texas US.

As for the Marfa lights phenomena, they've been seen going right back to Native Americans who used to think it was fallen stars and that's according to Houston Chronicle.

The Marfa Lights, mysterious glowing orbs that appear in the desert outside the West Texas town of Marfa, have mystified people for generations. According to eyewitnesses, the Marfa Lights appear to be roughly the size of basketballs and are varyingly described as white, blue, yellow, red or other colors. Reportedly, the Marfa Lights hover, merge, twinkle, split into two, flicker, float up into the air or dart quickly across Mitchell Flat (the area east of Marfa where they're most commonly reported). The first mention of the lights comes from 1883, when cowhand Robert Reed Ellison claimed to have seen flickering lights one evening while driving a herd of cattle near Mitchell Flat. He assumed the lights were from Apache campfires. Ellison was told by area settlers that they often saw the lights, too, but upon investigation, they found no ashes or other evidence of a campfire, according to the Texas State Historical Association.

Live Science 

He could be telling someone stood next to him that he knew and "I told y'all" just came out maybe? I like this for a few reasons, firstly there's 9 of these UFOs and secondly it looked to me at least that one of the UFOs split into two UFOs but because the video started where it did, it could be that one just passed in front of the UFO next to it? It literally could be a case of passing by another UFO and so that's why it's good to be open minded and not get tunnel vision.

I took a screenshot of the 9 UFOs and I added it to Google Photo's Len's, instantly the main thing that came up which looks exactly the same as the UFO photo that I took from the video, was the Marfa lights phenomena. I'll add the screenshot that I took and the Marfa lights image result from Google Len's so we can all see just how close they both look?

The UFO lights start to change colours and because it looks different in the various screenshots that I have taken, it looks like they're changing shape as well as colours? White and green lights, but it's clearly the amount of UFOs which has really stuck out for me. As far as I'm aware, this is a real UFO sighting and the striking similarities between this one and the Marfa lights phenomena, it's probably one and the same UFO sighting's?

Oh trust me I'm literally overflowing with some of the very best UFO videos that I'm going to be writing about as soon as I can? There's no way of telling if they're real or not just like this UFO sighting (probably over Marfa, West Texas US) which is where the evidence points to? Here's some amazing information on the world famous Marfa lights phenomena and I'll be adding a screenshot of that particular Marfa lights phenomena which is written about on Live Science:

Here's the extraordinary video which was uploaded to YouTube by UFO News channel:

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Credit: Live Science/Theourdopespace Instagram/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News YouTube Channel/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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