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This UFO literally flies through the Sun like it wasn't even there and it's definitely worth noting that it's caught on camera from Earth.


I first came across this UFO sighting while I was on Twitter, a profile called Fran Arbad had shared Jamie Maussan YouTube video clip to his Twitter feed.

This image is specifically showing us a silver craft exiting the Sun after flying all the way through the Sun.

Huge silver UFO is entering the Sun and it passes all the way through it and comes out the other side of the Sun.

After watching the video that Jamie Maussan had done on YouTube, guy's this speaks for itself, I have to write about it.
The Flying Saucer type of Disk or coin shaped UFO slowly approaches the Sun from the bottom right hand corner and a few seconds pass when the UFO starts to leave the Sun's surface but on the other side and now it's in the top left corner.

  • UFO sighting at the Sun.
  • The UFO passes straight through the Sun.
  • This is highly advanced technology.
  • Is it signs of advanced Alien beings.

Sometimes I think I've found the Holy Grail of UFO sightings when they look so real, or they're doing something extremely real looking. This UFO sighting however absolutely nails it on the head in terms of how real it looks, how genuine it comes across and that overall feeling is that this is a top 10 UFO sighting.

It definitely is for me, how's about you guys? George Raab, Thirdphaseofmoon and Cortesia is the sources attributed to the Sun UFO sighting here. Their name's are above one another in the lower left hand corner. The YouTube channel Maussan TV has this video in a segment where Jamie Maussan is actually speaking about this but unfortunately I can't understand Spanish. I know that all the information contained in this video is a out this UFO sighting going straight through the Sun but I cannot translate any of this.

You know me guy's, I just thoroughly enjoy writing about UFOs because it's stuff like this thay is bigger than any single subject in anyone's livrs. It's much bigger than my mere mortal daily struggles so it's good to be involved with life changing events. UFOs are my passion so I am trying to communicate to as many people as I can. It's really not a bad thing.

The Sun UFO sighting.

This video is definitely real looking and it's by George Raab.

Here's the absolutely brilliant UFO sighting which was uploaded to YouTube by UFO News:

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Credit: Cortesia/Fran Arbad Twitter/Thirdphaseofmoon/George Raab/Maussan TV/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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  1. Wow! Eureka, this is Amazing, however any thoughts on if this is alien technology or heavenly sent craft.......?

  2. What a load of crap. That would be a Huge UFO. That’s just some emission from the Sun. You people just want to see UFOs wherever you don’t understand something

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