Have Ancient Pyramids Been Found In Antarctica

I'm going to be asking for people's knowledge and understanding of the ancient past of our ancestors, our human beings, and ancient timelines.

It's fine with me if people want to believe that our history only goes back two thousand years, and before this marker, we were a tribal, warrior-like people.

Some think we only had one aim, and that's protecting our cattle or defending a treeline from here to there from marauders. But I don't believe this, and the reason why I don't believe this is because there's evidence to the contrary hidden away in selective museums that isn't shown. After all, they don't know how to show it. Nobody knows where it fits into the accepted version and why it even exists.

Out-of-place artefacts (Ooparts) and things for all intents and purposes that have a story, but it can't be told for fear it changes the official narrative! Is it really just as simple as that "it doesn't fit in with the current accepted account of history," so it's suppressed? No, that's just a symptom of the cover-up. It's why it's been steadily covered up. Religion possibly? I'm hoping that people can help here and leave comments.

These out-of-place artefacts are ridiculed by staunch influential academics and pointed to then singled out because they're different. People do see this but won't acknowledge it, and in some cases, people deny it!

I'm not saying that these are pyramids in Antarctica, I'm not sure of much in terms of Antarctica nowadays, so we must look to the evidence. Admiral Byrd, perhaps.

Let's not forget how daunting this is because there's the official timeline, the unofficial timelines, and the ever-changing science timelines. Is it whatever you want it to be?

Pyramids in Antarctica and the issue of are they man made or natural.

Pyramids in Antarctica are challenging our understanding of history going back further than two thousand years.

You've got to admit that it looks like a man-made pyramid from ancient times.

Located at 79°58’39.25"S 81°57’32.21"W Google Maps.


Stretching over five million square miles, Antarctica is huge. It's easy to dismiss just how large it is. It has ice sheets that are as deep as a mile, and it's had temperatures as low as 60 or 70 below! There's weather in Antarctica that would freeze you within the shortest amount of time. It varies, so specifically, it's hard to say, but if it's winter and it was windy, plus you had normal Western clothes on, you'd freeze within minutes. Has it been surveyed, literally just a smidgen as a percentage? Overall, it's hardly anything. It's covered in ice, ice, which wasn't there all the time and which could be hiding any number of mysterious and as yet unknown structures, including pyramids. This one (above, top image) is on the surface. Make sure you check out the video below of The Unexpected.

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The official scientifically accepted timelines keep changing. That's through learning. It's through new advanced technology and our understanding. So why can't these be Pyramids, who gets to say what is added and what is not studied? Let's throw into that complete mess the conspiracy theories, some of which are rooted in truth, and it's definitely spot on for the Pyramids in Antarctica because they exist.

What to believe, oh what to believe?

Imagine each theory is a string of spaghetti. We should follow each string of spaghetti just like it's going somewhere. Usually, it's only to find yet another equally interesting timeline that makes a lot of sense. Quite frankly, it's confusing. Step back and ask yourself this:

  • What's the official stance on ancient Antarctica
  • Are there any conspiracies about Antarctica
  • Are there pyramids in Antarctica
  • Did aliens inhabit Antarctica in the past
  • Who owns Antarctica
  • Were there any civilizations there plus migration patterns

Just the word Antarctica brings up the mystery, and as far as I can see, it surely brings up such things as:

  • Secret military bases
  • Crashed UFOs
  • Abandoned hazardous nuclear waste
  • Stargates were found
  • Secret spaceport
  • Agartha and the Hollow Earth

There are a lot more conspiracy theories, and they get more bizarre and downright absurd. But some stand the test of time like Admiral Byrd and the Pyramids. That's not to say that the ones I've just written aren't real because depending on who you ask depends on which answer you get.

The apparent ability of UFOs to manipulate space and time suggests radically different and richer alternatives. - Jacques Vallée

Who has ownership of Antarctica? Yes, you can visit, but it's predesignated places, and you can not take anything. Look it up. Touring Antarctica has largely been done by the US military in the old days, which is when they built Camp Century. They took along with them nuclear power in the form of a portable reactor, but it was removed, and Camp Century later was actually abandoned.

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But, and that's a huge but, the hazardous waste was just left there, and, without any opposition to it or without any cover-up, it blatantly remains there buried. But it's only buried under the ice can you believe it, and it has become an environmental disaster, not a concern as it was put in Wikipedia.

It's just a quick afterthought or a concern without any thought. Admiral Byrd encountered Aliens, there's an inner Earth, a hidden wall, pyramids, and alien bases to the Loch Ness monster's holiday home. Okay, scratch the last one, but you get the picture because the one that sticks out in my mind, which I've covered extensively in the past, is the Tanks guarding a UFO.

The counterclaim was that they were the loading piles for scientist's cabins. In a row, mind you, not four corners, but in a row, that's not how science works. Loading blocks are needed at four corners.

The startling pictures show a four-sided structure that bears an uncanny resemblance to the pyramids of Giza in Egypt. One of three structures that have apparently been found, it has prompted theories that humanity once inhabited the freezing region. Two of the so-called pyramids stand roughly 10 miles inland while the other lies closer to the coast. Scientists have long believed the freezing climate in Antarctica was much warmer thousands of years ago.

I know that people who stop by my Facebook page and Facebook groups have an absolute ton of knowledge, or should I say, "a wealth of information" when it comes to Antarctica and the ancient hidden past.

Ain't nowt like folk with a combined wealth of knowledge, skill set and experience with history, cultural diversity and the hidden underground history. Between us all, there are experts in everything you can imagine, like graduates in politics, history, astronomy, literature, oceanography and science in general, and professors.

The odd self-employed pool cleaner to boot. Basically, what I'm trying to get out is that between us, we can figure anything out. I know this because on just one Facebook page alone there are 5 and a half million visitors each month and the odds-on favourite is that amongst this avalanche of viewers there are experts, geniuses, university graduates, students and many other people.

Retired US Navy petty officer first class flight engineer in a squadron called Antarctic Development Squadron Six, claimed to have been part of a crew that flew through a “no-fly zone” above Antarctica, and saw UFOs, aliens, and a giant entrance hole to an alien base. He was said to be stationed there between 1983 and 1997, when he retired, and on several occasions saw "aerial silver discs" flying over the Trans-antarctic Mountains.

US Naval officer Saw A Secret Alien Base In Antarctica, codename Brian 

Pyramids in Antarctica are there. It's neither here nor there if you believe it or not. That fact still remains, and it's not going to change anytime soon. But, is it man-made or a natural formation that's the question? Considering what Admiral Byrd's mission supposedly discovered and was subsequently forced to say nothing on the subject, it makes you wonder. Here's a fantastic video with more information, I hope you can make your own mind up about what's real and what's not.

If you have any thoughts or opinions on this, maybe ancient times, Pyramid in Antarctica, then please leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Credit: Live Science/Wikipedia/Medium/UFO Sighting's Footage/History Channel YouTube/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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  1. the edges are far from being straight so it is natural

    1. Thats such a retarded argument, name any place with a pyramid thats natural, there would be another if it was natural, and do you know what erosion is?! Even Egypts are jagged and crooked from erosion lmao

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