Sunday, 18 February 2018

Scientist invents technology to see multidimensional beings (just like CERN - LHC scientists did)

Multidimensional beings caught on camera

Guy's, this is as freaky and interesting as it is insane? The physics inventor is called Daniel Nemes which his info can be found here.

Multidimensional beings caught on camera
Daniel Nemes
Sure it sound's unlike anything i've ever heard of before, but that doesn't mean it's not real? Well, this is just straight out of (not Compton) but the Twilight Zone! When we last did a post about being able to see Demons, Ghosts, Entities it was coming out of Geneva, Switzerland on the French and Swiss border from a place called The Large Hadron Collider or CERN to some? Guy's, we're talking being able to see the dead, the "others" that apparently live in another dimension just 1 inch to the side of you, but in every direction?

I know how insane that sounds so i'm going to ask you one question?
describe the colour blue to me? Not an object or anything like that. Just the colour blue?


This video is about the Demons that CERN or the Large Hadron Collider actually "accidently" pulled out from another dimension. But if you honestly think that they did it by mistake then you'd be wrong (probably)? the reason why I reckon it was on purpose is because EVERYTHING at CERN is by design! Every single nut and bolt has been checked and double checked? Even the smallest things are all by design. This thing has been thought out by the biggest and brightest minds in the World! The most educated and the most intelligent people have designed this, checked it and double checked all possible scenarios? So if you think this was by accident (like they said it was) by the way CERN scientists nicknamed them ULO's. Unidentified Laying Objects.

Basically they turned the Collider on, turned it off and guess what? There was these fricking Demons inside the chambers! they said at first they left a screw or bolt or something in the chamber but that was a rubbish. Nothing is left to chance, they check etc etc all the time!
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Continued from above:
It's near impossible to explain something we see every single day and the chances are you can see something blue right now? Explain it to me, right now? You (like me) probably can't? well this is in the same category. This scientist has designed and made an invention that can see multi-dimensional beings! Yes, this is Earth, yes this is 2018 and yes your awake!

So what do we do now? How do we meet and greet these erm... People I suppose? Is this even possible or is this not possible and is it safe? Do they know we can see them and do they know about other multi-dimensions? What stage are they at in evolution? Are they even humans? Is this real or is this an elaborate hoax?
One online newspaper called Steemit had this as an headline news story:

Scientist creates a chamber that captures interdimensional beings.
The Juarez Times newspaper interviewed scientist inventor Daniel Nemes who provided the following information on building a machine that allows you to observe and record entities or beings of other dimensions. Daniel Nemes is originally from Spain, but has lived in Colombia since he was 14 and has always been interested in astronomy and science subjects.

He was a member of the Astronomical Association of Madrid, Spain. He says that the project began when he read an article in a magazine that talked about dark matter in the universe and the multidimensional universe, then began to take an interest in this subject by starting to take the initiative to perform mathematical calculations and optical experiments to capture the images of what was hidden behind the Multidimensional Universe, or as Daniel says "the Hereafter".

Demons caught on camera

Multidimensional beings caught on camera  Multidimensional beings caught on camera

Multidimensional beings caught on camera

This one looks like the CERN Demons caught on camera

With the passing of time Daniel, after several studies, has discovered a method far superior to that used today in the range of infrared optics, or ultraviolet, black light, CTP TV without antenna, etc. His new method of viewing the afterlife called it ENERGIVISION.

"I use special lenses, ultra sensitive screens" - comments Daniel Nemes - "I capture images that are of unknown origin, and my theory is based precisely on the capture of images of other dimensional planes". But he also says that he has not traveled to other countries to expose his invention. He tried to inform the scientific community and only a scientific agency was grossly interested, but without continuing and deepening. The media ignored and silenced Daniel's discovery even after showing captured images of mysterious multidimensional presences on TV.