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Unidentified Aerial Phenomena is the United States Government way of saying that essentially Alien's exist and yet we're going to only say it in a way that doesn't make sense.

So, basically we can't make our own mind up, because they've done it for us, right? All these UAP videos wasn't just released as they happened, no! The power's that be had lots of time to come up with and create a story and a plausible deniability story it was.

Real silver UFO sighting by fighter Jet pilot.

Credit: News 18/US Navy/UFO Sighting's Footage/Ufosfootage/Canva.

Basically the US Government said; we don't know what they are, but this is actually what they are!

If ever there was a back to front and blatant cover up then this is it! Everything was ruled out and boy was it all ruled out. It's definitely not another countries advanced aerial vehicles technology and innovations. It most certainly wasn't and if I didn't mention it, it especially wasn't Russian and Chinese brand new stealth technology which can be able to and withstand the entry forces going from the air to the water at such speeds! There's always a few way's to look at the statements and general jist coming from any particular party like Republicans and Democrats and that could be about anything else but in this case it's UFOs or should I say UAPs.

What's being spoken about these unbelievable (but very real) submersible UFOs is simply put "out of this world". The world leader's really do think and believe that they can fool all the people, all the time but they can't fool some of us, all the time and it's not so much as direct but rather through double speak and linguistic gymnastics followed by acronyms that basically means the exact same thing, but for whatever reason which still isnt clear, they simply will not say that this and others are UFOs.

The UFO in this photo has been with the United States Government for years, so even when people where putting freedom of information requests in for specific content ie UFO sightings and anything else that could back up claims for a UFO sighting, the US Government officials that was in charge of the UFO files (wrongly) decided to say that there wasn't anything there and that they did not have any particular UFO (or UAP) videos or UFO photos.

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Well, now we know for a fact that the US Government officials did have verified UFO reports because not only was it just the pilot's word, the pilot's claim's now have video footage but what's better than that I hear you ask? It's having video footage but in different wavelengths, videos in infrared. Some of the crafts or Tic Tac UAP videos where actually filmed using what is called Forward Looking Infrared cameras.

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I'm referring to the recent unbelievable but true facts because it's got something and maybe everything to do with this UFO sighting. The Tic Tac UAPs released by the Department of Defence (DoD) on behalf of the US Navy where actually filmed going into and out of the ocean water with ease. Infact it looked like the density of the water versus the air and in turn the crafts themselves wasn't even affected by the difference in density?

Close up of the silver UFO sighting that fighter pilot encountered.

Credit: News 18/US Navy/UFO Sighting's Footage/Ufosfootage/Canva.

Even the crew of USS Omaha had a UFO sighting that happened at sea, the radars confirm that the UFO was very real, it was a highly advanced Extraterrestrial craft. C'mon, what else could it be of it was able to get that close to the massive floating city. Imagine having a UFO craft come so close to the powerfully built, symbol of destruction and it's there right in front of the ship? The ships navy captain must have been laying eggs or furious to the point of his head going purple! Nothing is supposed to be able to get close to a Naval ship especially at sea. All this is in the video below.

If you ask me, what we all witnessed was a highly advanced Extraterrestrial species demonstrating the crafts capabilities because the UAPs could have "easily" flown away and yet they didn't. They probably didn't even try to out maneuver the fighter Jets and like I said, if you ask me all this is an Extraterrestrial species letting us human beings know what it really means to be a highly intelligent and highly technologically, advanced species in the vast emptiness of space?

This lead's me on to their home planet which I'll be going into the next time I am focusing on ancient Aliens and the origins theory of all living beings from the big bang theory to the countless experiments with "actual reality itself" and how much is all of this extraordinary science and physics helping us unravel the secrets of the universe.

The word I'm defining today is "physics":

The branch of science concerned with the nature and properties of matter and energy. The subject matter of physics includes mechanics, heat, light and other radiation, sound, electricity, magnetism, and the structure of atoms.

the physical properties and phenomena of something.

plural noun: physics.

"the physics of plasmas".

Defined by Collins Dictionary 

and did have knowledge of almost dog fights in the skies and that this stuff is blooming real.

Here's the epic video that was uploaded to YouTube by the news channel 8 News Now Las Vegas:

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Credit: News 18/US Navy/UFO Sighting's Footage/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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