30 Jun 2022

Lake Michigan Stone Henge Strange Structures And Mastadon Dinosaur Carved Stone

This is mind blowing to say the very least and if this is legitimate* it puts humanity much older than we could ever have imagined.

There's a couple of intertwined stories with research. It's actually got a lot to say about our time lines.

To back this up, please check this link (The traveller World Guide) and that's because of this quote:

A team of archeologists discovered a similar structure under Lake Michigan. It’s 2021 and we still have no answers regarding its origins. Let us take a deeper look at this mysterious structure.

The Traveller World Guide website  

Mastadon Dinosaur carved onto the stones found in a circle Lake Michigan lakebed.

Above is the Mastadon Dinosaur carved onto the stones in Lake Michigan.

Lakebed discovery of a Mastadon Dinosaur carved onto the stones that have been nicknamed Lake Michigan Stone Henge.

The stones, the carvings and the divers in the image above. Below is an archaeologists image of the stone with the Mastadon Dinosaur carved onto it.

Underwater archaeologists discovery of the Mastadon Dinosaur carved onto the stone in Lake Michigan.

Below is the actual Stone Henge of Lake Michigan.

Lake Michigan Stone Henge.

Credit: Daily Star/Discovery Magazine/The Conversation/UFOs Footage Blog/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

It's still not been disproved and those saying that it has, well you should take it with a pinch of salt. Look into it, do your own research like I have, please it's so satisfying when you research something and you learn that someone is throwing spanners in the workings and misleading the story. I implore you to check, and then double check and then verify it. Wait a bit, check it again, cross reference "thus far" and make sure that you get your story straight! Quite - literally lol and how that phrase was intended in the first place, before it was highjacked by the bad guy's.

I absolutely love researching and I know I've still got a lot to learn, I hope you come with me when as I grow, thank you.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher  

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Argument for:

Lake Michigan, it's pretty much the most beautiful Lake your ever going to know. It's everything that a Lake is supposed to be and more. But what's setting this stunning lake apart from any other lake in the area or in the US for that matter, is the strange (supposed) stone circle structure which resembles Stone Henge in the United Kingdom on the lakebed. Is Lake Michigan giving up it's long held secrets of human activity possibly going back a lot longer than the history books are telling us?

I've actually been featured in the UK Newspapers year's ago for a similar discovery in Ta Prohm temple in Cambodia and the subsequent news article which I wrote.


I'm talking about this "Stone Henge" in Lake Michigan which has "supposedly" got a carving of a Mastadon Dinosaur scratched or carved into one of the stone block's surface. Which by the way I might add one crucial detail about this, it's underneath the water!

Let's go back to 2007 to a place called Grand Travers Bay in Michigan, US. Dr Mark Holley and his team of underwater archaeologists have been scouring the bottom of Lake Michigan and they was expecting to discover or at least try to find the wreckage of a shipwreck...

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But instead the underwater team apparently came across this strange stone structural sight of obvious and deliberately placed stone block's in a kind of circle (or at least the initial details suggested it was) which resembled Stone Henge in the UK.

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If this is true then this is big, he (lead diver, Dr Mark Holley) probably started to think this immediately and absolutely loved it because the second that he discovered it, he knew that was going to be a lot of interest like phone calls, many interviews, many debriefings and a lot of explaining about what is actually down there which you'd expect to happen right?

How do I know that? Because if it's hinting at the possibility that it could either rewrite history or correct history, add to or change human history then there's going to be a lot of people interested. Dinosaurs which must have coexisted with human beings then yes, you better believe that it's going to get real, fast!

Quick quote:

Underwater rock formations on the lakebed of Lake Michigan and Lake Huron may have been created by hunters thousands of years ago.

Discover Magazine 

Also, did you know about this exact same "Stone Henge like discovery" it's actually not what you think?

Look I'm putting together two sides of the story so you can make up your own mind up about this story?

So here goes;

Argument against:

These sensationalized headlines are misleading: there’s no “henge” to the structure. The stones are small and arranged in a V-shape instead of a circle. Plus, the supposed-mastodon image hasn’t been analyzed to prove whether it’s a carving or a natural feature of the rock.

The real underwater stone sensation lies 120 feet below neighboring Lake Huron: an area the size of a football field with dozens of 9,000-year-old artifacts and human-built stone structures that comprise the most complex prehistoric hunting structure ever found beneath the Great Lakes.


Seriously, for real go and read this news article which clearly stated that exact same statement! It's absolutely incredible stuff in itself. It's clearing up one story with supposed truth (no tangible evidence mind you, just words) and govi g another stunning statement about another 9 thousand years old human settlement of hunters under the waters of Lake Huron.

Archaeologists Have Found Prehistoric Rock Structures Under the Great Lakes. Here's What the Stones Can Tell Us.


“It’s a Pompeii-type situation. Everything is totally preserved in cold, clear freshwater. You don’t get that often in archaeology,” says John O’Shea, an anthropology professor at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, who has led the research on underwater sites in Lake Huron.

These underwater antiquities give us a glimpse of how prehistoric human communities worked together to find meat.

Discover Magazine 

Put yourself in the shoes of a dedicated underwater archaeologists? Also, imagine what you've supposedly just stumbled upon which is a new Stone Henge that is more than likely unknown to humanity? Also it's got a carving of a Dinosaur on it's side. That's not just exciting but it's probably more along the lines of being "lost for words" and that's because of the enormity of what you've (in this case Dr Mark Holley) just stumbled upon which is just starting to set in and it's possibly only setting in "bit by bit"...

Thats's a lot to take in.

This is something that is right up my street because a few years ago now, I was researching something similar and I happened to stumble upon an old Amazon Jungle batch of photos regarding carved inscriptions, carved reliefs and strange carvings of a Dinosaur - which basically, to cut a long story short, it came down to the dates. Let's look at the word Dinosaurs and the word Dinosaur, it was only coined in 1841 when Sir Richard Owen came up with the name dinosaur in 1841 to describe the fossils of extinct reptiles. He coined the word by combining the Greek words “deinos”, which means terrible, and “sauros”, which means lizard.

The Ta Prohm temple in Cambodia was built at around the end of the 12th century which, not one person on the planet should have had any information on, or about Dinosaurs and yet there was a really clear and very old Stegosaurus carved really deep into the stone wall. My news article on my blog was featured in the UK mainstream newspapers including the Daily Star.

Depiction of a Stegosaurus in carvings outside the popular Ta Prohm temple in Cambodia is proof the pre-historic creature lived with humans.

The dinosaurs – with broad plates on their backs and spiked tails – should not feature in any carvings as they became extinct millions of years ago.

Daily Star 

Here's the incredible video (clip from #theproofisoutthere) showing the underwater archaeologists discovery of the strangest carving of a Mastadon Dinosaur carved onto a stone which is part of the Stone Henge circle of stones in the beautiful Lake Michigan.

It was uploaded to YouTube by "History" Channel:

I'd absolutely love it if you would share this post with someone who would appreciate it, thanks. Also and more importantly, please share your thoughts and opinions on this supposed discovery in Lake Michigan itself, underneath the water, cheers.


There's always something that makes another thing feel less than real... That's pretty much life in general but in this case, it's actually the (from what I can gather) it's all been taken out of context or total misrepresentation of the facts on behalf of certain individuals?

Credit: Daily Star/Discovery Magazine/The Conversation/UFOs Footage Blog/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

29 Jun 2022

More Extraterrestrials Other Than Skinny Bob As We See In This Video

I'm not claiming that the Skinny Bob interview video was real, I'm not even trying to figure out anything else related to the Skinny Bob interview as a whole, I just want to know what this is?

Have you ever seen this video before? I've never come across it before, but that's not to say that it's a silly fake or a hoaxed "poke of fun" and that's why I'm posting about it, it's to ask you guys if you've ever seen it before? There's some pretty wild stuff in it, Flying Saucer type Disk's, Alien Grey's, 

Extraterrestrial entities that are being filmed and look Skinny Bob Alien Grey's.

Credit: Ivan0135/Wiki Fandom/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

Here's some great information. There's a timeline to the video and writing which tells the storyline in the video. It's a fantastic insight into the whole Skinny Bob interview and other Extraterrestrials here on Earth.

Extraterrestrial species are here on Earth now.

Credit: Ivan0135/Wiki Fandom/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

Here's the story straight out of Wiki.

Skinny Bob is an alleged video tape containing footage of a grey-like alien. The video first appeared on the internet in early May 2011. The video became very popular in the UFO and alien research community, although it was speculated that the footage was a promotion for an upcoming film or TV series at the time. The video has also been presented as alleged leaked footage from the KGB, although this remains unconfirmed.

Wiki Fandom  

Alien entity lay's on the floor in Russia.

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Alien Skinny Bob interview writing on image.

Credit: Ivan0135/Wiki Fandom/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

Where's it come from? Is it a real couple of Aliens in the video? The first part of the video states that the first video was uploaded to YouTube on the 13 April 2011 the same day he (Ivan0135 joined YouTube). Then there's Aliens and Flying Saucer's, UFOs and Alien entities actually on the floor, looking into the camera. It's a strange video for sure. Then May 1st, 2011. Also stuff from May 17th 2011.

Here's the fantastic Skinny Bob lookalikes video which was uploaded to YouTube by LiberUno:

See what you think about it, personally I think it's a good chance that we're looking at a hoax, maybe? But, a lot of people have gotten behind it since it first came out in 2011. Please leave your thought's and opinions on this video, cheers. Also share it with someone who would appreciate it, cheers.

Credit: Ivan0135/Wiki Fandom/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

28 Jun 2022

Diamond UFO Sighting Hovers Over Medellin Yesterday In Colombia 27th June 2022

Here's the extraordinary evidence of a Diamond shaped UFO literally hovering in the same place for over an hour.

The person who is filming the actual video over Medellin, Colombia speaks about filming it with his iPhone 13 pro and that this can't be a UFO as it's unbelievable and that this is the first time that he's ever had anything like this happen to him? Also he states that Medellin city has a lot of people who have smartphones so somebody else will probably be photographing it or taking a video of the UFO as well?

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Then he goes from the UFO to the city while zooming in and out and starts to pan around pointing out the details of where he's filming from, his balcony, near the mountains and pans from the mountains at the right to the left with Medellin city below which is a large city.

I'd like to hear from you In the comments section below, if you have any thoughts on what this actually could be or if you've seen it yourself because it's only just happened yesterday and this is well out in the open, there could be a lot more UFO videos coming from Medellin In Colombia about this.

Huge Diamond shaped UFO filmed over Medellin In Colombia for over an hour.

Medellin City In Columbia is such a large city that there could be anyone who is hiding anywhere and remotely controlling the UFO? I don't think that this is the case but anything could be reason for this hovering?

This is a strange looking UFO sighting from over Medellin city which is in Columbia.

Credit: UFO_hunter_uk/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News YouTube Channel/Ufosfootage/Canva.

I think he's actually looking for evidence of someone who is standing around maybe with a remote control and flying a drone? There's also no strings or anyone flying a kite anywhere in the vicinity?

There's no way that it's a weather balloon which he actually asks if it could be that at one stage? But again there's nothing to say that it's a weather balloon, a drone or anything else of that nature. It's shape is a Diamond which is strange but not uncommon. It stayed hovering over the city of Medellin In Colombia for over an hour.

Here's the extraordinary video which was uploaded to YouTube by UFO News:

If you know anyone who would appreciate this video, please can you share it with them, thanks. Also I'd like to hear your thoughts and opinions on what you think this could be, cheers.

Credit: UFO_hunter_uk/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News YouTube Channel/Ufosfootage/Canva.

27 Jun 2022

UFO Orb Above Highway In San Diego CA USA June 2022

I alway's say that the UFO Orbs constantly being captured by eye witnesses are the most abundant of all the UFOs on Earth right now in 2022.

Here's yet another UFO Orb sighting which was sent to me today from an eye witness in San Diego CA USA. Omg, it's a literal shower or avalanche of these Orbs every single day.

This is the UFO Orb sighting which was filmed over a highway in San Diego CA USA.

Credit: AC Jewels And Emeralds/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News YouTube Channel/Ufosfootage/Canva.

I really hope that I'm opening people's eyes to the massive influx of these round, spherical shape Orbs that look like white balls during the day and at night time they look like doughnuts lit up by white, red orange or flickering lights. There's no rhyme or reason with these "button UFOs" which is the name that I coined for these last year around October time in 2021. I was again, inundated with these UFOs that had a single small hole inside of the Orb and because there wasn't a few smaller holes inside like on a normal button, it still resembled a button and that's why I called them button UFOs.

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My theory about these Orbs is a simple one and it's totally in line with what us humans have already done as a species on our own technological journey. And we're still doing it to this day because we're going to be sending out our own version of the UFO Orbs, eventually. Take the Starlink satellite WiFi link around the world. Okay, these are square cubes, but it's only the shape that is different from the round sphere's.

To send out satellites into space, to orbit a planet and survey the heck out of it or "them" as in multiple planet's and then send back to Earth all the data that they've been collecting, that means we're doing just the exact same thing as these UFOs - potentially, if that's what the UFO Orbs are doing?

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher  

Are these UFO Orbs (Orbs in particular) surveillance drones?

For another advanced Alien species to be potentially sending out to Earth the many UFO Orbs witnessed by many different people (in the hundreds if not thousands) - they must have a lot of information on humanity already?

This train of thought is absolutely in line with the natural processes of a "newly formed species" that transcends from not being able to leave it's home planet to a species that can now leave it's home planet. Relatively speaking, human beings are a young species, we're barely out of caves and we've only been driving cars for just over 100 years.

Alien's protecting their part of space or just understanding any potential threats out in space and around them is in line with what we do.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher  

So, applying our own behaviour patterns to a wider audience, based on our own surroundings, if we send out surveillance satellite drones like Voyager 1 then maybe it's happening right back to us and guess what, the UFOs that we keep seeing backs up that theory and the US Government UAP videos back up that theory also. That's a possible scenario with 2 answers that back it up.

They are drones to them but UFOs to us humans) that way they (Extraterrestrial entities) can focus on other methods of traveling through space and probably like us, they can design and build other space craft's. Other vehicles designed to travel in space like satellites, telescopes, International Space Station, Probes to land on Moons, probes and helicopters that can land on Mars and fly in Mars atmosphere.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher  

These UAPs or Orbs "Tic Tac shape" UFOs have probably been sent out as surveillance satellites or "drones" to call them by their secondary nick name. Because of all the satellites that humans have sent out into space or just into orbit around the Earth are basically surveillance drones that either emit or receives a signal packed full if information about specific things (ie the sending and receiving or gathering information satellites) or if it's just a relay? It doesn't matter because they all follow a simple process. So, based on this underlying, basic and fundamental plan, it's fair to say (based on valid evidence, not opinions) that Extraterrestrials could be following this simple underlying and very basic step by step plan. It's what we have done and are still doing.

The satellites that we've sent out into space either gather information through sensors or emit signals through transmitters and some are relaying signals just as a relay and that's either in part or as a whole or even stage by stage which only happens after certain parameters are met, set and created after the fact through learning as it goes.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher 

Transmitters and receivers are key. A transmitter encodes a message onto electromagnetic waves through modulation which controls the strength and in turn changes properties of the "wave" to represent the data. These waves flow through space toward the receiver. Okay, if we can communicate with the Voyager 1 satellite that's 15 Billion miles away from Earth, and with our basic technology can you imagine how far an Extraterrestrial craft can travel and still stay in contact relatively easy.

I've just written all that because I want you to know why I believe that these UFO Orbs are surveillance drones sent by an Extraterrestrial species. Yes, we've had UAP disclosure where our US Government has declared that these Tic Tac shaped UFOs are not theirs, they're not from another country and they don't have control over them. That's ruling out everything which is designed to leave only one answer and that's Extraterrestrial craft's. So please don't blush or be embarrassed talking about Aliens existing because they do.

We've created a satellite called Voyager 1 (call them what you like) but the official name satellite should be replaced with "miracle." We can still communicate with it at 15 Billion miles away from Earth! Now that's a miracle.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher  

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Or, they're just decorative "look good" trinkets.

Look, nobody in the public knows specific thing's about these UFO Orbs that are fact - except for the real deal and in the know trusted fellows. We're talking about knowledge that would instantly change the course of humanity. Changing the course of 8 Billion people whom now know for a fact that Extraterrestrials really do exist and they could be amongst us. That's a scenario that I genuinely don't know if I want to experience because I know human beings and I've seen paranoia close up it's not very good. It can make normal everyday people become scared, unpredictable and that's the worst side of any human being. Scared, unpredictable and cornered. But would it be like that if the Government does release that type of information? I doubt it, but you just never know what human beings are capable of.

So, why can't these many UFO Orbs be doing just the same as what we're doing? Albeit though it's on a different scale, we're powered by solar panels, batteries and the UFO Orbs could have some exquisite 👌🏻 technologically advanced propulsion systems straight out of a sci-fi film! There could be an Alien race (species) 500 years ahead of us in terms of space technology ie anti gravity engines and other systems as yet to be invented. But if the Alien's goals are the same, similar sized brains then we really could be looking at our future where we discover an Alien Planet and we send smallish, metallic type material used in the design of spherical shaped Orbs packed full of the shrunken technology...

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher  

Here's the extraordinary video which was uploaded to YouTube by UFO News channel:

If you know anyone who would appreciate this post please share it with them, thanks. Also if you have any thoughts and opinions on this, please leave them below in the comments section, cheers.

Credit: AC Jewels And Emeralds/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News YouTube Channel/Ufosfootage/Canva.

26 Jun 2022

Alien Encounter And Subsequent UFO Video Over 1200 Witnesses

The Carlos Diaz UFO incident and subsequent Extraterrestrial encounter from January 1991 with video photographic evidence showing the huge Alien craft from behind his home in the sky.

Top UFO researcher's Dr John Mack and German author Michael Hesemann have both stated on record that it's a credible UFO and Alien encounter.

Please, before you judge this UFO sighting just remember this also:

The case of Carlos Díaz is one of the most famous UFO contact stories in all of Mexico, barr none! Some come close, but the sheer amount of people who witnessed it, makes it incredibly difficult to dismiss, incredibly difficult! It's a very long story, so I've picked some of the bit's that I found extremely interesting, there's a lot more to this story, check out the links for more information.

Video below

Date: November, 1991

Sighting Time: early hours 

Day/Night: night-time

Location: Ajusco National Forest, Tepoztlán, Mexico.

In January of 1991 12000 eyewitnesses including journalists, scientists and even the Mayor of Mexico City himself also share this same story of an alien encounter with UFOs. Is it the biggest eye witness testimony "ever", who knows? Carlos Diaz has been filming and photographing UFOs over a long period of time. The video below occurred in November of 1991.

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Just look at the size of the UFO next to the tree's and bushes in this photo, it's almost unimaginable in size! I'm genuinely starting to think that there's something here that is why this has been taken so serious by world renowned UFO expert's.

Look at the size of the UFO next to trees in the Carlos Diaz UFO sighting incident.

Here's a photo below that Carlos Diaz had taken while he was crouched down behind a rock. It looks absolutely real and very genuine to me.

Here's a photo of the UFO that Carlos Diaz took from behind a rock.

A beam of light came out of the UFO and hit the ground.

At one point a beam of light was photographed coming out of the huge UFO and traveling to the ground.

On another occasion Carlos Diaz took a photo of the UFO off the ground and behind a tree. Guy's, I'm an absolute believer in this, it's 1981 and nobody could fake photos like this, not to make them look this real. I'm a genuine believer in this, oh and so are the 1200 eye witnesses.

Another time Carlos Diaz took a photo of the large UFO just off the ground and behind a tree.

Below is the Nordic Extraterrestrial entity that Carlos Diaz encounters. Many top, well respected UFO researchers have put their full support behind this UFO encounter and Extraterrestrial encounter. I fully believe that it's a real UFO/Alien incident myself. There's overwhelming evidence to say it did happen as opposed to "someone not liking it" lol. Evidence alway's beats an opinion every, single, time!

Meet Carlos Diaz and the Nordic Extraterrestrial species that he encounters.

Credit: Carlos Diaz/UFO Casebook YouTube Channel/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

Now, that's enough to wet anyone's appetite isn't it! The amount of witnesses that are all describing the same thing's is astonishing. Just imagine how many people are still out there right now that didn't report it or didn't want to report it or simply couldn't report It? There literally could be hundreds more witnesses or thousands more people because of the vast open distances and that's why it could be thee biggest eye witness testimony or at least one of the biggest UFO sighting event's.

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How can we say that all these people (some distinguished people as well like the mayor of Mexico City) are mistaken? It's not like the witnesses are all collectively collaborating or colluding with each other and telling a lie? Although, like anything else - we can't rule it out.

One morning in January 1981, Mexican photographer Carlos Diaz pulled into a deserted car park at Ajusco Park near Mexico City. He was on an assignment for a magazine, and had arranged to meet a journalist who was yet to arrive. Diaz sat in his car, preparing his camera for the job ahead. Although it was early in the morning, the air was thick with humidity which made even sitting still uncomfortable. Impatiently, Diaz began to look at his watch. Suddenly, his attention was caught by a strange yellow glow coming from the valley below him. At first he thought it was a forest fire, but, an instant later, the source of light revealed itself to be a large, orange, oval-shaped UFO, slowly hovering about 30 metres from his car.

Unable to believe his eyes, Diaz quickly grabbed his camera. With it resting on his steering wheel, he began frantically firing off shots. Then, without warning, the whole car began to shake violently. Diaz got out of the vehicle and took two more photographs before the craft sped up vertically into the sky, leaving Diaz in a state of shock. This encounter marked the beginning of what was to develop into one of he most fascinating and long-running contactee cases in the history of UFOlogy. Today, the case remains among a small minority of alledged extraterrestrial encounters to be supported by verified film documentation that has stood up to the scrutiny of a range of experts.

 Issue 89 X Factor

Somebody by now would have said so, right!

There's no way that these people could all be telling a lie, right? It's certainly not impossible, but I doubt it. So now it enters into the realms that are way past "plausible" and it enters into the world of probable! It's the stage of "prepare yourself for Extraterrestrial disclosure." Prepare for knowledge that Alien's have been existing all along on, right here on Earth.

Can you remember recently when we had UAP disclosure...

We've just recently had UAP disclosure, so what do you think is next on the secret agenda? Oh and believe me, there's an agenda at play just like recent world event's would tell us that there's a world agenda like with the oil prices going up "before the Ukraine war" then bleamed the war. What about food shortages "in a 1st world economy", wars are planned don't forget, they don't just happen! The west is seeing the  biggest inflation ever, now you know that there's an agenda.

Because UAP was included in that, with subtle hints of them not being from Earth or another countries advanced aerial tech, it feels like there's a continuation that's going to come "but when"...

If you can read agendas, if you have insidet knowledge or your just adept at figuring out what is going on in the world, from an observation point of view but with an uncanny ability to get it right I'd love to hear from you? Leave your thoughts and opinions either at the bottom of this post or on my Facebook page where I post this and my other blog articles. I'm fully aware that everyone's got an opinion, please guy's let's use our given rights to discuss and debate (nicely) about what's happened in 1991 involving the Carlos Diaz incident.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher 

Carlos Diaz, Mexican national and man with a particular UFO sighting story thst has come to define itself in books and TV as "a mass UFO and Extraterrestrial encounter" that more than likely happened because of the sheer amount of people who saw it and witnessed the Alien being.

Jim C.

Reviewing the Carlos Diaz incident:

Having studied this subject for 50 years and having developed a keen sense of discernment, it appears that Carlos Diaz has the attributes real contactees possess. He seeks no personal gain, lives a simple life, and is amazingly articulate in communicating deep subjects with the simplest of words. Thank you Carlos, and thanks to the film makers.

Here's another quote regarding the Carlos Diaz UFO incident:

Diaz thought his actions had gone unnoticed, but, as he continued to watch the craft, he felt someone grab his shoulder from behind. Diaz immediately fainted, and, when he awoke, it was dark and the UFO was gone.

UFOs Aliens dot co uk 

The size of this craft is definitely what has drawn me to reading up on this encounter. And looking into it was almost certainly because of how many people have gone on record and given their statement's. It's just to big to be a hoax, and even if parts or "titbits" of information doesn't line up it's just because of individual places, seen at different times, from different angles etc which it suggests to me that something definitely happened there, and it was something big! Because, for the time that this was documented (1981) by Carlos Diaz himself, and on other occasions not just once this was unprecedented not only in it's size of the UFO but for the time of 1981. The Alien species he apparently encountered we now know as the Nordics. The Carlos Diaz UFO/Alien story has not changed since he told it! And in my own opinion, which is all anyone really has regarding this otherworldly encounter - is their opinion especially looking into this from a different country, and it's now 30 plus years later, my opinion is that it's real and something definitely happened.

Here's a video showing the "1991 UFO sighting footage which Carlos Diaz took from his home showing the huge UFO which was uploaded to YouTube by UFO Casebook. It looks at this story from a different angle, so that we can get a better understanding of it. This video below throws doubt on the whole story but it's just a segment of a TV show:

This UFO story is up to you, the viewer, the reader and you alone to understand and decide for yourself of your going to believe it or not? But please, respect others right to disagree or believe it? There's no room for angry comments or belittling people. I see it a lot on Facebook where someone says it's a fake and proceeds to write derogatory remarks and cuss and swear. You don't need to come across this way. If you disagree with this or anything else that I post, you don't have to read it or watch it! You don't need to express yourself in such a nasty way "just because you don't agree with someone else's opinions." Respect others rights to an opinion without being harassed or belittled.

Please leave your thought's and opinions on this post below in the comments section cheers. Also share this post if you could, thanks.

Credit: Mexico Unexplained/Carlos Diaz/UFOs Aliens/UFO Casebook YouTube Channel/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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