Astronaut Major James McDivitt Saw Gemini 4 UFO

The Gemini Missions were anything but boring, mundane or routine! This UFO sighting has been described by many people as "the best UFO image taken in space".


It's never, ever gonna get any better than this UFO photo right here in this spectacular image, just below this writing.

Picture found of Gemini 4 UFO.

Credit: NASA/Gemini 4 Mission/Streetcap1 YouTube Channel/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

Astronauts James McDivitt and Ed White circled the Earth 66 times leaving a mark in history as the first multi-day space flight by the United States. During the mission, the astronauts photographed a mysterious, cylindrical-shaped object which is hailed by many authors as one of the best UFO images.

Gemini 4 UFO seen by astronauts.

Credit: NASA/Gemini 4 Mission/Streetcap1 YouTube Channel/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

It's (above link) the actual full and raw Gemini 4 UFO image. Check it out before it's removed because that is the best UFO you and I will probably ever see!


In June 1965, Major James McDivitt saw, filmed, and photographed an object, which approached the Gemini IV (3rd June -- 7th June 1965) capsule in which they were orbiting the Earth, passing over Hawaii. He stated: "It had a very definite shape - a cylindrical object - it was white - it had a long arm that stuck out on the side."{alertInfo}

Unless you have an actual UFO experience - where you have a meet and greet, have tea cakes and swap business cards. Unless that happens then this UFO is astronaut verified, it's NASA stamped and even though NASA has lost most credibility when it comes to UFOs and Aliens. It took the US Government to tell the world that UFOs exist instead of the institution (NASA) that was set up to handle that type of stuff.

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The image is fascinating, almost always overlooked and hardly ever mentioned in TV shows or at meetings, podcasts and specific documentaries. I think it's all by design because nowadays there are so many incidents to choose from that putting this to the side must mean that there's a better one to talk about. Which is very hard to believe...

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It's got the one thing every Ufologist looks for though! I'm talking about its sharp looks, the right angles, the left angles, the colours are so bright and very distinctive, discernible and the shape of the front as opposed to the back gives this an obvious look that it's pointing in a specific direction. And also, it's moving in the direction that it's propelling itself so there are a few things about it that are intelligent, deliberate and precise. No blurred edges or suspicious-looking strings are holding it up with no blurred edges from a copy and pasting which adds up to this being one of the best UFO incidents that have more than likely happened in space.

We can deny it and find something, anything, anything at all to dismiss this. People forget how easy it is to dismiss even real UFO sightings.

There's a simple example of what I'm saying:

Take anything that is a fact and cast doubt on it... For instance. The Moon landing itself is hotly debated. Someone just writes It's been a fake Moon landing" and it throws doubt. So. E people will say that's proof alone. Writing it doesn't make it so.

Another instance is that the Apollo mission stopped at number 17. Only the Apollo 13 crew never made it to the Moon and landed on the Lunar surface. There are lots of ways to throw doubt on UFOs and actual events and there are ways to promote fake events as real. It's a weird world we live in. The last flight, Apollo 17, occurred in December 1972.

But, did you know that the Apollo Moon missions were paid for, planned, crews picked and allegedly went ahead in secret because the other crews found Alien technology and the last few missions were recovery missions of the technology? Of course, this is all conspiracy if you believe NASA, the same NASA that turns off the ISS live feed when a UFO turns up at the outer perimeter of the ISS. You already know about this because it's always happened since the ISS live feed was a thing to begin with.

Here's the full YouTube video uploaded by JayTee RC above.

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Credit: JayTee RC/NASA/Gemini 4 Mission/Streetcap1 YouTube Channel/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.


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  1. Occam's razor: It's more likely to be an artefact of the film, rather than something that was in the field of view when the photograph was taken.

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