Ancient Alien Evidence Beings From The Future

If ancient astronauts did land on Earth, then some of the mysteries of our past would take a new and startling light.

Perhaps they were worshiped, feared, loved or perhaps they brought the key's to the gates of knowledge and early humans were simply the principle, original believers. Read on for a lot more interesting info.

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The supposition that ancient astronauts visited the Earth thousands of years ago, or even once in the Biblical past is a hotly debated topic. The implications seem staggering. Could it be that the ancient Sumerians were not using their imaginations at all to record stories of their gods having landed on Earth? The Ancient Astronaut Theory attempts to answer questions about our past and early civilizations, with evidence from anomaly researchers, anthropologists, mythologists, archaeologists and other sources.

The aliens that visited us now, many thousands of years ago, may have just been humans from a distant time. With some of our past held in the word of alien archeology. Ancient aliens is a prevalent theory, but I don't think it's just aliens, we are special and powerful beings, who have always been in the universe. We evolved from other life to create a "consciousness of understanding" that every being on Earth can share with others. The universe is not just for us to discover even if we have come back into our own past from a future clearly inhabited by very intelligent human beings.

Ancient Aliens have been found depicted in all cultures going way back to the very distant past.

Ancient Alien astronaut wearing a helmet and suit.

Modern day astronaut versus an ancient Alien being.

Credit: Pinterest Search/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

The images above are from website Pinterest, it's the search bar which is probably one of the biggest ancient Alien and UFO sighting's archives. Check it out for yourself and read all you can.

If we accept the premise that beings from another civilization visited here ages ago, then some of the mysteries of our past take a new and startling light.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher 

The theory states that the function of megaliths, such as the Egyptian pyramids, and Stonehenge in England, was to point the way to home star systems after their construction by alien astronauts. The Stone Age builders used geometric methods because this was all they had at the time. An example is the special triangle relationship built into the Great Pyramid's internal structure. This exact same relationship can be found in the sky between three stars in our galaxy. What are these stones actually marking right across the world?

Ancient astronaut theory that is simply suggests that extraterrestrials with superior technology were visiting Earth in antiquity. It holds that these relatively advanced beings traveled to Earth from another planet and made contact with our primitive civilizations, thus influencing the development of the human race.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher

How does an alien culture advance to the level of a civilization? I mean a civilization that builds monumental structures (our past) and makes permanent homes for themselves. According to the ancient Astronaut theory, it doesn't happen alone. These aliens have been around Earth for a long time. They must have some magical ability that we don't have or maybe it's just their drive to survive and advance forward that makes them such great builders of civilizations. It also might be their influence on humanity that is responsible for things like religion, ancient astrology, myth's and other forms of thought like quantum physics.

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Or, was this all human beings true abilities? Maybe this is why it's so hard to accept and or believe, because it means we'd have to adopt certain belief's like humans not being responsible for "their own past" like in mathematics and science. The astrological and or the astronomy community and it's proud histories (just as an example) would have to seriously consider their past and would have to accept that it isn't theirs but instead Alien beings are responsible... It'd be a hard pill to swallow for sure don't you think? This is why it's so hard for the academic society to accept, because it would mean a large proportion of history wouldn't be attributed to humanity but Extraterrestrial entities instead.

  • If ancient astronauts did land on Earth what effect did they have had on humans.
  • Perhaps they were worshiped, feared, loved?
  • If we accept the premise that beings from another civilization visited here ages ago, then some of the mysteries of our past take on a new and startling light.

If we believed that ancient Aliens definitely did visit our ancestors then we'd have to start believing in new thing's like...

  • The Sumerians believed their culture was given to them by gods from the sky who came down to earth in a flying machine called 'vimana'.
  • The oldest known reference to these flights comes from a Babylonian text which dates back to 1900 BC.
  • It tells of how King Anu's son Enlil made an airship trip to Nibiru (home planet) with his sister Ninmah and half brother Enki.
In 1975 Dr Zechariah Sitchin published his book The 12th Planet which put forward the theory that ancient Sumer was visited by beings from another world who came here to mine gold and other minerals needed for survival on their home planet Nibiru (which orbits our sun). These aliens genetically modified early man into Homo Sapiens so they could carry out orders.

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The evidence for these ancient astronauts may be found in the numerous ancient cultures all across our planet. From the benevolent Annunaki of ancient Sumerian texts to the star-gods of the Dogons from Mali, these visitors from another planet have been recorded in myths and folklore for a very long time.

What if the same aliens that brought us here, to this planet had visited before. Ancient cultures appear to have a knowledge of god-like beings, who came down from above. The bible tells of how god created man in his image, were these gods and goddesses visiting earth for the same reason we are visiting the Moon and Mars, curiosity, or did they come with a different agenda all together because they knew life was here?

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So, were they on Earth? According to some UFOlogists, it's very clear that they were and their influences are incorporated into all facets of human life, including religion and the arts. But is this additional proof of their existence or simply a means to enrich our own understanding of the world we live in? Whatever the case may be we see in UFOlogy that there's a light for those who seek answers about the universe.

We have all seen the ancient astronaut theories and books except that they seem to be confined to a closed set of authors. I am here not to prove whether they are right but to show them in a new light.

Within the ancient Alien Theory, there is some contention about when these extra-terrestrial aliens came down to earth and whether they mated with humans and even if they could be found today.

Are we alone in the universe? Could there be other civilizations out there that have visited us? So far as we know, there are no signs of intelligent life out there beyond us. However, what if there was a civilization long ago that happened to look like us, but were not of this planet? And instead of flying your typical saucer shaped UFO, they may have flown something much more substantial and realistic looking. Maybe it was made to resemble a dragon or god for all of those who examined it. Or maybe it was used as an inspiration for legends of gods that live in the sky with fire breathing dragons.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher

If ancient aliens visited Earth and subsequently other planets, what impact did they have on civilizations? We know many stars are suns with planetary systems around them. There are now millions upon millions of planets and moons that have been discovered in the universe. Many of these worlds could have been home to life at some point during their existence and history. If a civilization advanced enough to explore space came across an earthlike planet, would they want to visit? Would they establish a colony here? Or would they view our world as a primitive backwater planet and decide not to waste too much time with it?

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Many ancient relics and artworks around the world from antiquity seem to have a message about how the "sphere shaped crafts" visited this planet. These alien visitors were often portrayed as gods that where gifted, who gave new knowledge for humans, sometimes given as a reward for their worship and faith. Some alien artwork shows the "giants from above" teaching and helping to build new artworks like pyramids and Stonehenge, but did they also bring plagues, floods and earthquakes as well.

The idea of ancient aliens is one that for the longest time was looked at as ridiculous and even hogwash by many scientists and mainstream thinkers alike. But if you take a look at the sheer volume, the amount of evidence that has been uncovered concerning advanced ancient technologies, and even ancient symbols, then you might also start to wonder yourself. It's not just to say that there was extraterrestrials here on Earth a very long time ago but they may have had other worldly technologies that they brought with them or maybe it turned out to be our ancestors who had the advanced technology and was dealing with these Aliens in knowledge, genius like mathematics and people who had unique skills either just as good or better than any advanced computer!

What if ancient astronauts did visit Earth? The idea is now being taken seriously by many reputable scientists and scholars. Whether we like it or not, the possibility of life existing on other worlds is not as far-fetched as it once was. "A growing number of scientists supported by substantial evidence are coming to the conclusion that some form of extraterrestrial contact has indeed occurred," says Dr. Michael Salla, a PhD in political science who has written two books on the subject.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher

Because let's face it, human beings are no idiots! We can achieve anything, we already have achieved a lot. Maybe our ancient ancestors where the vessels that just needed filling with knowledge, enough knowledge until wisdom took over their thoughts and "that's when the gates to innate wisdom" took over in a genius way...

Maybe it's human beings all along and it's us from the future...

Maybe Extraterrestrial entities coming from space is actually us because if you look at iur body language when we talk about this we generally point up to space and point back to Earth and then we point to ourselves when we say "Aliens visited us from space here on Earth.

That's pointing up, pointing down and pointing at ourselves!

Body language is pure, it can't lie. I'm starting to think that these UFOs are ours because there's got to be a very, very good reason why the US Air Force, the UK Air Force hasn't engaged them with a volley of everything! Because it's us all along perhaps and some certain president or puppet controllers know this information and it's just a simple command over the airwaves... Stand down! No reason needed, it's the military and they follow any order given like it was a bodily command!

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If we accept the premise that beings from another civilization visited our planet ages ago, then some of the mysteries of our past take on a new and startling light.

Of course, if aliens ever did visit us, this could be the reason why we can't find any evidence of them. Perhaps they were here in the past and simply erased all evidence of their visitations? One thing is for certain: many cultures around the world have myths about ancient visitors from outer space—and those myths may contain a grain of truth.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher

I thoroughly enjoyed writing this post. I absolutely love the ancient Alien conspiracy theory and it's potentially controversial meanings. Imagine just for a second what would have to change if we all of a sudden decided to attrib changed our past in a way that individual people aren't responsible for our own advances in technology, thought and science, the arts and academia.

While Ancient Alien Theory is surely an interesting and potentially exciting line of thought to follow, the reality is that we simply don't have enough hard evidence to support the idea that aliens ever visited Earth. Hell, we don't really even have evidence to suggest they exist at all!

The idea that the advanced being's may have been here in the past to mine raw materials and impart knowledge is a plausible theory. The world has hundreds of thousands of ancient monuments, that defy explanation and are not understood by modern technology. This is another good reason for aliens landing on earth as well.

Here's a fantastic video that I have discovered that talks a lot about Aliens in our very ancient past:

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Credit: Pinterest Search/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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  1. Very well put forward thought and argument. I like the way you think /rationalise. On this subject. personally, I take it literal as the evidence in ancient religious texts and mythologies put it forward (however limited the evidence may be). Clearly most ancient religious texts, mention Celestial beings /entities coming down to Earth (from the Heavens) and interfering with the outcomes of our human routines, endeavours, or even culture (think about the Watcher Angels /Fallen Angels of the Bible or the renegade angels of the book of Enoch). If these events happened, why couldn't we simply substitute the Angelic with the word 'Alien' or 'Extra terrestial'? If we did, then suddenly it becomes perceivable /believable. The problem is we assume ancient Celestials could not have had technology as part their operations. And if we struggle with this reality of Aliens (which I believe exist), its no different from how a majority of modern humanity have struggled to accept or believe the existence of religious characters, even worse divine and Celestial entities /characters - eg like those mentioned in the Bible. Personally, I believe in all, and also believe they are all interlinked and the same old religious stories continuing - in real time, ie present day.

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