Pyramid Shaped UFO Sighting With UFO Sphere At The Shuttle Filmed By NASA

Yes, this is the strangest UFO sighting that NASA has apparently filmed "ever" but it's as always up to us to believe it or not?

To be honest with you guys, I used to have no qualms about accepting this particular UFO Pyramid shaped UFO and the other UFO which looks like s ball of rice.

Pyramid shaped UFO sighting with a Sphere UFO sighting at the 1998 shuttle.

Credit: UFO News/Ufosfootage/UFO Sighting's Footage YouTube Channel/Canva.

But recently I'm not sure what to believe anymore. Also, I'm sick of taking guff about asking for people's opinions and comments? It's almost as if I've filmed it, or I'm somehow to blame which is laughable.

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For years speculation has run rampant about UFOs and what may be going on. So when it was discovered that NASA had footage of a UFO sighting, UFO enthusiasts were excited. The video shows what looks like a UFO with a pyramid shape with windows on it's side facing the camera. It seems too much like craft from Star Wars, to ignore. Many researchers say this is evidence of extraterrestrial life visiting us. But I'm beginning to wonder what this actually means on the whole.

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STS-88 was the first Space Shuttle mission to the International Space Station (ISS). It was flown by Space Shuttle Endeavour, and took the first American module, the Unity node, to the station.

Here's the extraordinary video which was uploaded to YouTube from UFO News:

Please leave your thoughts and opinions on what you reckon about this video?


This is a spectacular UFO filmed from the ISS when the Shuttle had an unexpected visit by a Pyramid shaped UFO. It's a great piece of UFO evidence caught on camera by Astronauts in the ISS. The shadows are in perfect sync with the shadows from the Shuttle and the ISS.

Reflections are the hardest probably to fake because it's light, I guess it's harder to get this on all the right surfaces as if there's an invisible vanishing point from the Sun and it's the shape of the UFO Pyramid. It's even got windows and the light is looking great on it's window frames. Put it this way, if it's a fake UFO then it's absolutely stunning - but I really don't appreciate it. It's hacking away at Ufology in a negative way, chipping at the legitimacy of even the real UFO videos.

Credit: UFO News/Ufosfootage/UFO Sighting's Footage YouTube Channel/Canva.

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