This Looks Like Animals On Mars In NASA Images

These are apparently sand dunes covered in subliming seasonal frost in Spring (whatever that means lol)? They are also in the polar regions of the planet Mars.


  • This is a herd of animals right?
  • the thing has a head and a tail.
  • Yes it is, but it's on Mars!


We've got the Raw official image from the horse's mouth so to speak and that's NASA JPL. Mars is so interesting nowadays and many people are coming round to the notion that Mars used to be a place of life, culture and society.

People are starting to think and believe through rational common sense that there was once a civilisation on Mars which annihilated itself through nuclear or another unnatural apocalyptic event? It just makes complete sense after all the stuff which has been discovered there.


It seems right because of all the strange things discovered on Mars and all have been discovered through NASA's very own images and other interested parties with satellites and other imaging devices all aimed at Mars?

There are many things like shoes, fossilised animals, guns, lizards, people and soldiers. Seriously just type in Mars anomalies and Mars structures and you'll be inundated with extremely amazing anomalies.

It really looks like there are larger animals at the front of this pack and could even be a family inside of a larger pack or herd of animals on Mars searching for nutrition or some other form of sustenance? This seems legit to me.


For what seems like there was nothing there when NASA focused it's telescopes on to its surface all them years ago. But for the fact they are there now, we can see UFOs, tornadoes, weather, ice and again all the very, very bizarre things that shouldn't be there. Life on Mars, oh for sure.

Guys it's all about opinions and everyone has got one. That's not that doesn't mean that they're worth nothing or shouldn't be taken to seriously because it';s actually the opposite. It means that more people are educated and more and more people can understand alternative media. it's all good and it means that when disclosure is eventually announced it means people will be able to understand it more easier.

Here is the official writing which accompanies this image:

17 August 2004.

This July 2004 Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC) image shows a group of aligned barchan sand dunes in the martian north polar region. At the time, the dunes were covered with seasonal frost, but the frost had begun to sublime away, leaving dark spots and dark outlines around the dunes. The surrounding plains exhibit small, diffuse spots that are also the result of subliming seasonal frost. This northern spring image, acquired on a descending ground track (as MGS was moving north to south on the "night" side of Mars) is located near 78.8°N, 34.8°W. The image covers an area about 3 km (1.9 mi) across and sunlight illuminates the scene from the upper left.

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Image Details Mission: Mars Global Surveyor (MGS)
Target: Mars
Spacecraft: Mars Global Surveyor Orbiter
Instrument: Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC)
Full-Res TIFF: PIA06809.tif
Full-Res JPG: PIA06809.jpg

Image credit: NASA/JPL/Malin Space Science Systems

Source Raw Image NASA JPL.
Source Aligned Defrosting Dunes NASA JPL.

Is This An Ancient Bridge I Found On Mars

Bridge on Mars that I discovered.

Image Credit NASA/MSSS

After checking out some images from Mars missions I decided to go and check out some other images and I came across this (what looks like an ancient bridge). I just can't believe that it was in the very, very first image! Is this an ancient relic of a past civilisation that was once on Mars.

I literally just did a game of darts and picked at random an image which then I enlarged the image and there was what definitely looks like a bridge because I can even make out the shadow underneath the spanning platform. I suppose coming across this was all down to luck.

It even looks like a bridge that you walk up like a ramp - on the left side and then it either has a lift to take people down or something else?

You can clearly make out the shadow underneath this Mars bridge.

This image is a huge strip image and it was just staring at me because I zoomed right in on it and pinch zoomed the rest of the way.

I thought this can't be a blooming bridge because as I say it was literally the first one I looked at.

All the information is here in the following links and image names and reference numbers etc:


West Arabia crater MSL candidate site 26 of 33 09 Nov 2006.

Mars Global Surveyor, Mars Orbiter, Camera images of Candidate 2009, Mars Science Laboratory, Landing Sites/Regions.

Data Acquired October 2005 – September 2006 (S11 – S22).

The de-striped context is:

The bigger image showing where the smaller image strip is located on Mars.

Image Credit/NASA/MSSS

The above image is a full zoom out of the actual area from where the image strip is located. This image is an idea of just how big an area of which the images cover?

It's an eye opening sight. the image below is from halfway down the image strip and shows me what looks like water? So this could be two anomalies in one image?

Imagine what else is in the other images as this is the first one I checked.

It looks like there is even water on Mars with these images.

Seriously it looks like there is even water on the same image? It's a bit lower down on the same image and keeping to the right side for both anomalies.

All the links to these images are in this post. Guys, if you get any spare time I suggest that you check out some images from Mars as there is still amazing things to discover.

Source Malin Space Science Systems (MSSS).
Source Reference NASA Mars Archive.
Source Mars Global Surveyor Program.
Source Reference Mars Orbiter Camera.
Source Reference Mars Orbiter Camera geodesy campaign (pdf).

Cigar Shaped UFO Mothership Picks Up 2 UFOs

UFO Mothership over South Africa picking up 2 UFOs.

Here is the great footage of a Mothership picking up two (not just one but two UFOs) right over Johannesburg in South Africa.

I say it's great footage because it is great footage but if it's real or not I have no idea? This could literally be any skies?

Both UFOs flying in to the Mothership UFO.

This is an old video from at least 2014 as far as I can tell. It looks to good to be true what do you think guys? This could be CGI or just a piece of software anyone could use? I'm not to sure about this but still it's got tot be posted on.

UFO actually going in to the Mothership UFO.
This is a great image showing one of the UFOs going in to the Mothership.

Because it's a UFO sighting, they all need looking into and as this was a while ago can anyone tell us all what became of this? There seems to be not a lot of information about this. We know that UFOs Magazine was investigating this but on their Instagram account it literally only has the video and it says the following:

This image shows the Mothership UFO and the two other UFOs from far off.

Ufo in the shape of a cigar picks up two probes under the skies of Johannesburg. That's it, this was a while ago aswell. We believe this sighting actually goes all the way back to at least 2012 after just looking on social media, but again that's all there is.

Here is the actual video:

Source UFOs Magazine Instagram.

Government Confirm Mysterious UFO Is Not Made By Man

Real UFO image confirmed by the Chilean government.

So here we have the truth at last about UFOs and that they are not made on this planet (at least the real ones aren't made here on Earth) but by Aliens on another planet somewhere in space.

This is a revelation of the highest and what Chile has done has taken courage and individuality, good on them.

Really good footage of a real UFO over a Chilean mine.

Authorities revealed that they do not recognise the strange object which was captured hovering in the skies

A UFO that was sighted in Chile is 'not a known object made by man', according to the country's government.

Officials released the footage after completing a thorough investigation and have announced in a report that the mysterious object is not one they recognise.

UFO footage caught on camera over Chile and confirmed by scientists and the Chile government.

They confirmed that the silver disc seen in the clip was approximately 10 metres in diameter and performed with vertical and horizontal movements that no other aircraft can do, according to Chilean media reports.

Scientists at the Committee for the Study of Anomalous Ariel Phenomena (CEFAA) confirmed: "It is not any weather phenomenon or any other known object made by man."

The footage was originally shot in April 2013 by miners who were working at the Collahuasi copper mine in north Chile. Initially, they chose to keep the clip under wraps, for fear of being ridiculed, but later showed the clip to one of their bosses who insisted on sending copies to the CEFAA in February 2014.

The witnesses, who have chosen to remain anonymous, revealed that the object hovered in the sky for over an hour, and did not make any sound.

According to reports published in July 2014, the Chilean Meteorological Office confirmed that the sky was clear on the day in question and now lenticular clouds (saucer shaped cloud formations) were recorded. José Lay, director of international affairs at CEFAA also excluded the possibility that the UFO could be a drone.

"People in that area are well aware of the existence of drones.

"Fishing companies use drones and [they] make much noise. This was definitely not a drone." Officials also ruled out experimental aircraft, weather balloons, or other military drills that could explain the incident.

Source Mirror.
Source Committee For The Study Of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena.

Costa Rica UFO Sighting Reported To MUFON

UFO caught on camera in Costa Rica.

A few years ago this unusual looking metallic UFO was reported to MUFON and was at the time - said to be one of Costa Rica's best ever UFOs. But, this thing is changing it's shape from image to image?

That's very strange, no matter how I tried to line them up from one image to the next, they just didn't fit each other or look "exactly the same" but the should right and usually UFOs don't change shape or do they? So, is this a few UFOs photographed or is this the same UFO but in different poses. It makes me wonder... I'm not saying it's not a UFO, i'm saying that this is changing it's shape which would be a shape shifter.

Is this a UFO or a shape shifting Alien which was caught on camera.

There are times when UFOs can come out of nowhere and just be bizarre and I say that because this looks like a bird or an animal of some sorts but this thing flies and it's silent. So apparently this is not a drone as the eye witness had totally discounted this as been one. But again, what the heck is this because without any video we might never know.

Close up of a UFO in Costa Rica.

It is witnessed gliding over the trees and that's it.

There's no video and that's a strange thing in itself because it actually looks like these images where taken off of a video - so where is it?

Described at the time of been captured as the best UFO footage.

Here is what News punch had to say about this:

Photos of an absolutely bizarre UFO sighting – now being labelled one of the strangest ever on record – are being taken seriously by a well-recognised global unidentified flying craft organisation

Here's what the Express had to say about this aswell:

PHOTOGRAPHS of a bizarre unidentified flying craft sighting - branded one of the weirdest and clearest on record - are being taken seriously by a recognised global UFO organisation.

Here is what the actual eye witness has to say about this Manta Ray looking UFO:

Costa Rica UFO could of been an actual shape shifter.

Detailed Description by the eye witness to MUFON (it's in their own words with spelling mistakes and all):

I was on a soccer field. saw dark hovering object against sky to tehe east. at first i thought it was a photography drone. i grabbed my camera and started capturing the object, then, i was not pretty sure what it was, because i could not see propellers, like the ones on a drone. the object had a manta-ray shape. surface did not reflected sunlight much, despite it was a bright morning. object overerd downtown, similar to a drone type-flight. it descended a few meters and flew slowly towards north. object ended up near a hill where i lost sight, blended with tree canopy. sighting lasted around 11 minutes.

Source MUFON.
Source UFO Stalker.
Source Reference News punch.
Source Reference Express.

TR3b Stealth Craft Or UFO Seen All Over The Earth

Stealth aircraft called the TR3b seen all over the world.

The TR3b is a known triangular aircraft that was "possibly" a back engineered piece of gold but was only made possible from a real crashed UFO.

And now this craft (or our TR3b) has utilised some components from the downed UFO or crashed unidentified flying object and has integrated all of the technology.


All of which can be understood and broken down also remade - using existing materials and methods from this planet.


Why? Because they only want what they can make again and again to eventually have a fleet, a fully stocked fleet of aircraft that is capable of some of the most unusual, mind blowing and very otherworldly missions! And I believe that they have that now?

Or a Space Force?

It's as simple as that really? They want and got a craft that can operate here on Earth and in space. High altitude jets was mankind's real achievement (on our own achievement) it was a fully man made jet aircraft. Then when we come across the Alien technology and as you well know by now, that has allowed us to travel from Earth in to space in way that we could of only been imagined.

Aliens have allowed Trump to announce a Space Force because without their influence or crafts our Space Force wouldn't of been possible at all. What else is going to be announced by Trump? What other amazing things are going to be announced?

That Aliens exist.

Think about it, a Space Force primary function will be to protect us, but against what? Russia? Well they're on Earth plus we already have a military for that! So why has he announced a Space Force, because of what is to come, the next news is that Aliens are real and they exist but don't worry because like he already said "we have a Space Force" to rely on and to protect us.


The technology from that was put in to a whole new craft (the TR3b) and because it has a mix of Alien and human technology it literally has the best of both worlds so-to-speak.

The top secret project Aurora developed a craft under the code name Astra which was for tactical reconnaissance. After researching this amazing craft it is quite possibly one of the best aircraft's out there that is in the militaries arsenal.

It's definitely stealthy, can fly at practically any speeds it wants and has been seen because it's just unfortunate.

I say unfortunate because it's designed not to be seen, heard or known about so to have photographed it and videoed it or even know about it, that must of become about by accident? Like someone was in the right place at the right time to catch it off guard.

UFO investigators claim a legendary alleged top secret US spy craft, developed using alien technology, may have been caught on video camera.

Researchers are looking at footage showing three glowing lights filmed over Barrie, Ontario, in Canada.

The UFO sighting was reported to the US-based Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), which holds a global database of UFO and alien alleged sightings. So we will let you know more about it when we know more.

Here is a video about seeing the TR3b over Paris, France in 2008.

Whether or not the craft in the above video is actually a TR-3B may never be known, but it is a triangular shape with an arrangement of bright lights on the underside of the craft at the corners and center of the triangle.

TR-3B Code Named Astra According to an article at the DarkGovernment website.

The TR-3B is a tactical reconnaissance craft code named Astra which has been developed under the top secret Aurora program. “The Aurora is the most classified aerospace development program in existence. The TR-3B is the most exotic vehicle created by the Aurora Program.

Source Express.
Source Wikipedia.
Source The Event Chronicle.
Source Reference MUFON.

Silver Metallic UFO Whizzed Past Shocked Onlookers In Scotland

UFO sighting in Stranraer Scotland in September 2018.

Image Credit/Ian and Lewis Cowan

In this post we're bringing you a never before seen silver metallic UFO that was caught on camera over Stranraer in Scotland, UK in September 2018 by two brothers called Ian and Lewis Cowan.

The silver metallic looking UFO or "craft" has all the signs and hallmarks that this could be one of the best sightings of September 2018.

I put this image together of the same UFO but it's looking in different directions.

Image Credit/Ian and Lewis Cowan

In the above image I have put together the same UFO but I wanted to show you what it's doing, it looks like it's scanning the area and it looks like it's doing it frantically? it's only 15 seconds long and it could just be getting it's bearings or been blown about by the wind, but it is definitely under intelligent command either it's us or Aliens.

When we compared it to some of the other UFO encounters that we published in that particular month, this one really does stand out? I mean look at it, it's got definition, it's got no signs of propulsion or any signs of man made technology and it literally defies gravity with no signs of technology, mechanical or otherwise.

Yet there it is flying at speed and manoeuvring at the steepest angles! There's no exhaust, no propellers, no jets and no exotic "as yet unknown" technology involved on the outside so it's a straight up anomaly.

It even looks like it's tumbling but in a forward tumbling motion towards the very end of the video. Although it's a short UFO footage video of 15 seconds, it is straight to the point and it gives us a clear look at the UFO. It's amazing.

Ian Cowan said that the silver UFO was moving so fast that it couldn't of originated here on Earth and in actual fact it's just one of 3 other unusual and strange sightings in this particular area in the last past 5 years alone says Ian Cowan (eye witness).

In the Facebook messages back and forth between UFO Sightings Footage and Ian Cowan he told us that he believes this is definitely real and not a hoax at all and I believe him.

He or his brother at this time has no reason whatsoever to fake this which this is usually the point at which many hoaxes are outed.

UFO encounter in Stranraer,  Scotland UK.

But because there was no ulterior motives involved or surfaced and there was nothing extra added to our conversations on Facebook - just genuine excitement with the camera footage, so with this I've got to back it as all the signs point to this UFO been real. Very cool.

UFO footage from Stranraer in Scotland of a silver metallic craft.

It's actually quite refreshing and it tell's me a lot about their intentions which is the love of Ufology, it tells me that this is real (at least on Ian and his brothers part) and that's great. This is the first time this video has been posted online and such I would like to say a massive "thank you" to Ian and Lewis Cowan for sending it to us here at UFO Sightings Footage.

Video Credit/Ian and Lewis Cowan

It's always a great day when we can add to the ever growing list of UK UFO reports and more precisely local reports like in this case, Stranraer in Scotland.

Check out our other UFO encounter posts here. we have some of the very best UFO and conspiracy posts that there is online. We've been researching and discovering archives going way's back. Our discoveries are in various areas of conspiracy theories and Ufology. All we want is to further and add to Ufology in a good way by thoroughly researching national archives old and new plus sharing real peoples stories and we believe this is honouring that.

Source Ian and Lewis Cowan.
Source Ian Cowan Facebook.

Technology To Build Puma Punku Did Not Exist But Yet They Do

Puma Punku is a really interesting place that has a great story of Aliens and advanced technology.

How did this fascinating and extremely controversial, ancient and marvel of the ancient age get built without anything remotely existing that could get the job done "and" get it done to such a magnificent standard, that it can't even be done today using the technology that we "think" they had?

You see that word think?

It all comes down to that one word. What we think they used was "primitive tools" and a moderately skilled work force yet even in today's world it couldn't be done so something or someone with extraordinary skills or extraordinary tools (for the time) had to of been utilised and deployed? That all stands to reason right...

The strange blocks carved at Pumu Punku could of been done by Advanced Technology.

Well actually in plain terms there's no way that this was made by using "of the times methods" of construction that even predates the Incas. Seriously even if they had the worlds best architect to plan everything and use strategies, there's no way it could of been achieved using the tools they had to hand.

So it is suggested that advanced machinery was used by Aliens or by people with special powers and that this place is actually as old as hundreds of thousands of years old.

Puma Punka was an abandoned city (apparently, but how do they know that and if they know that - when was it abandoned?) which was part of the conquered area that the Incas took over. They moved in yadda yadda and still we have no answers?

It was a place which only came to light because the Incas moved right on in and incorporated it in to their own empire. Puma Punka was incorporated in to the ancient city of Tiwanaku, that's a fact.

This doesn't sit right with me because it just came out of the jungle and literally has all the hallmarks of been part of some intelligently built city by an advanced peoples and culture with strange symbols that are everywhere still to this day they survive in excellent condition? Plus the building of the place could not be done! There is that don't forget.

The strange blocks carved at Pumu Punku could of been done by Advanced Technology.

Here is my biggest and most spectacular problem with all of this:

The Incas believed that Puma Punku was the place where Viracocha, their deity of creation, created the ancestral people of all ethnicity and races and sent them out into the world to populate their respective lands and areas. But, they didn't even know it existed before they moved in so how do they know this and they moved in because it was abandoned right! I don't get that?

How, what and where? So if they believed this then it cannot of been their original cultural belief because they didn't know about Puma Punku right? It's like saying that London is our cultural heartland but not even knowing it existed. They must of found Puma Punku then wrote all that in to their beliefs.

Which came first the egg or the Chicken and either way this doesn't stand up to any kind of logic! Is this made up by an organisation to get us to think that this was attributed to a peoples because there really is no explanation for it (Puma Punku) existing but yet it does exist and it has all the hall marks of being made by Aliens, I wonder.

So this is my question, what was there, already "why we are been denied the knowledge of Puma Punku" what was it that made the Incas change their whole culture, religion and beliefs plus their understanding and even their own creation story got changed to this one we have now!

What the hell went on back then that we are been denied the knowledge of? The Incas were not idiots, they was a supreme peoples with supreme abilities and they had advanced everything "for the times".

The Incas had reason, they had knowledge and they certainly had something which enticed them from Puma Punku to change their whole beliefs as a one people system. That is like us modern day people, all of a sudden finding a hidden city in the forest and taking it over and living in it, changing our culture and our religion and our creation story.

Their ancestors lived and died for their previous cultural beliefs and their previous ways of life so again I ask, what the hell was in this city called Puma Punku, which just appeared from nowhere and made the Incas change everything?

Was it abandoned by a people that had either enough of it and walked away or did they all die in a way as yet unknown? Was it because "they" left Earth (literally) or did they simply abandon it to move elsewhere on Earth - if so the who were they and where did they go?

The H stones are a very good indicator of advanced technology by Aliens.

Ancient Origins has researched this topic at length so it was only natural that the questions I had about Puma Punku I went there to research, but actually it too cannot give us a time frame on when Puma Punku was established or created, built or transformed. They can give us a few educated guesses but that's it. All links for reference are at the bottom.

So yet again, with the age of Puma Punku in dispute, it could be hundreds of years old or thousands and thousands of years old depending on who you ask? So what other so-called facts can we check up on, it's Puma Punku so everything is up for discussion by everyone and their Budgie? But that's for another day and another story otherwise this post will become a book and it's long enough already, lol.

Here's a great video you should see from Zeg TV Hidden From The Public.

Source Reference Ancient Origins.
Source Reference The Epoch Times.
Source Zeg TV Hidden From The Public.

Strange Elongated Skulls Found In Bolivia Tombs

Archaeologist Jedu Sagarnaga holds a skull that is definitely strange and could be influenced by Ancient Aliens.

Archaeologist (image Credits/Jedu Sagarnaga) holds a skull as part of an archaeological finding, dated approximately 500 years ago, in Mazo Cruz, near Viacha, Bolivia.

Now this is my theory:

In the ancient times countries started building Pyramids all of a sudden right? It's as if someone went on a modern ambassador equivalent tour to promote Pyramids as the next best building craze and sold the rights to build them to individual peoples. Then all of a sudden it's as if people started to stretch their heads or elongate them all of a sudden, but why?

Was the elongated skulls directly influenced by ancient Aliens and how they looked.

Putting the two together I think this is why it all happened:

The ancient peoples saw these "visitors" coming down from space and they looked strange, different with elongated heads and when the Aliens went from place to place visiting people on different continents they inadvertently started of a craze of people wanting to look like them so they imitated their look by stretching, compressing and tying their heads up so they would eventually grow in to the shape that they want which is to look like their now Gods.

This is the same for Pyramids:

people saw the shapes of the Gods heavenly chariots (the only name they had for a horseless carriage) and they started to build Pyramids and use them for worship! This is now all starting to make sense to me, how about you? It would also explain why different cultures adopted these same styles of building and looking all around the same times near enough.

This is a drawing interpretation of cranial deformation from the ancient world.

As these people had no contact whatsoever with each other because of the vast oceans between one another, it does explain how they had the same ideas. Aliens took the plans inadvertently on their "UFOs" and because the humans saw their spaceships and how they looked they set about simply copying them.

Here's the story I researched and have referenced from Reuters:

Strange skulls found in Bolivia tombs are actually the strangest yet...

A team of archaeologists in Bolivia said they have discovered tombs containing over a hundred bundles of artefacts and human remains dating more than 500 years old that belonged to an indigenous civilisation that once inhabited the region.

Bolivia’s Ministry of Cultures and Tourism authorised the dig more than three months ago after a mining project discovered archaeological remains in the area (Which is amazing it was reported at all).

Archaeologists found the tombs, which they say may have belonged to the Pacajes people, in an underground burial chamber located some 30 kilometres (18.6 miles) southwest of Bolivia’s capital La Paz.

“Inside the cemetery we found two special tombs, one of which had about 108 individuals inside. They were badly deteriorated, but we were able to recover objects the individuals were buried with,” said archaeologist Wanderson Esquerdo.

While two of the tombs had been ransacked, the others remained intact, he said. To reach the tombs, scientists had to lower themselves through a circular chimney just 70 cm (27.5 inches) in diameter and 3 meters (9 feet) deep.

Ancient head-binding was very common but what was it based on.

In addition to human remains, the largest tomb contained metal objects as well as ceramic and wooden dishes.

“There are objects that are clearly attributed to the Inca culture, and others that are not Inca, but rather Aymara,” Esquerdo said. The indigenous Aymara kingdom of Pacajes flourished in the Bolivian highlands until it was conquered by the Incan empire in the mid-15th century, according to archaeologists, who believe the Pacajes people may have not been wiped out by the Incan conquest, but could have fallen victim to some type of epidemic. The discovery is “unique and unprecedented,” said Wilma Alanoca, Bolivia’s Minister of Culture and Tourism.

After the archaeological dig began last June, archaeologists said microorganisms wreaked havoc on the bodies’ soft tissue, quickly decomposing the remains. Excessive humidity and high salinity inside the chamber also deteriorated many of the buried objects, according to the dig team.

Here is another story I have researched and referenced from Verses Of Universe:

Cranial Deformation Artificial, flat head, or head-binding is a permanent form of head change in which human skulls are deliberately formed. This is done by distorting the normal growth of a child's skull by applying force. Flat shapes, which are elongated (which are produced by binding between two pieces of wood), which are round (binding with cloth) and which are cone shaped applied to those selected.

This is usually done in infants, because that's when the skull is still in the most flexible condition. In some cases, head-binding begins about one month after birth and continues for about six months.

Extreme skull deformation was once common in a number of geographically and chronologically separate cultures, and may be found independently, more than once. This is still happening today in some places, like Vanuatu.

There are things from ancient history that are not lining up with the orthodox way of thinking or learning and basically everything you thought you knew to be a fact are actually based on nothing more than one mans "interesting interpretation".

And when you look at the incentives "they" were given, to have said "interesting opinions" it makes me wonder just why the history we learned at school etc was pushed so much? Until you see the alternative theories which stand up to scrutiny and there's even physical, tangible proof to back them up. No wonder they don't want us "learning" the truth. Check out all the sources in the links below for videos and images plus expert analysis of elongated skulls in ancient times, it's fascinating.

Source Reuters.
Source Quora.
Source Verses Of Universe.
Source Dan Flynn YouTube.

Ancient Electrical Transformer Discovered In Kosovo

Ancient electrical transformer embedded in stone found in Kosovo.

This has to be either a man made prop for a TV show or movie that never got used or a straight up hoax or could this in fact be a very real Alien or ancient advanced civilisation relic? Apparently studies have shown that this is at least 20,000 years old?

There is no information on who did this analysis which again raises my suspicions but also the discoverer Ismet Smiley is going to give this amazing discovery if not mind blowing discovery to scientists so that they can do their own testing. Let's wait and see about that but for now lets just imagine what an advanced civilisation in the distant past could of looked like.

The four copper electrical connectors on the embedded transformer.

Images Credit/Ismet Smiley

The reason why I'm saying this is because this as we all know couldn't exist, it shouldn't exist and everyone will tell you that it simply cannot exist.

This is all based on and according to modern day teachings. So there has to be another logical explanation, right. Well you would think so but as yet this is either solved in your own mind as a fake or this is a straight up mystery.

Image Credit/Ismet Smiley

Image Credit/Ismet Smiley

Where do you fit in with your opinion?

Ismet Smiley, a photographer and researcher, discovered a mysterious artefact in the mountains on the territory of Kosovo. This item is externally a stone of unusual shape with an integrated electromagnetic coil. Inspection of the artefact and its chips showed that the copper coil is not simply inserted into the cut hole, but represents a single whole with the stone.

This suggests that the stone was melted to a liquid or plastic state, and then the coil was “filled” with this substance and later hardened. For the full article follow the links below.

So there you go, it was melted stone that was poured around the artefact and then it solidified, but the question is "when". I did have my doubts but this kind of cements it lol (excuse the pun). More to the point, can't someone just analyse the copper coils or the other metals and see when it was formed, forged or at least what the mix of the metals are so a comparison can be made from other types of the same metals.

Source Areazone51UFOs.
Source UFOovni2012 YouTube.
Source Reference World Of Secrets.
Source reference

Laurence Fishburne To Star In Rendlesham UFO Drama Series

Lauwrence Fishbourne to star in and executive produce Rendlesham Forest, UK UFO drama.

Image Credit/Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for HBO/USF

The limited series is inspired by a UFO incident in the U.K. in 1980.

Laurence Fishburne is headed across the Atlantic for a UFO encounter. The Emmy-winning actor and producer (Black-ish, Miss Evers' Boys) has signed on to star in and executive produce Rendlesham, a limited series from British company Eleventh Hour Films (Foyle's War) and Sony Pictures Television. No outlet on either side of the pond is attached yet. Sony is handling international distribution.

Lauwrence Fishbourne to star in and executive produce Rendlesham Forest, UK UFO drama.

Rendlesham is inspired by reported UFO sightings near an airbase in Suffolk, England, in 1980. The eight-part series, planned as an anthology, will move back and forth between the time of the incident and the present.

Fishburne will play the lead role of Tyrone, a retired U.S. airman who was stationed at the base during the Cold War. When he and his family return to England to visit his wife's dying father, he's forced to confront events that have haunted him for 40 years.

"I'm beyond thrilled this phenomenal and iconic actor will be leading Rendlesham as Tyrone and facing down one of the most notorious UFO mysteries in history," said series creator Joe Ahearne (Doctor Who).

Fishburne and his partner in Cinema Gypsy Productions, Helen Sugland, will executive produce the series along with Ahearne (who's also directing) and Eve Gutierrez and Jill Green of Eleventh Hour Films. Fishburne is repped by Paradigm, Landmark Artists and Del Shaw.

The east gate at RAF Woodbridge, where the incident began in December 1980.

Rendlesham background:

Several people in the village’s small forest including a number of air force servicemen claimed to witness a glowing object in the sky before it flew off into the trees. The sighting was recorded by Lieutenant Colonel Charles Halt in an official report that was made public in 1983 but was subsequently rubbished by other officers, leading to many conspiracy theories.

The series is the latest effort to bring the search for extraterrestrial life and the question of “are we alone?” to television, though it sounds far less conspiratorial in tone than, say, The X-Files or even History’s upcoming Project Blue Book.

Here's Altitude Films UK trailer which is a look at the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident, it's actually pretty good. This was posted to YouTube in 2015.

Rendlesham does not yet have a premiere date.

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