Moon Base And Flying Saucer Next To It Discovered During The Apollo Moon Missions

This is an unusual video in that it's nothing new (Apollo Missions) except for the discovery of an Alien base.

This kinda thing is right up my street so-to-speak because it's got everything that I like.

It's got conspiracy, it's got cover ups, it's got hidden agendas, double standards, coincidences and of course, it's got Extraterrestrial entities living on the Moon - In what can only be described as a visible Moon base.

Alien base is on the Moon and a Flying Disk is next to it and NASA knows.

Credit: Corsair TR YouTube/NASA/LRO/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

It's a strange kind of building with an protruding chimney or underground exhaust system connected to the building. It is Alien don't forget so I'll be forgiven for thinking it's got to look like an Earthling's home!

This is another strange anomaly on the Moon (below) that NASA knows full well about. They've been mapping it's surface before I was even born. 

Another strange building or tank anomaly is on the Moon.

Credit: NASA/Canva.

Quote from the Corsair tr YouTube video:

NASA astronouts saw many unexplained things on the surface of the moon, and all of their talk transcripts between command control center are being showed on nasa official website. The following NASA transcripts come from the Apollo missions and make some fascinating references, Millions of people around the globe firmly believe Aliens are a real phenomenon.

Then there's the spacecraft itself which is literally parked right outside of the building. It's the classic looking Flying Saucer with a low to the surface profile. These are the coincidences I had just written about. If there was miles between the building and the UFO then it's more than likely not a coincidence... But because it's parked just outside of the building, what's the chances of that happening?

Then there's the whole reason for the Astronauts being right in the front of the building and the UFO in the first place. It's no coincidence that this astronaut just so happened to stumble upon it. It's probably his mission to get as close as possible to the building and Flying Saucer slash UFO looking spaceship?

Let's not forget about the unmanned Moon orbit missions to photograph the location's and the possible locations to land the Eagle. The LRO was working overtime getting all the evidence it needed of the locations and bases also the places of interest.

The LRO - Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter had been photographing the surface of the Moon for a long time, it knew exactly where it was going. It had everything scheduled right down to the amount of breaths the Astronauts would take!

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So don't buy into the "we didn't know" argument because they're ain't nutting that they don't know about, it's the Moon, it's (or was) NASA’s bread and butter. NASA discovered Alien technology inside of the Moons hidden bases, the Astronauts went there and hot it, while they were doing that, apparently the Eagle was sabotaged.

Here's the full YouTube video with some really interesting paper work statements so get ready to watch it, but also pause the video to read the details:

Thank you for checking out this awesome video and for stopping by my post, it means a lot to me, it really does mean a lot guy's, so thank you for your time and I'd really appreciate it if you could share this post and your thoughts, cheers.

Credit: Corsair TR YouTube/NASA/LRO/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.


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