UFO Or Missile Defense Training That Takes Out A Huge Rocket

I'm writing about this because as well as this rocket that's been fired at, I honestly believe that it's wrongly been identified as a training exercise.

The actual "thing" that gets hit and blown right out of the sky unceremoniously, it's not a small type of craft or a small drone etc, it's a truly huge rocket that's getting taken out of the sky. And since I started writing this post I've learned that it's the SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket (source linked below) being hit "yet again" by another UFO.

Here's the extraordinary video that shows us a UFO actually hitting a SpaceX Rocket during mid flight and knocks it out of the sky.

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After taking out the SpaceX Rocket the UFO look's like it made a clear exit.

Credit: UFO Team/UFO News YouTube Channel/UFO Sighting's Footage/Ufosfootage/Canva.

We've witnessed the SpaceX Rocket being hit by another UFO before and that was on the launchpad. It's what hit the rocket which is at the centre of attention in this particular post. Because nobody has a clue what it is, okay we know that it's a UFO but who is it? Some people are speculating that it's a Russian military missile defence "UFO" if you know what I mean? There's probably a bad reason for this if it does turn out to be a Russian rocket-type of UFO...

I've found a NASA Fans group that claims this is a UFO and that it's the Falcon 9 rocket and also every time it launched, some unusual UFOs prevented it and attacked it. 2 videos I already know of - have been attacked by UFOs targeting the SpaceX Rockets. How true it is I don't know but if it's general knowledge within NASA groups then who knows what is going on "behind closed doors" because it's one thing for a single UFO sighting with a single UFO attacking a rocket but to have multiple UFOs at multiple times successfully attacking rockets you can guarantee that it's just the tip of the iceberg! Check out this NASA Fans Facebook Group because it's uploaded this same video and even they're calling it a UFO. Look for 2:36 in their video.

The full video is going to be available but only on my blog. If you would like to see the full video please check out UFO Sighting's Footage blog which by the way has been voted number 1 by Feedspot judges and the public, plus on statistics for 3 years running, you can view it here on Feedspot.

The huge rocket is being filmed not long after it launches and that's when we get a good look at the massive rocket as it's travelling upwards at a tremendous speed. It's not got any recognisable or distinguishable marks or letters even words on the rocket that I can make out. You see this is what's confusing me a lot because I'd have thought that it should have had a name, a model number or a maker's mark at the very, very least.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher  

If it was a training exercise rocket then you can guarantee that there'd be marks on the rocket so that the video later on in playback the people who are analysing it could see how it hit the rocket, where it hit the rocket and how it exploded. That's Just my own opinion on this and to be honest with you guys, what I've just mentioned about the distinguishable marks on the side of the rocket solidifies it for me that this isn't a training exercise.

I think there's a real chance that we're seeing an Unidentified Flying Object or UFO for short. I mean, nobody or company, corporation or agency etc like the military has claimed it as far as my research has found.

Here's the extraordinary, strange but definitely "unique looking UFO sighting" which was uploaded to YouTube by the UFO News YouTube channel and has been shortened to a more manageable minute and a half.


Here's the actual 4 minutes long "full UFO sighting video" in all its glory:

If you have any thoughts suggestions, opinions and comments on what you see in the video, please share them with us all in the comments section below, cheers.

Credit: UFO Team/UFO News YouTube Channel/UFO Sighting's Footage/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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