NASA admits to knowing when Nibiru Planet X will come close to Earth

NIBIRU believers who are convinced a mythical planet will head towards Earth next month have been sent into overdrive after NASA confirmed it is monitoring the approach of a large celestial object! We think NASA is being cryptic and when they say an asteroid is coming on October 12th 2017 what they actually mean is that Nibiru Planet X is actually coming and it's going to be so close to Earth that New York would be closer to the asteroid than it would be to Tokyo! Thats what 4.200 miles? This is in credible because the so-called asteroid is huge! Bigger than the recent one that exploded above Russia. Guys, NASA is always quick to dismiss any speculation about Nibiru and they always work in mysterious ways. What do you think about all this? We're trying to put as much information in the public eye so that rational people can make their own minds up as to whether any danger is currently on its way or if what NASA is saying is everything is going to be ok? Please like and subscribe for more great content and information on Nibiru Planet X and other great mysteries that the mainstream media won't touch, thanks.

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