Ski Lift Goes Out Of Control! Really bizarre event?

Ski Lift Goes Out Of Control! Really bizarre event?

Ski Lift Goes Out Of Control!

The ski lift suddenly started running backwards at high speed and skiers had to jump to safety while people who were unable to get off safely fell out of the chairlift, flying through the air. Eight people suffered minor injuries but two people have been seriously injured, including a pregnant woman (WHAT THE HELL IS A PREGNANT WOMAN DOING BLOODY SKIING?) after the ski lift went out of control.

Despite early information suggests a cable stalled and came loose, it is more likely that the malfunction has been caused by water getting in the electrical's or worn out fuses and poor maintenance by it's crew that looks after it?

Someone tried splicing two separate ski resorts together when an unusual brightly lit UFO appeared apparently and tried to say that the UFO or lights in the sky had caused the ski lift to go out of control.

Some eagle eyed person commenting on the post though, pointed out that there are no tree's lining the ski resort lift video and that two videos are been put together to make one story which I have to agree with.

I will give you the link to the website post so you can make your own mind up, watch out for the tree's, they give the game away?

It's sad when this happens but after all, this is a serious event which actually took place. Maybe someone got confused and thought that both skiing resorts were the same place? It happens because when all there is, is snow all over well it's easy to get both places confused? But how weird is this ski lift though? It's scary as all hell!

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