Nibiru Planet X will destroy Earth in 2017.

What's ever come true from the prediction's from people about Nibiru and it's also called Planet X.

Guy's here's a video from 5 year's ago which was supposed to show that the end of the world and lot's of other predictions.

Do you believe in Planet X or Nibiru?

Planet X is said to exist and has a lot of followers around the world.

None of the predictions has ever come true but yet there's a lot of people who buy into this.
Check out this video because it's eye opening to say the least.
Is it a real planet, is it really causing gravity distortions and why is there tons of people willing to even look for it? I just don't get it do you?

It's a world that takes many different types of people to make it go around and around! What's your thoughts about Nibiru, Planet X? They thought Pluto was Planet X. So why all the fascination...

Here's the video description:
More dire predictions that Nibiru aka Planet X or Planet 9 will trigger earthquakes, floods and generally the end of the world have been and gone as was expected but Planet X and Planet 9 were and are real. Here we look at the basis of how these have ended up being hijacked by the Nibiru believers.

Curious Droid 

Yes, you guessed it that none of the predictions to have ever been predicted has come to pass in relation to the end of the world! Let's just hope that if it does happen, that we don't even feel it or know about it.

Here's the extraordinary video which was uploaded to YouTube by Curious Droid channel:

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