Should You Clone Your Dog If You Ever Lose your Beloved Family Pet?

Now I really don't know where I stand on dog cloning or cloning your family pet i.e the family dog. This is because of moral reasons and the obvious "am I being ripped off or exploited"?

Who knows if the doctor, scientist or even technician - not forgetting the confidence trickster is actually cloning your dog and just getting you a rescue new born puppy? Anyone, and I mean anyone in a vulnerable situation or state will always be a target for fakers, mistakers (new word) and the odd blatant takers plus liars and cheats!

Edgar and Nina Otto spent $155,000 in getting their beloved deceased dog, named Sir Lancelot, cloned.

Nina Otto holds a picture of Sir Lancelot while her husband Edgar cuddles Lancelot Encore as a puppy; the cloned dog has now fathered eight puppies, the link.

Call me cynical and call me on the phone or wary but don't call me under cautious, because I like to think I am just living in the real world and the real world can be at times, very harsh. Every single person in the world will at one time come across something that makes them grow up or has their eye's open and your eyes are your eyes, they can't lie?

Go with your eye's and brain and not your heart on this dog clone situation.

Being prepared will always stand you in good stead and it does no harm in knowing the arguments for and against something like this? So, i'm telling you right now that this is wrong. This is reprehensible and it is disgustingly selfish. But, that's just what half the worlds opinions so what do "we" know?

You'll do what your going to do anyways just please, please don't get ripped off and always check to see if the person doing this is not morally bankrupt? Also, dog cloning is definitely not the run a of the mill surgical procedure or something which is an everyday thing and shouldn't be taken lightly or in your step?

On a wider inspection it's not common, it's unknown and it's definitely, definitely contentious in the contemporary world! Beside's it's wrong. It's not natural and there will be "unforeseen" complications of that I can guarantee you! Just hope that you will have or can borrow money? But if you've got a very, very large purse or wallet then your OK. Because as you may already know that DNA manipulation will throw up the obvious scary unknowns like highlighted generational arthritis, skin diseases etc.

As you can tell I'm against dog cloning because it is selfish and if there's one thing I detest, that's selfish behaviour!

Why "unforeseen" complications, because it's not natural. It's not a natural thing so it will not fit in to the natural world unlike it's "natural" brothers and sisters which I'm gonna call "natbrosis" which stands for Natural, Brothers and Sisters! There i'm trademarking it, making dog's great again! There you go, i'm on fire today./ Make dog's great again. Just like the make America great again slogan or trademark by Mr Trump, POTUS.

Just like if you have a sister and brother from another mother or father which are called step sisters and step brothers, well even though technically your mum is still the same, the father stays the same maybe but the process is very, very different (even Alien). Yeah it's it's long it's awesome though.


I come across a story online which I was going to talk about but instead I just got carried away and went off on one with my own opinions and thoughts. But I will say that it is still worth giving it a read and as that's what got me talking and wring about it is still the source of this post, kind of? So here's the link to the inspiration for this post on Vanity Fair website.

Seriously Barbra Streisand has had her dog cloned twice! here's a quote for YouTube:
Barbra Streisand Cloned Her Dog -- Twice. After her beloved dog Samantha died, Barbra Streisand decided to do the most logical thing -- make two clones.
This is where I can't continue "sanely" anymore so i'm finishing up now.

Barbra Streisand's Clone Dogs.

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