Full video of North Korean soldier's defection to South Korea 11 INCH WORMS IN HIS INTESTINES

Video at bottom of post, it is really heroic and chilling to watch!

DPRK Soldier's defection to South Korea with 11 inch worms inside of him.
11 inch worms inside the North Korean soldiers intestines.

Through no fault of his own, this poor guy has had a really hard time of late. He has defected from one of the most oppressive, repressive and dictatorships that this planet Earth has to offer so God forbid that this poor guy get's sent back? I hope he get's a meddle and a house with a car for defecting as a soldier but not any old soldier he was an officer! OK that might not mean much to you or me but it is a coop for South Korea as it's very rare for anyone in the military to defect but an officer is literally like looking for rocking horse poop? It merely doesn't exist at all?

It has been rough on him especially when they found lice, fleas, mites, 11 inch tape worms and ringworm inside of him? CAN YOU IMAGINE WHAT THE NORMAL PEOPLE OF NORTH KOREA MUST BE GOING THROUGH (HEALTH WISE) IF THIS IS AN OFFICERS HEALTH? I mean, they have access to better stuff don't they? To keep them in fighting state of readiness if called upon to do the unthinkable?

All the while that fat little rocket man idiot is eating, meat and probably more frickin meaty food stuffs? He makes me wanna puke all over his brand new shoes worth $2000 and that's just for starters. Here is a man with a small penis acting like he's got a large 2 foot sausage? The only thing large on him is his disgusting body. Everything is large and obese lets not forget his man - boobs! That's right he's a guy with bitch tit's!

Disgusting body. His people are dying and he's always looking through binoculars to God knows where and laughing with his pathetic wife, while missile tests go on around him like he's playing some international game of chess. You horrible, pudgy, ugly felon. He needs to be held accountable of his actions and hauled up in front of his disgusting regime - who are all cowards by the way, they dare not stand up to him, well that says everything about how cowards they all are? All his military idiots dare not say anything bad about him or question his leadership, well their all yellow bellies and they are not brave, courageous or anything like that? Try cowards!

This video shows the real hero to come out of North Korea! God bless this guy for being so brave.

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