Just Look At Us Now - Telescope So Big It Goes From Hawaii To Spain And The South Pole 80 DISHES

Sir Stephen Hawking scientist and Black Hole theory.
Sir Stephen Hawking was a major scientist contributing all he knew and could muster? He was and is a LEGEND!

That's right, 80 bloody DISHES! There's no error and the typing is GOOD. It's certainly not a typo. The telescope utilizes places like Spain, the state of Hawaii and the South pole to bring 80 dishes in to alignment and it takes snaps of the Black Hole at the heart of our galaxy and that was last year nearly to the day? Here's the specs on that whole massive undertaking:

A look at a monster black hole.
An international team of astronomers took a snapshot in April 2017 of the super-massive black hole at the heart of our galaxy. In the coming months, they hope to discover how well the picture came out. The Event Horizon Telescope team marshaled the forces of six radio observatories—a total of 80 dishes stretching from Hawaii to Spain to the South Pole.

This multitude was needed to get sufficient resolution to image the black hole, which, though huge in mass (the equivalent of 4 million suns), is surprisingly small in volume (with a diameter less than half the distance from Mercury to the sun).

After processing and correlating the data, they will obtain either a glorious silhouette of the black hole against the brilliant matter swirling around it or, as in earlier attempts using fewer telescopes, a tantalizing blur.

The Event Horizon Telescope is an international collaboration aiming to capture the first image of a black hole by creating a virtual Earth-sized telescope.

On March 14th, 2018 the world lost Sir Stephen Hawking, a luminary scientist and natural motivational speaker whom inspired many of the scientists working on the Event Horizon Telescope project. Sir Stephen’s work on theories surrounding black holes helped bring them center stage in our efforts to understanding the universe. I'm not a scientist (UFO Sightings Footage) but this is my, no "our" humble farewell on your epic voyage among the stars.

To the icon, legend, hero and pioneer that helped many, many people with disabilities to become "more courageous" which in turn inspired others to take brave steps to recovery and acceptance? Like an unseen chain reaction so-to-speak of brave people all knowingly and unknowingly helping each one another, which started for some with firm roots at the massive shoes of a one, Sir Stephen Hawking!

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