NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly Replaced With An Alien Clone While In Space

The evidence speaks for itself! I'm not wildly speculating, i'm asking if he's not genetically the same as his twin then WHAT IS HE? in scifi shows he'd be poked and prodded in a clean bubble with scientists asking who sent you? I am asking, if it's 7 percent changed (don't forget Chimpanzees have what 96% of our DNA but they're a whole different species THEN WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MAKE SCOTT KELLY?

Is he going to be considered a new species? Is he TECHNICALLY a new species? Is he a clone, should we be scared and if he breeds what will his offspring be considered? They certainly aint EARTHLY? Well technically 93% ONLY? Guys these are legitimate questions? I'm worried for humans? I'm worried that this might be the dreaded DNA wasting condition thing which is why the Aliens are trading with humans APPARENTLY to replenish their own damaged DNA?

Is it long periods of space flight damages DNA so that's why Aliens have been abducting human? These are legitimate questions spawned from a VERY BIZARRE STATEMENT GIVEN BY NASA! NASA has given us a real clanger with this outside the box statement! Basically Scott Kelly is now half ALIEN! That's what I got from this, what about you? Is he a clone and what guarantees can NASA give us that he ISN'T A CLONED HUMAN HALF ALIEN?

Nasa astronaut twins Scott and Mark Kelly no longer genetically identical after space trip

nasa astronauts Scott Kelly and his identical twin brother Mark have shared a lot throughout their extraordinary lives. Born just a few minutes apart, the pair were both US Navy captains, both flew on the Endeavour and Discovery space shuttles, and both spent time on board the International Space Station (ISS). But new findings by Nasa have found that life away from planet Earth has exacted a surprising toll. The pair are no longer genetically identical twins.

After Scott Kelly, 54, spent 340 days on board the ISS, experts found that seven per cent of his genes no longer match those of brother Mark. Scott may even now be biologically older than his twin, scientists fear. On learning of the change, Scott said: “What? My DNA changed by 7 per cent. Who knew?! I no longer have to call Mark my identical twin brother anymore.”

It is well known that astronauts’ bodies change to adapt to living in micro-gravity, but it was generally assumed the effects wore off on returning to Earth. However Scott landed in March 2016, and his body has yet to return to normal. Some of the genes which appear to have changed permanently involved DNA repair, bone formation and how the cells use oxygen. Nasa took the unique opportunity of having astronaut twins to learn more about the genetic changes of long periods in space, the first time such a study has ever been attempted. The human body is evolved to live in Earth’s gravity, and the long term effects of space habitation are unknown. The space agency said the experiment was a ‘stepping stone’ in its three-year mission to Mars.

While Scott was on the ISS, experts were monitoring Mark’s DNA as well as Scott’s so they could compare the two, a groundbreaking experiment known as The Twins Study. “Some of the most exciting things that we’ve seen from looking at gene expression in space is that we really see an explosion, like fireworks taking off, as soon as the human body gets into space,” said Twins Study Principal Investigator Dr Chris Mason, of Weill Cornell Medicine. “With this study, we’ve seen thousands and thousands of genes change how they are turned on and turned off. This happens as soon as an astronaut gets into space, and some of the activity persists temporarily upon return to Earth. “This study represents one of the most comprehensive views of human biology. It really sets the bedrock for understanding molecular risks for space travel as well as ways to potentially protect and fix those genetic changes.”

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