UFO Hovering in The Sky Over Mexico

Many people saw this UFO in Mexico.

A video taken by a woman in Mexico has gone viral as the first alien sighting of 2018. The video, which was shot on a smartphone by a woman on the road in Baja California, appears to show an oddly shaped object floating in mid-air that doesn’t resemble any known aircraft. But is it a UFO of the Alien spying on us, in a peeping Tom kinda way?

Some (don't know who?) suggest that the small, slender object is indeed an alien craft, which others say isn’t a craft at all, but rather people testing some type of jet pack. Others say the video is an obvious fake, though nothing has been determined conclusively at this point.

UFO Sightings Footage thinks that this is a really freaky, strange and very puzzling UFO sighting. Is it real, yeah. Is it an Alien, no. Is it of otherworldly origins, no. This is what we call a "genuine" misunderstanding of the obvious kind! Someone has gone to the lengths to plan, create and build an obvious alien-looking spacecraft that "they" know because everyone nowadays has a smartphone or cell phone with a camera and the likelihood of this being mistaken for a real UFO is high.

This is a by proxy, UFO laughable episode so to speak? Some miscreants have exploited people's naiveness and turned an inexpensive drone (probably) into a good-looking UFO they know someone (maybe) who's not the sharpest knife in the drawer will misidentify this as a real UFO and the rest say, will do the job for them!

It's just as simple as that!

We're seeing this more and more here at UFO Sightings Footage. People are convinced they've had a real UFO encounter and some have had bad experiences with this also. Is it good or funny? NO! Is it smart or team building? NO!

Can you blame them? NO! It's (at the time) the best thing since sliced bread? The drone might be on its last legs and what better way to go out with this drone than turning it into an encounter?

Experts have gotten in on this one as well. Experts are saying this is a great sighting. So-called experts are having a field day! All we can say is this.

If you think it's a fake, if your gut is telling you it's not real and common sense is ruling out Aliens and the likelihood that this thing is from another Alien planet? Well then, we suggest you go with your gut! Always go with your gut. If you are wrong you are wrong, but will we ever know one way or another with this? Who knows? Time might be the answer to this.

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Lee Lewis UFO Researcher
UFO Sightings Footage

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