Meet the Worshippers Who Believe They’re Aliens

Meet the Worshippers Who Believe They’re Aliens

Sitting on the throne of The Valley Of Dawn is a member.
A Sunrise Village follower dressed in a Maya prince outfit sits on a throne used during the ritual of the Turigano, based around the belief that the Jaguar community was once incarnated as Spartan warriors and citizens. Drawings of four spiritual princes, who followers believe help guide the ritual, hang above his head.

Yep, this is actually a wee bit weird and strange but very, very illuminating. It's a rare insight in to people's uniqueness and people's convictions of faith, belief and opinions. That doesn't mean they're right or correct, it just means that they have a unique way of looking at themselves in a third person way, in a different way to most people and obviously they'ye got other thoughts, cues and character traits that they see as Alien and that they wouldn't change for anything.

Instead of running to the doctors for heavy medication or heavy therapy to modify, change and restore their own "sociably acceptable" behaviours they've chosen to embrace their diverse look on life. Or should I say they've accepted their diverse universal lifestyles and otherworldly "star child" qualities. Do I recommend this, do I recommend the lifestyles an Alien or a person who thinks they are an Alien?

Well actually I can't answer that as there's no right or wrong way of answering it. Just be yourself and people will love you for being who you are and so yeah, I have answered that haven't I? Don't change for anyone and always be yourself no matter your outlook and your thoughts or feelings might be (unless your unhappy).

So I found some unusual (to the majority population of the world) which shows us that there are some wonderful people out there which absolutely;y are convinced they are Aliens in human forms? I can't tell you if this is real or if they have it wrong?

Alexandre Alves lies down for a spiritual treatment inside the community's pyramid temple.

But what I can tell is they are so blooming interesting and fascinating. What's not to like about these individuals? They have amazing spirits either way you look at these people (erm, Aliens). 

Check this out:

I'm only putting a tiny bit of writing from the National Geographic website because I don't want to spoil it for you, just a tantalising snippet which is going to wet your whistle. Check out this link for the full post (it's pretty long but of amazing photographs of the members of the Valley Of the Dawn. I'll put the link sources at the bottom of this post.

An hour outside Brazil’s futuristic capital, Brasilia, lies one of the country’s spiritual capitals: Vale do Amanhecer, which translates to Sunrise Valley or Valley of the Dawn. At first sight, Sunrise Valley looks like a miniature theme park where visitors can see copies of the world's wonders without having to travel to the actual sites.

Built in Planaltina, a satellite city of Brasilia, the lakeside temple complex features a pyramid, a spaceship-like temple, a six-pointed praying centre, and several ellipse-shaped sculptures.

Member of the Valley Of Dawn out shopping in his local store.

A Sunrise Valley follower, dressed in a master outfit, shops at a local store in Brazil.



Intergalactic Space-Time Travelers

Envisioning Globalisation in Brazil’s Valley of the Dawn.

Kelly E. Hayes


The Valley of the Dawn (Vale do Amanhecer) is a new Brazilian religion known for its creative synthesis of elements drawn from a diverse range of cultural and national contexts. This article considers the Valley as an example of the interrelations between religion and globalisation, exploring how conceptual changes associated with contemporary processes of globalisation such as time-space compression and deterritorialization function as structuring elements within the religious imaginary laid out by the Valley’s founders in the 1960s and 1970s, a period of rapid economic, social, and political change in Brazil.

See more of Gui Christ works here.
Source National Geographic.
Source Vale do Amanhecer Free E Book Download.

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