Monday, 12 February 2018

Scott Kelly Unwittingly Tweeted An Image Of A CIGAR SHAPED UFO With LIGHTS On Either End By Mistake

Firstly this happened in 2015 on day 233 spent in space at 11:56pm on November 15 over Southern India, around 200 miles up. It doesn't matter when you get round to this stuff because as anyone can appreciate that you can't be in "every place" at the same time or right time or even know about everything instantly as it happens, can you? The answer is no!

The "metallic, glowing, cigar UFO" below looks very, very similar to the one that was captured (in an image only) by Chinese officials in July 2010 over an airport? It could literally be the twin or 1st brother or sister of the UFO?

I am inclined to believe that these are one and the same UFO, separated by only 5 years? What if it is the same, has it been doing for 5 years?

But what you can do, is not give up or be put off that you never got to it at the very time of it happening, especially if the UFO sighting only gets picked up on - maybe days even months after it happened?

As long as it gets bagged and tagged in your "own" research and that's what this is, it's "our own research" let's not forget? I'm not working to compiling this stuff for anyone other than our own personal records for our own personal journey! If this research can help you in any way shape or form then this is a good thing because it help's us understand the Ufology phenomenon just that little bit more as you can appreciate?

Scott Kelly is the most accomplished US Astronaut - with the most amount of time spent in space. He always likes to tweet a goodnight photo to his many, many Twitter followers only this one did a full 360 and caught an actual UFO as you can see it's right there in the upper right corner, (above) with lights on it and it's in the distinctive cigar shape!

Chinese officials were forced to shut down Hangzhou’s international airport in July of 2010 at 9pm because of an unidentified aircraft or UFO for short. Notably, as you’ll see from the picture below, the craft was cigar shaped with lights on both sides. Obviously this one was way before the one that Astronaut Scott Kelly tweeted, but this does prove that cigar shaped UFOs with lights on both ends are out there? Is this the same one, who knows?

ABC News was quick to break this story and the Chinese authorities were quicker to deny everything and said it was still under investigation? Whether it is still is or not, well we don't quite know the outcome as all the roads leading to this are pretty much down!

Here is specifications;
Arcing over Zhejiang's provincial capital Hangzhou, the UFO appeared to glow with an eerie white light and left a bright trail in its wake. Xiaoshan Airport was closed after the UFO was detected at around 9 pm and dozens of flights had to be diverted.

So no matter how you look at this, cigar shaped UFOs are here to stay and you might be forgiven in thinking that cigar shaped UFOs were a relatively new phenomenon? But you'd be wrong, very wrong indeed! As far back as people have been painting and depicting fiery chariots raining down from the skies there's been cigar shaped UFOs. Here is a few images of other cigar shaped UFOs for you to wrap your head around? Thank you so much for checking out UFO Sightings Footage and please if you can, check us out on YouTube the link is here.

Cigar shaped ufos in history

Cigar shaped ufos in history

Ancient cigar ufos

Ancient cigar ufos

Ancient cigar ufos

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