11 Feb 2018

Shocking Photographs Of Woman Weighing Just Two Stone After Granddad Starved Her

What the hell is this so-called Grandad thinking? This is what it's like to be starved? OMG! Have you ever seen anything more tragic? Is this pratt in prison? I hope personally that he get's bread and water for the full entirety of the prison sentence because I say this as I honestly can't picture anything else than a prison sentence? Can you? 10 yrs.

If I was a judge, I would give a minimum of 10 yrs. To be given bread and water for the full sentence and none of that rubbish of halving the sentence like here in Britain. So here's the full description and images, be warned very graphic. Read also below the woman who deliberately starves herself and hasn't eaten in weeks? The self proclaimed human Barbie that want's to live on fresh air, light and love ALONE! Is she crazy, nuts or just plain insane?

Image of the starved woman.

The Japanese woman is only known by her Twitter handle ‘Wild Cabbage’ and she said she decided to share the pictures to encourage any women suffering from similar abuse or eating disorders to try and get help before it’s too late.

I’m not really sure if her situation can be described as an eating disorder though as she says that she was held captive by her grandfather for ten years and he refused to let her eat, punching her in the stomach and making her vomit if he ever caught her. Not really sure what his motivation for that was – it seems like a completely bizarre form of torture, especially for your own grandchild – but nevertheless you can tell by the photographs that he did it. Eventually the woman was rescued by authorities, and was apparently ten minutes from death at this point.

What a sad sight? But the one below is a better one of her.

This is the starved woman before her ordeal.

You’ll be pleased to hear that despite looking like this, Wild Cabbage has made a full recovery to a healthy size and weight now, as you can see in the pictures below.

She hasn’t said what happened to her grandfather at this point in time but I hope that the guy is in jail for his part in treating her like this. Absolutely disgusting behaviour. Link to the post;

I'm so glad to say that the woman is doing really good and living a great life. That's why i'm doing this post, to show how bad human's can be but how from such tragedies can come a glimmer of light which turn's in to a whole rope of hope!

Below is a woman who deliberately starves herself with varying results? Is she nuts or has she done a good job, the jury is out on this one?

Here’s what Valeriya Lukyanova has to say for herself: “In recent weeks (UFO Sightings Footage is taking from this, that she hasn't eaten in week's OMG!) I have not been hungry at all… I’m hoping it’s the final stage before I can subsist on air and light alone”. To keep her waist as ridiculously thin as it is she probably only ate dust and twigs before this, so I guess it’s not much of a change for her.

Please don't ever turn out like this because it's a dangerous thing and it's a very bad strain on all your organs ESPECIALLY the brain!
She’s not the only person to have ever tried this before. It’s called Breatharianism, and these people reckon they can live without eating or drinking anything. They survive off hippy-chakra-xen-energy or whatever. It's obviously stupid, it's dangerous and not sexy at all! I suppose some would question that? Link to the post;

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