There's Been An Exciting And Unusual Sighting Of A UFO Or An Asteroid Over Russia Recently

Here's some real evidence of a UFO that proves we are not at all alone in the universe? It also proves that there's some pretty strange things happening over the skies of not just Russia but everywhere in the world because we see these from Europe to China to India and the United States! Even Switzerland right near CERN The Large Hadron Collider?
UFO or asteroid caught on camera over Russia?
Very odd sighting over Russia, what the hell is it? UFO or an asteroid?

Apparently this whole event was captured by numerous people from numerous different locations so the chances of this being a hoax or faked or part of some elaborate hoax is going to be pretty hard to pull off?

That's why we've decided to do a piece on this because if anything else o above all else this proves if but one thing that strange events or things ARE happening over the planet Earth? Some have said it's a Jet? Although that to me seem's a little odd?

Some have said it's an asteroid which can't be ruled out or even CERN The Large Hadron Collider? Which way do you sway? I may not of even mentioned what your thinking in which case guys, leave us your thoughts and please like and share with your friends or family, let's get a good debate going guys and figure this one out? If it help's you make a decision, it happened over Russia which I don't see how that bit of info could be of any use but there you go? Cheers guys and have a happy new year?