Russian Jet Fighter Crosses The Path of a UFO Just Before it Crashes

UFO causes a Russian jet to crash as it flies right in it's path. The Russians jet actually tries to not hit the UFO but in doing so, it crashes.

That's got to be one of the best bits of Air Force TV that has been caught on camera since UFOs became a thing to look for!

It looks like it was filmed with a potato but it can definitely be made out.

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Russian jet crossed paths with a UFO and crashed.

Credit: DarkSecretTV YouTube/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva.

It's not the large dark circular patch behind the Jet Fighter but rather it's the Cigar shaped UFO instead.

The dark circular shape is a crude attempt at highlighting the UFO by the original TV network that initially ran the story.

The dark sphere is a highlight bubble by the news channel.

Credit: DarkSecretTV YouTube/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva.

I've got to give it to the TV station though for running with a UFO story in what looks like the early 1990's? Judging by the women's clotges, I'd say 1991-92.

The dark sphere is a highlight bubble by the news channel. I don't know what exactly possessed the TV channel to highlight this Cigar UFO with a dark, nearly black sphere. In fact it kinda makes it a bit more less able to pinpoint it's position.

It's a lobg javelin type Cigar shaped UFO that goes just under the Jet fighter.


UFO at Airshow in Ukraine (2002). A russian jet fighter crosses cigar shaped UFO before crash.

Credit: DarkSecretTV YouTube.

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